Ezra the Caterpillar

My dad and Kimily named him Ezra. The middle name is still being figured out, but they’re thinking of Javid – J, from Jonathan, from our dad,  and David from David, Kim’s dad (he passed away within the past year and a half). Ezra is different and pretty unique. When I heard of it, I instantly thought of Pretty Little Liars, even though I’ve not watched the series in so long.

And you know, Javid is different, too. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of it before. I searched Google for a meaning of it, and Javed must be the usual spelling for it. Nevertheless, I think I can get used to it if they do happen to choose Javid.

Grandmama likes Lincoln and the nickname Linc. Lincoln is a cute name, and Ezra Lincoln would be cute together as well, but I think I like Ezra Javid more. Then again, I love unique names. 😛 And Link – with a k, not a c – would seem more natural to me. …not just because of Link from Hairspray who was portrayed by the lovely Zac Efron

Okay, so they didn’t choose Noah. That means it’s available for me for whenever I have kids, whether it be via adoption or biologically. Noah seems to go well with Claire, a girl’s name I picked out, quite well, no? And if all else fails, I can just make them characters in a story of mine, or something along those lines.

I hope I don’t have the next great [male] grandchild (since Ezra is the last grandchild), because apparently the next great grandchild who is a boy “should” have Lincoln for a name and the nickname Linc. I mean, I really like Noah. FGHDJDFHSJFKD I JUST LIKE BABIES, OKAY?!

He looks a lot like my dad. It’s obvious with the nose. I have my dad’s nose. I remember being told by my best friend at the time in eighth grade, “You have a huge nose. But don’t worry, you can get plastic surgery, and that’ll take care of that!” It was followed by her smiling. I don’t care if you believe I shouldn’t let things like that get to me, but since then I’ve felt über self-conscious about my nose to the point that I hate it, and I try super hard to make sure it doesn’t look so horrible in my pictures.

Anyway, in June I received a package in the mail from Woody, a fellow blogger who goes to thrift shops and and takes photos and buys some things. Sometimes he even sends the things to other bloggers! I wanted to build in before I posted it online, but it’s been nearly two and a half months, so I figured I’d snap a shot of it already and then blog about it later whenever I got it up. It’s really cool, actually. It’s like one of those miniature furniture pieces that go into doll houses – the collectible kind. 😛 After I build it I think I’ll stain it so it’ll have a pretty color to it. 😉


Cute, right? Miniature things are adorable. xD I hope to have it put together soon. ^^;

According to Ruby, “He doesn’t do anything. He just wiggles .”

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Congratulations for having a new addition to your family. 🙂

I think Ezra is a nice name. It has a grand feel into it. I hardly hear names like that anymore. I don’t have any younger sibling so I’ve never tried baby naming… I already have my future babies’ names prepared though. Haha. 🙂

I like Ezra Lincoln 🙂 And I look forward to seeing the finished tiny table!

Congratulations to your dad and stepmother! I hope that Erza the Caterpillar grows strong and healthy. He is lucky to have an awesome sister like you help take care of him.

If you have to name one of your sons Lincoln, so be it. Unless you only want one child, the correct answer is to name the second son Noah. =P

Hi Liza,

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! and Oh I like your clean blog.

Anyway, I love the name Ezra it’s so unique.

Awww, congratulations! how adorable he is 🙂 The name Ezra is pretty unique, it sounds like from an ancient god or something.

Congratz! I really like the name Ezra 😀

Congratulations! I like the name Ezra. It’s short, and sweet, unlike my name which has FOUR syllables. People these days are all into unique names, or my name. There are tons of babies with my name that it’s not an uncommon thing to hear from someone – Hey my niece has your name!

Link is one of the most popular video game characters in the world, so it might be weird to have that as a name, at least in my opinion. It’s like calling your kid Mario. But I do know some people who’ve done that, such as Robin Williams who named his daughter Zelda.

I have never held a baby before. So cute even if I can’t see him!

I love babies too! I have a daughter, Ocean, so I got to go through the whole baby thing with her 6 years ago but I would LOVE to be surrounded by babies and to give each and everyone of them super unique names lol!

Noah is such a lovely name. It’s more old fashioned but when you say it, it almost has it’s own calming feel to it, at least for me lol so I can see why you like the name. Hopefully you’ll get to use it!

Aww congratulations on being a big sister – again haha. Ezra is a wonderful name, I think it’s wonderful because it is unique and old fashion but it’s still young and it’s doing it’s rounds again. I think I have a thing for “vintage” names…they sound old fashion but can be used in the here and now.

When I hear “Link” I think of the video game character 😛

Names are always interesting. I think the whole baby naming game can be a lot of fun especially when it comes to hearing what the final decision is. But I think the names you discussed here are all very wonderful names.