Going darker

Sometimes when people try to help me they only actually end up making it worse. Sometimes it helps, though.

Like when I post for help on a forum and edit my post soon after stating that I found the error and that it was such a silly mistake like forgetting to close a DIV or something. People don’t understand that what may work for and help others usually doesn’t work for me, and when it contains “you should _____”, to me that means they’re telling me what I should do. I grew up around that crap, and I’m sorry I hate being told such a thing? When I reply back saying “thank you” and that “it’s what works for me”, they blow up all over me saying it’s the right way and everyone else uses line breaks and tabs. …At least I use line breaks and spaces. I don’t always enjoy using indentions. At least I wasn’t asking for help on a big blob of text. -.- Personally, I don’t want to remember how many times I pressed tab for each stupid thing. It’s always sounded like so much more work than it’s worth to me.

Or like when people think they know me and what I’m like and they try to make things into a much less deal than they really are. I understand I exaggerate crap, but most times I’m dead serious. Oftentimes it may come out as me joking and/or using a tone that sounds like it’s a joking matter, but it’s really not, and people don’t understand that I don’t cope with that too well. If I’m saying something serious jokingly, it’s

  • typically really serious,
  • not exactly something that should be taken lightly,
  • [there’s a reason here that belongs here, but I literally keep forgetting it every time it pops up; I’ll remember it later, hopefully.] and/or
  • something someone just needs to let me laugh about if I do no matter whether it’s appropriate

the majority of the time, as I’m not very good at making jokes from surreal things. Actually, it’s just my way of coping with things. Oftentimes it backfires, though, and people tell me it’s “not something to be laughed about”. I laugh about it because it helps me; it’s not me pretending it just happened – it’s just me laughing simply because it helps/makes it better.

As for the title, I needed something dark. .-.

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Comments on this post

I’m a little concerned about saying things that are serious jokingly. Because if something is serious, then in my mind, it shouldn’t be the subject matter of a joke. And if you say something jokingly, I would never think that it was really really serious and would actually miss your point completely.

But my way of coping is actually just to keep myself busy with something else and try to drive the matter out of my mind. Your way of coping might be joking about it. I won’t tell you that you should change it because I don’t know your world well enough; I just hope that it’s not causing you problems with people who genuinely want to help you.

Also, people who yell at you over tabs and spaces should get better things to do with their lives… such a small matter!

I don’t like it when someone tells me to do something in a specific way. If I don’t do it his/her way, then it’s wrong.

Everyone thinks I’m never serious because I always say something ridiculous or say something in a joking tone. I’m rarely ever serious…but when I am, people either shrug it off or grin at me, thinking it’s another joke or funny story. My voice doesn’t change according to my mood. I don’t know if that’s good or bad since it doesn’t give off the right signals at the right times.