Girl’s Night (or Weekend) Out

Friday night Bri and I went to Downtown Dallas — the American Airlines Center, to be exact. The American Airlines Center hosts a lot of things, from games to concerts. We were about an hour late, and I’m a bit upset[1. A bit? -.-] that we missed Family Force 5, one of my favorite bands EVER. LIKE AH. I WAS SO LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING FAMILY FORCE 5 AND JUST. UGHHHHHHHHHH. But it’s okay; next year, we’ll go again, and hopefully we won’t be late or anything. I mean, perhaps things will actually go according to the plan. I mean, hopefully. I’ve only ever seen FF5 once, and that was at the House of Blues. I think FF5 is the band Bri’s never gotten to see. Or perhaps it’s The Afters. I’ve seen The Afters at church before.[2. On. My. BIRTHDAY.]

Anyway, you’re probably wanting to know where we went. Well, on the way there we got lost. 😡 Finding a parking spot was rather difficult, and we ended up paying $20 for parking because 1) we didn’t want to walk forever just to get there and 2) all of the others were closed. I’m assuming it was more expensive because we purchased parking in the garage. AND it required cash. It was a good thing I had cash on me (the exact amount needed), because on the way to drop me off, we stopped and ordered at McDonald’s only to learn that Bri didn’t have her credit card with her.

The Rock and Worship Road Show concert lasted much longer than we thought. We only got to see Kutless, Adam Cappa, Jeremy Camp, Tedashi and MercyMe.

Again, I’m really looking forward to next year, and I really hope FF5 plays again next year… -.-

I’ve been to a few concerts in my lifetime, and I’m a bit disappointed that I only recently came into the “official” blogging world where I actually blog and connect with other bloggers and actually talk about my life! There are so many sixteen year old bloggers, and a part of me is jealous of them because they’ll get to (if they keep up with it) look back at their blogs and be able to refer people to said blog posts when they bring up a past experience or something similar. Another part of me doesn’t care, as I’m quite sure I would probably be too embarrassed to keep my old blog posts if I had actually blogged and kept up with it rather than blogging every other month or so about some boring shit.

…Now that I am trying to get back on topic… I’m only a bit disappointed because maybe I could have blogged about said concerts years ago when I went to them.

Oh well.

Concerts I have attended in the past:

  • 26 March 2008 — The Afters @ The Mix at Fellowship Church Grapevine
  • 3 April 2008 — Family Force 5 @ House of Blues in Dallas (Skeletour)
  • Can’t find the date – Washington Projects @ The Mix at Fellowship Church Grapevine[3. I had never heard of them. I haven’t heard anything about them since. They’re a brother-sister duo, and the only song I really like by them is Diamonds. The concert was… well, it was awkward.]
  • 2008 date unknown 🙁  FC Grapevine concert for Closer to the Start CD/DVD; I have the DVD somewhere, and I’m in it… barely visible, in a green top… heh. 😡
  • 26 January 2013 — Josh Nelson Project @ Temple Shalom in Dallas

I really want to keep blogging for as long as I can, and I hope that I blog about the things I do. My memory worsens each day and every time that time passes. And maybe one day my blog posts will be all that I have left for my memory.

I’m glad I went with Bri Friday night. When she asked me Wednesday if I was doing anything on Saturday[4. She first thought it was on Saturday instead.], I said no. “Good.” And I almost said no to going to a concert, but I didn’t. It was nice to hang out with her again, as it was the first time this year that we went out together. Plus, I needed a night out/night away/etc.

Sunday, we went shopping, to Cinemark to see Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters and to bowling. Today, we hurt altogether. ALL over. After my allergy shot, we went to IHOP to eat (won’t be going to that one again), and then to Cinemark to watch Identity Theif.

As Bri said, “Back to reality. Ughhh.” I mean, I just wish that I didn’t get knocked down so much. People say that by getting up and going out you’ll become happier, but what about after that high? Then you’re back to the same scenery, the same low.

Have you done anything exciting this year thus far?

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I’ve never heard of any of them but concerts are always fun. I haven’t gotten into music for a while. Maybe i’ll look some of these bands up.

Now, I am jealous of you. Blogging was only a twinkle in someone’s mind when I was your age:~) I agree with you about keeping a journal, like this. Some day, you’ll look back and laugh, cry or do both at something you wrote.

I’m pleased you enjoyed the concert and your adventure getting to it:~)

I know how you feel when you miss a band that you want to see at one of those concerts where there are a lot. My friend and I went through the same thing 4 years ago and we laugh about it all the time because like you it was an adventure to get there.

Also super jealous you saw The Afters, love them.

I really hope that you’re able to see family force 5 next time *hug* Though I’m really happy to hear that you had a great time at the concert. 😀

That’s too bad that you missed your favorite band 🙁 That looks like a cool concert though! There was a period of time where I was going to a lot of concerts, mostly in San Antonio since it’s closer for me than Houston or Dallas. Then I realized how expensive it was getting, and I haven’t been since, haha.

I started blogging in high school, and I’m actually glad my old blogs aren’t up anymore. I think reading what I wrote back then would be really embarrassing. I’m also glad Facebook wasn’t around until I was in college. Oh man, the stupid stuff I probably would have posted when I was younger…

I’m glad you had a great weekend!

It sounds like you had a really fun night! I love attending concerts personally although I have only been to maybe four in my lifetime. I really want to see The Afters and FF5 too!

You sound like you had a great weekend ^__^ that’s good to hear. I had a semi-similar experience to missing a band perform before, haha. Except it was that my friends and I went directly there for them and we walked in circles unable to find the center. How fail is that?! x___x

I wish I blogged about useful things when I was 16. I’ve been staring at the old posts trying to figure out if I should make them public, but they were so incredibly dumb! I want to be able to look back on my blog posts and remember things I probably would never think about, too. My memory is just as bad as yours, I’m sure 🙁 I have to write things down everywhere I go if I want to remember anything important.

I wish I’ve done something exciting this year! My year’s just staying quite as boring as it started. 😛

I’m glad you had a splendid weekend even though you missed out on your favourite band! And by Zeus, $20 for parking is an awful lot! But I suppose it was worth it considering its convenience, haha.

I’ve been to a lot of concerts over the years, and more so recently because my work pays me to go to various events to review or photograph. It saves me an awful lot of money since most concerts these days are $80+… but it also means I have to go to shows like Nicki Minaj, haha.

I love how you put that you “have to”. I’m guessing you’re not a fan of her, either. I think it’s kind of funny when people find out that I actually despise her and her music, because it’s like they praise her or something. 😡 So it’s like they feel insulted. -.- But anyway, you’re job is still awesome.

I’m glad that you had a great time! Escaping from realities is something that everyone needs to do for a while.

And personally, I’m happy that whatever I wrote as a sixteen-year-old is gone. Those posts were pointless and immature and dumb. Another sad thing is that most of the other sixteen-year-olds that I blogged with are also gone and have disappeared off of the Internet. So I hope that you stick around a while longer too!

I have my LiveJournal I started in 2005 that’s still around, which I used until 2011 or 2012… That’s a shitton long time of screams I have saved there… XD I’ve on and off had blogs in various places, but if it’s not online, saved in some archive, I don’t think I have them anymore. But I can’t really say I miss them… XD My most “emotional” ones were always on LJ, behind locked entries anyways.