Friday Night Chaos

In case you have not noticed, it began snowing on 6birds today! πŸ˜‰

I am in a BLAH mood. πŸ™

Last night when I arrived home, two vehicles were there. At first I was not aware of who it was. It turned out to be my cousin, Shane, and three of his friends – of the four boys that were there, Dakota is my favorite. He tells the truth, and he’s nice – he doesn’t put on a show.

OMG. This is why I am glad I graduated high school! …Okay, so maybe not, but whatever. -.-

Dakota was on the couch in the living room; Shane and Dylan (I think that is his name) slept in Mimi’s bed. Remember how I said four guys total? Mhm. -.- Dakota told me that Garrett was in my bed. I HAD JUST CHANGED MY SHEETS, TOO!

I was tired, and I wanted to go to bed. If it had been Shane in my bed, I would not have cared. Heck, if it had been Dakota, I would not have cared – at least it wouldn’t have been someone I didn’t even freaking know sleeping in my bed and cuddling with my pillows!

I changed my sheets last night. Even though I’d changed them the night before, I changed them again. I always change my sheets after someone else sleeps in my bed. I feel awkward if I don’t. Maybe it is because I’m weird like that – I don’t know.

By the way, Todd is afraid of Shane. Why, you ask? Because Shane wanted to introduce Todd to Garrett (whom I made get out of my bed) and Dylan, so I let him pick him up. I didn’t know he was going to throw my baby onto my grandmother’s bed from the freaking DOORWAY! The guys all yelled, and Todd dashed into my bedroom and under my bed, terrified.

The litter box and the food & water tray stayed in my room all night long for Todd. I kept him with me.

Everything is a freaking mess, and I am ready for the holidays to be over already. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s – one month after the other for four months is killer.

I washed two loads of clothes last night. I’m about to go clean up the kids’ bathroom for my mom since (1) I told her I would and (2) I feel like doing so.

High school guys suck. -.- When they are with their friends, they are even worse. Okay, but the majority are.

I graduated high school, so why do I have to deal with stupid, pointless high school boys? >.>

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Might as well make it snow on the website when – in Texas – you are not likely to see it in person. LOL

I would do the same thing. I have a bit of a OCD issues so I don’t like people using my stuff or – if they do – I would have to wash it before using it again. Not that I think those people have cooties or anything but… I like my own smell or something.

Cute snow!

I really like that last line you put… “I graduated high school, so why do I have to deal with stupid, pointless high school boys?”

haha, that is awesome πŸ™‚ and so true!

At first I had trouble following this but then I realized when I hover over the names there’s a description! I manually put that into my entries, haha. I’d absolutely HATE it if someone sleeps in my bed without knowing, whether or not I’ve changed my sheets recently. I just hate people going into my room in general.

Aw, I know how that is sorta. My cat is afraid of my brother. Then again she’s only met him like a few times and every time she hides somewhere.

High school guys ARE GO RIDICULOUS! I don’t think college guys are much of a difference. My brother’s friends are still pretty ridiculous.

I don’t think my mom and I have much in common, but thanks for the suggestion. Though I highly doubt she’ll care what I write in a letter.

People call me ‘screw up’ all the time because of my different views! Let’s see… in high school I didn’t wanna go to prom and people called me weird or desperate (wtf?). They thought I wasn’t going because I didn’t have a date. Um no that’s not the reason.

thank you! and yes, she is very talented! I wish I had skills like her.

i hate when other people sleep in my bed! especially when I don’t know them, so you were right on your part to not like it! I would change my sheets too if someone i didnt know was in my bed,, who knows what their carrying with them? haha jk, but you know. >:|

I would hate for anyone to sleep in my bed. I think I’d be changing the sheets like you do!

you have to be mean to to men (high school boys as well) thats the only way they will respect you. >_< it doesn't sound right.. but trust me. lol yeah fuck the holidays, i hate the stupid music, the people going crazy, because people are not nice around the holidays. they just aren't. xP πŸ™‚

Aw, its snowing! Merry Christmas! Christmas season. Snow. Candies. Carols. SANTA! Cheer up, Liz! I have never seen snow in real life, because it doesn’t snow where I live, and I am ecstatic to see it here.
I love the holiday season. Everyone is so happy and its so be blue around them.
I liked high school until everyone moved out. But some guys really are jerks. I am bet someone thinks this about me or you too. We can’t help it.

I once read a tutorial on lightbox 2 and I have been meaning to install it ever since. Maybe I’ll do it today. Finally, a free Sunday.

I miss my computer, its still broken. I am online through my brother’s. I miss you too. And everyone else, too. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.
Gah. I have been saying this for the past two months.
OOh I’d love a story made with those adorable smileys. But…no pressure. πŸ˜› Maybe.

Yep, I had fun in the play. Thanks so much for regularly commenting. It means a lot. πŸ™‚

I love when it snows πŸ™‚ Looks great mate.

Man, snow! I’d like to see some of that on one hand. On the other hand, I’d rather not have to shovel it.

So did the guys just invite themselves to your house? (Do you live alone?) That’s horrible to begin with.

I also change the sheets before anyone else sleeps in my bed. It seems more polite that way.