Fun Fact Friday

Because of alliteration, and because exponents are cawesome. (I wanted to say cool, but then I wanted to say awesome.)

  1. I wanted to do something different in December this year since it’s a rather slow time (or so it seems) for the blogosphere. I came up with something (’tis a secret xD), but in that process, I somehow came up with some kind of impossible challenge for myself that I actually felt myself starting to consider. It involved me, no blogging and one year. Blogging is a huge part of me. How could I possibly go without that?!
  2. I use my Wreck This Journal when I’m feeling creative and need to let off some steam.
  3. I have used the same kind of deodorant — Dove Invisible Solid in Powder — for a few years. That said, I’ve used Sensodyne toothpaste since I was about 18 years old (2009). I was using Colgate and other brands, but none (even the off brand sensitive teeth toothpaste) worked as well as Sensodyne. My teeth are super sensitive.[1. I also have horrid teeth, but the last dentist I visited let an “uh oh” slip from his lips, and I felt the drill in a part of my mouth it should not have went. And now I know I need to go to a dentist to finish said root canal from like early 2009, but I am officially terrified.]
  4. Flouride is in tap water, along with other “healthy” chemicals in order to keep us healthy. Said chemicals contain yeast and/or mold. IOW I’m basically allergic to tap water.
  5. I like Twitter more than Facebook because people on Facebook assume that a status requires a comment and that comments should often lead to worry wort and/or why-aren’t-you-doing-something-else-more-productive replies. On Twitter, I can talk to myself and not feel like someone is gonna make me feel obligated to reply to them.
  6. My lips are chapped 96% of the time. I have a lip-biting habit, but that habit’s not as bad as my nail-biting one.
  7. I hate shaving my legs so much that I would actually wear sweats out in public in the summer if they got that bad. …I also hate having hairy legs, and I prefer smooth and silky ones. After shaving, I like to feel them and say, “Ah, smooth.”
  8. A new tic that I have is humming. It’s been going on since about April or May. It’s rather annoying. 😡

I changed my Instagram and Twitter handles to ouslyme. Because, and also because 1) it’s shorter and 2) I was really tired of and annoyed with prettysweetly. I’ve grown out of that, and I just felt the need to be pretty or feel pretty or be girly or feel girly, and that’s so not me. (At least not all the time.)

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I rarely update my Facebook status anymore, or even post pictures. Most people who actually comment these days are usually looking for a chance to be “snarky”, sarcastic, etc. Not to mention how desperate the site is for activity and usage. You can tell it’s going downhill when advertising links (“Why don’t you buy [Name of Person] a Starbucks gift card?”) appears in between the comments on a status.

Funny how the people who would tell you to do something “more productive” are telling you VIA FACEBOOK. They seem to have a lot of time to criticize others…why don’t THEY go do something more “productive”? I think I’ve said it before, but I will never understand how making a website or playing a video game is being “unproductive”, yet checking Facebook every ten minutes isn’t.

‘On Twitter, I can talk to myself and not feel like someone is gonna make me feel obligated to reply to them.’

YES. I could waffle to myself all day long and nobody cares. People get pissy if I do that on Facebook and then they start engaging in conversation which I usually am too busy to actually get involved in, urgh.

At first when I saw “cawesome” on its own, I thought it was a combination of cat + awesome.

The blogosphere has been pretty slow in the recent years. If you do end up not blogging, good luck! It seems hard to quit blogging if you have been doing it for so long. Is it blogging in general or just on 6birds?

When a product does the job in your liking, there’s no reason to ditch it unless you want specific change. I have been using the same branded/scent deodorant for years too!

It sucks being allergic to tap water. You can’t even order water from restaurants unless its bottled? Can you drink filtered tap water?

I feel you about the preference of Twitter over Facebook. These are two different “ideas” of social networking and it’s better if it’s kept separate. Shaving can be a hassle sometimes. If I had a choice, I’d wax.

Good luck with that root canal! It sounds more of a hassle than pain ;-;.

I really agree with #5 – I hardly use facebook, it’s really only for when I want to inbox people if I need to contact them about going out somewhere. I tweet to myself a lot and no one cares cause’ they either ignore it or don’t see it.

I suppose #4 isn’t as good as it seems, but I think a lot of people I know would have zero teeth without the fluoride. Do you have to always buy bottled water or filter tap water or something?

I used to have a lip-biting problem aswell, but all of the habits I have had have just been overtaken by nail-biting which I really hate, but my friend has disgusting nails so that makes me feel better. o.O

Ugh, root canal treatment looks so scary – I’ve become slightly obsessed with tooth care lately to avoid things like that. -.-

I thought about a journalism degree, but I’d like to keep my options open for two reasons: 1. If I change my mind I can do other things in terms of work 2. If I fail at journalism (I hope not) I’ll have something to fall back on. I’ve never heard of people not taking english degrees seriously – I’ve always thought they would be quite respected.

Thanks for your feedback on the theme. I actually completely missed the side scroll – I’ve hidden the scrollbar but it’s still possible to scroll horizontally and I have no idea why. Everything was fine before I converted it to WordPress (the footer stuck to the bottom of the page too, and now there’s a gap). I didn’t realise the green was so bad – I found it to be quite pale and grey, just to go with the background, does it seem bright to you?

We’re at the same page in your #5. I barely update my posts in FB. Felt like i’am watched in FB and most of my updates in my daily life are on twitter.
And again, the root canal, i was about to have that last year and last month but haven’t been back to the dentist. Scared as hell. Root canal is sickening. Look it up on google, kidding.

Hey! I have a lip-biting habit too! Haha. (All along I thought I was the only one who had this kind of habit) For unknown reasons, I always have chapped, dry, and sore lips. Sometimes, my lips will bleed so bad, I can’t actually eat. 🙁

I usually challenge myself to blog, which I think I’ll struggle with as soon as life gets busy again. Ooh I wanna know what you came up with for December.

I wish you could turn off Facebook comments. I hate it when people you hardly know comment – I just end up feeling really awkward and worried about replying/not replying. It just makes me anxious. I’ve blocked a lot of people from seeing my statuses because of that.


I get overly amused by titles like that too, haha.

I’m on Facebook more than I’m on Twitter (though I only actually returned to Twitter a couple of days ago), though I never actually post anything on my wall on Facebook, for the same reason you prefer Twitter. 99% of my activity on Facebook is on specific Facebook groups.

I have always been a nail and lip biter, though I’d like to think the habit has lessened over the years (but definitely isn’t gone, and probably will never be anway). I guess those types of habits just come together.

On an unrelated note, it’s been so long since I’ve commented on your blog! I visited a few times over the last year, but at that point I had kinda disappeared from the blogosphere, which was too bad, but I’m back! I hope you remember me, haha. 🙂