For the love of money

It’s a new week. I feel both annoyed and happy at this, because even though I spent the majority of last week playing Sims 3 and sleeping due to my junk food intake, I’m much closer to June. I’m looking forward to June, because I’ll be able to stop going in for allergy shots four days a week every week. Going into the doctor’s office for a shot is exhausting and just plain boring. I’m tired of waiting for 15-20 minutes after every shot. It’s just…boring!

I’m beginning to lose interest in blogging again. I think that this happens at least once per year for me. I can’t put my finger on the exact reason, but some things that are causing me to not care about blogging. I feel like I’m losing it again. I met a few bloggers who don’t want to blog because it’s a passion, but because it can be seen as profit. I hate that — I hate it when people don’t care about what they are making the money from. It’s ridiculous, and I feel disgusted with this hobby when I see the text, “I wanna blog because it makes money!” People start throwing out these big prices for advertising and/or web design — they use scripts for Blogspot blogs that only work in certain browsers that some plugins can cause to make the results look all shitty.

I bought a custom theme from Kya because she puts effort and creativity and love into what she creates, and I bought a custom theme from Georgie because she puts effort and love and her into her designs, and I’m ecstatic that she put me into the one she created for me. They both spent time on it, but these days I feel like the latest bloggers and web designers just want to get things done quickly and make money.

And I’m not sorry that I see the ones who appear to be like that as heartless, selfish and just plain ridiculous.

And I think that that is why I am starting to despise it this year.

But this year I don’t want to back down. I merely lack inspiration. I’m dropping out of the online classes. I’m about three stories in to my book. I’m writing it my way — the way that I blog and write — and I’m pushing myself. That was the point of signing up for the classes.

I actually dropped out of the aforementioned writing class. I was having a difficult time finding a peer introduction essay that I could write eight hundred words about and quite annoyed at the fact that the forums were in such a mess that people were replying to my threads with questions and their essays and just DIDN’T KNOW HOW TO USE A FORUM. And I officially hate Vanilla, the forum script, for this reason.

I had signed up for a nutrition class, but since I don’t count calories anymore[1. I used to starve myself. Ingredients are the most important thing to me now due to my allergies, and it makes things slightly easier. When people are shocked that I don’t count them, however, it’s a different story.], the class is doing more harm than good. I also signed up for another writing class, but since I slept all week due to the junk food that goes against my food allergies, I haven’t actually had the energy to check it.

I’m not really upset with myself, though, because I have had a lot of inspiration for the book lately.

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In all honesty, calorie counting is pretty worthless because not all calories are equal. Calories from refined carbohydrates count for “more calories” than calories from unrefined carbs. The body actually gets fewer calories from brown rice than white rice even though the label for brown rice has more calories on it.

There are still many designers who put their love and effort into their designs and there are many bloggers who don’t blog for the money. The most you can do in this society is to just leave a page whenever you see a monetized blog and to just not ask for business from web designers you don’t like. That in itself, is a very strong statement.

I totally agree that blogging purely for money and revenue is stupid. Sure, I like getting visitors, and occasionally directing posts towards things like music, tutorials, tv, things people want to read, but that’s really just so I can feel like part of a community, which is what makes blogging great. Not the money that can be made, the community and the fact that you can write whatever you want, and nobody’s going to stop you.

I guess calorie counting is a controversial thing – I see absolutely nothing wrong with doing it, and there’s nothing wrong with those people who don’t – I don’t. I know some people who think it’s silly, but these are the sort of people who go around calling others ‘fat’. People may think you automatically have to count yours and do all of these mad things because of your allergies, but as long as you know what you can and can’t eat, I don’t really see the danger!

My sister in law plays Sims all the time. She actually takes care of the Sims kids better than her own, lol. That was a bit of TRUE humor for ya!

I have not been up to blogging for a while either. Not sure what has gotten into me but I believe I didn’t blog for at least one month? Hmm, not good. I’ve been really depressed lately.. maybe this has something to do with my lack of blog posts.