Feel the burn

EDIT: It’s not muscle pain; it’s my icky cyst that I didn’t think to mention.

Lately I have been attempting article writing. I used to be able to do it adequately well, but I have noticed that anytime one thought is formed, I’m just going to keep typing and typing and typing about that one thought said readers who chose to read said article are not going to care to read about. I have a difficult time staying on topic, because every little thing forms another topic. It’s frustrating because others claim that “no, that is NOT related,” and I just want to say, “But yes, it is. You just have to look closer and analyze it a little bit…”

Friday night I stretched a little. It felt really nice, and I literally thought nothing of it. I mean, you’re most likely reading this right now thinking, “Oh, stretching? Why are you trying to scare me into thinking something bad happened with you participating in such an innocent activity?” Let’s just say I awoke around eleven thirty Saturday morning with a screeching pain in/on my left side. That stupid pack of stones swished back and forth as I stood and tried to walk it off. I thought it was a cramp – like one of those horrible leg cramps you get from stretching. I did nothing else other than stretch my legs and then pop my back (you know, that twisty stretch thing that feels SO good and pops your back…UGHILOVEIT) on both sides. It felt lovely.

Sunday I couldn’t decide whether I felt better, was still hurting, hungry and/or nauseous. You know it’s bad when all of the feelings start to mush together into one that confuses you even more than you already were. It’s like, really?

My dad brought over some Hydrocodone, and he stopped to get me some antacids (like Pepto chew tablets and these weird CVS brand soft chews – orange and cherry – that oddly remind me of a candy thing I had at some point in my life but I can’t put my finger on it, and I doubt I’ll be able to eat said candy again if I ever come across it). He brought Ruby with him, and it was/is really difficult to resist picking her up a lot and playing with her and holding her. I mean, at her birthday party I picked her up and held her and was in pain the majority of the time… I had to lift her over my shoulders (think of the height/weight/muscles it takes; it’s not literal; just that height) to get her onto the horse for a pony ride… I was in so much pain the entire time, OMG. It was very horrible. My aunt, Becky, was standing nearby when I took a Motrin 800 but I don’t think she noticed (or if she did, then she just didn’t/wasn’t going to say anything) before I picked up Ruby and took her to play in the bounce house (which she didn’t even like; just jumped on my feet because in ONE spot it wasn’t hot).

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Yikes! Sounds super scary. Is the cyst in a place they can’t remove it? I really hope you feel better soon!

They could, but talk about removing the entire ovary was in place the last time I was in the hospital, which was last year. GYN’s just wanna put me on birth control, even though that puts me in much more pain than anything else.


you should get that checked out! Usually family doctors will just tell you to exercise regularly and continue stretching… so maybe the chiropractor might help a bit more. If it’s muscle pain then you might want to see a massage therapist or physio!

I hope it gets better soon, sometimes muscle pain can be from missing some teeny tiny vitamin or mineral. ah the human body.

It’s not muscle pain. I have an ovarian cyst that I’m dealing with; I can’t exercise regularly because 1) it hurts like hell and 2) it might burst, apparently. I’m not supposed to overdo myself. P:

Thanks, though.

Article writing is more deliberate and planned than writing a typical personal blog entry. You have to decide what you’re going to write and where you’re going to write it before you start writing. Otherwise, like you said, you’ll go off on a tangent and the article will lose focus. (Keep at it! It’s a skill worth having.)

I have never gotten a cramp from stretching before – usually stretching is what makes y cramps feel less bad. I hope that the pain goes away soon!

I thought it was just a cramp until walking/stretching it off made it worse. I also realized it was on only one side, which is the side my cyst is on, as well as going around to my back. Any sort of simple activity like that is a pain. 🙁

Stretching is great for relaxing the muscles and just getting the blood in your body flowing! It sucks waking up to a body ache~i know the feeling ~ my neck feeling sore from sleeping in a bad position last night lol. with a bit more stretching a few days to recover, i’m sure you’ll be back to normal activity again!

I have an ovarian cyst; probably should have mentioned that, but I wrote this entry after I had taken Hydrocodone sometime on Sunday night or so, so…

Thanks, though.

What kinds of things would you write articles about? I used to love writing articles. Despite what my blog shows, I’m actually a good writer lol. I don’t think you have a hard time staying on topic! I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now… hell, compared to others, you’re more likely to stay on a topic. XD

The stretching may hurt now, but if you keep it up, it’ll start to feel good and you won’t notice it anymore. I used to be in a dance group and we had to stretch for 15 minutes everyday… I hated it, but I found myself getting hurt less or being sore less as a result…. you just gotta get over the first time lol… or maybe your body is just messed up? jk

My favorite stretchy thing to do is sit on my butt, lean back (at 45 degrees) with my hands on the floor, and twist. I doubt I I explained that correctly… haha. Anyway, I hope you’re feeling better!!

I don’t know what I’d really write articles about.