You know what I’ve learned? I rock at procrastinating. I decided to attempt this NaNoWriMo event this year because last year I was working at Walmart and the possibility of my dream to publish a novel before my thirtieth birthday didn’t exist whatsoever, and this year I’ve no job – and perhaps I wanted to feel like I’ve accomplished something by writing a 50,000-word novel no matter how shitty it turns out. I’ve had the idea in mind for quite some time, and it’s day three: 62 words.

I’ve found piano versions of songs, sketched some mosquito-slash-leaf-slash-holly-slash-crappy sketch with a pencil that had intentions of being a spade and turned out crappy, found images for future Spree decks for when I reopen it next year, read and commented some blogs (’cause I’m behind and all), checked my email, reorganized my email, cleaned out my spam email folder, tweeted random tweets about nothing, listened to One Direction’s two leaked songs (Rock Me is very sexual, They Don’t Know About us is a song that makes me CAN’T EVEN), tumbled a bit, stared blankly at the domains I’ve owned over the past few years and groveled at the amount of money I wasted, and then ended up here: on 6birds, checking for new comments, and now typing up this blog.


Strict NaNoWriMo business

What is your FAVORITE part when it comes to reading books/stories/etc.? What do you love THE MOST about those parts, and why do you love them?

I need inspiration, AKA things I can reel people in on and then destroy.

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My favorite part is usually when the epic conflict begins and resolves. I know that’s not helpful at all. I’m not sure what type of story you want to write, but there is a “Hero’s Journey” formula that you might find helpful. The formula applies easiest to mythological action stories, but it doesn’t have to be like an action movie.

Good luck!