Happy birthday, 6birds!

Fun fact: I love typing in my own forms. I’ve always styled my forms so they would be fun to type in, because sometimes it’s more fun to type in my forms than it is to type in my WP Dash. That’s not the only quirk. In honor of 6birds’ 3rd birthday, here are five more quirks/facts/secrets/etc. that you didn’t know about 6birds!

  • For other uses: In my Spring 2011 semester of college, I’d have SUCH a difficult time typing up essays and notes and whatnot in Word. It was just so annoying, and it didn’t feel natural. I tried Notepad and Dreamweaver, but nothing worked. Then I tried opening up the “Add New Post” page in WordPress, and it made it so much easier! Once I finished writing whatever it was, I’d move it over to Word to format and proofread it.
  • Stats: I track the word count of my blog. There are over 32,000 published words total. My average per post is 565 words, and my average per page is 327. There are over 4,000 words unpublished. I find it fun to track because I get to see my progress. :3
  • Finn: I’ve introduced him before, but right now I’m working on a mini project with him. He’s not exactly a “mascot” – he’s more of the overall personality of 6birds. Picture me in male form. I’m working on him with a… “friend”.
  • Rules: A lot of people make a list of tips and things not to do. If you’re wanting a domain name, don’t literally listen to those tips! I sure as hell didn’t! 🙂 So many people say that having a number in your domain name/site name will make it difficult for others to remember. I’ve found that it isn’t difficult for them to remember – it’s more difficult for me to find a creative way to incorporate it into a layout. Don’t not do something you really want to do just because people think it will be difficult. 6birds made the exception. There’s also 99mockingbirds.com – that’s two domains with numbers who made it work!
  • Coloring: The color I use most on 6birds is grey, my favorite color! It’s my favorite color, because it goes with [almost] everything. 🙂 Light grey, dark grey, grey, grey, grey. 🙂

If you have a site, what are 6 of your site’s facts/quirks/secrets/etc.? Doesn’t have to be six, but please don’t go over 6!

Also, I’m having a giveaway for 6birds. This year, it’s a physical object. :3

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Is the background here grey or blue? I honestly can’t tell anymore lol.

I find it fascinating that there are “rules” to domain names. I never knew that. What other ones are there? I’ve never avoided names in domain names… I think they actually make them sound cooler. I have, however, avoided numbers in usernames/screennames because I think they look weird lol and I personally forget them.

4000 words unpublished? I’m only surprised that it’s not more. haha

I tend to use wordpad for the first drafts on my blog, but I recently build a custom cutenews plugin to get a detailed preview of exactly what my blog will look like, so now I try to use that.

Hmmm my secrets? I’m all about big, bold, and colorful. Pretty much every layout I’ve ever made has been really loud, and I love it haha. I also write lots of automated php scripts whenever I find myself repeating the same task over and over again. A lot of my sites run on the click of a button. XD

It’s been a while, eh? My job has kinda consumed my life, I’ve missed you!!

@Justin, It’s blue. 🙂

Happy 3rd birthday to 6birds! It’s interesting how you prefer typing up your essays and notes on WordPress. Since it works for you, it’s a win. 32,000 words is a lot; assuming that you have around 60 posts?

Good luck with that mini project with Finn. These “rules” are probably meant for starters. If you’re confident with everything, you can ignore these rules and do whatever you want.

Site facts…. The most popular pages on my site are my kandi bracelet tutorials.

32K+ words total, meaning posts and pages. 🙂

Happy birthday to your blog! It’s nice to see that 6birds is one year older. I like when blogs thrive for more than one year – you can see it grow right before your eyes.

Quirks about my blog? I’m unsure, but I think my blog is different because of the way it is organized – besides being a journal/personal blog, I also have a medblog, movielog, and booklog.

I never thought about writing essays in WordPress.. that might’ve made essay writing more bearable.

Here are my 6 facts for my site:

1. I named my domain after one of my nicknames (bebecaca) and incorporated the .ca as a part of the whole name, like Matt Mullenweg did with https://ma.tt

2. I enjoy theming wp themes from scratch… repeatedly… even though they all end up looking the same.

3. My current theme is *somewhat* responsive (still working on it)

That’s all I have so far haha

Happy Birthday to 6birds!

Ooh, I never thought of using WordPress for essays. Then again, it’s very possible that I wasn’t using it yet back when I was still in school, haha. I can’t remember when I made the switch from Greymatter to WordPress.

I’m glad you didn’t listen to those tips! I actually don’t think it’s a problem for numbers to be in domain names, and I don’t have any issues remembering your domain.

Grey is one of my favorite colors to work with too. It’s easy on the eyes, and works with everything 🙂

Hm… as for facts about my site… My domain wasn’t a blog at first, and it’s named after a Japanese song!

Happy third birthday. “Throws confetti” What a achievement. Three years on line.
. I think the number 6 in your domain name is epic. I wish I thought of that. Never heard of that rules but I think its clever.
I should write my essays in word-press when I go back to school next semester. I’m going to try that.

Happy birthday to 6birds! 🙂

I get what you mean by loving to type in the forms. I never thought of doing that for essays. I’m definitely going to try it, since I have a terrible time with actual programs for that too. I think it might be because it looks like we’re going to post a blog or a page and that makes it less intimidating than say, “I’m going to have to write this essay…NOW.”

I wish I could think of some quirks/secrets about my site, but it’s just too new right now. My memory is beyond terrible so I can barely remember facts about my old one. You make me wish I could! I’m going to keep this in mind and make a list in the future, heh. ^__^

(you can edit this out! but I couldn’t tell if my comment went through because it kept saying the submitting message for the longest time. :'( sorry if I sent a double comment.)

Happy birthday to 6birds and to you soon! I love that you keep track of all of the posts and words that you have written. It’s really cool to be able to look back on that as your blog continues to grow.

Personally, I think the number in your domain name is cool! It also rolls off the tongue nicely and for me it makes it easy to remember because it’s unique. 6 is also my favorite number.

Grey is the best. I’m a greyscale fan myself. It just works!

Eeeee! Happy Birthday 6birds! I always thought your website’s birthday was at the end of the year for some reason. Close enough. xD

I really like your first fun fact. It also reminds me of this WordPress plugin I came across that strips out all the sidebars and other bells and whistles when you’re typing a post, so all you see is the post title box and post box. I guess whatever works for anybody! I can’t stand writing essays and always get stuck on a blank Word document so maybe I will try pulling up WordPress next time… 😉

I will try and think up six random facts about my blog now, hahha…

One is that my original domain was going to be out-the-window.org before Heartdrops.org. It was from my old site name. I’m glad I didn’t go with it because it is indeed a mouthful. Pastfailings.net was my other option but I’m glad I didn’t go with that because it sounds super melancholy.

Also, Hey Georgie was going to be on a domain, heygeorgie.net, but James told me it sounded too abrupt. 😛

You probably know this, but I used to be really into pixel art and my old website used to be thoroughly cutesy. Haha.

So I’m on number four now… Hey Geronimo actually favourited my tweet where I told them I pretty much named my blog with a subtle reference to them. Then again, they favourite a shit ton of my tweets!

My first blog post on WordPress contains the most comments I’ve ever received on a post, and since then I’ve never received that many.

My WordPress database is intolerably big, it can’t even be emailed to me, no matter how many times I optimise it or clean out superfluous metadata. It’s about 40MB uncompressed. Dx

Hehe happy birthday to your blog!

Ya, I really have no problem with having numbers in domain names. I think that makes it even more unique and easier to remember actually. Your name is one of the few domain names I can remember without having to use Google to search for it.

Oddly, I can see how typing up a paper/essay in WordPress can make it easier. If I was still in school, I most likely would have done it as well. Great idea!

Happy 3rd bithday to 6birds!

I can’t really think of any facts about my site other than all the photos I post are 100% by me. Using someone elses’ photos is a massive no-no for me, haha. But that’s about it!

Same on the photos. :p Although, I’ve used GIFs (just 2, I think), but I refuse to use stock images. =x