He faked his own death for me??!!

Although I’ve never been in a relationship long enough to fall in love for real and to really be able to understand what love is actually supposedly supposed to be like, I know what love is not.

I would never marry any man who decided he had to fake his own death for me because he wanted me to see what my life would be like without him. That’s like me faking my own death just to know what my mom’s reaction would be – it would be pointless. What this man did was not only selfish and pointless, but it was some kind of manipulation crapola he decided that needed to be done to test his girlfriend’s love for him.

Whatever the reason behind his doing this, I’m going to assume problems existed in the relationship or that he was too self-conscious to believe his girlfriend really loved him or even both.

Some people think “love is love”, and if you love someone you’ll love them no matter their stupidity. I think the saying “love is blind” goes well with this because you’re too caught in the moment to really see what the problem with it is, or maybe it’s the fact that he put all of that work into it and therefore gave you some impression that he really did do it for you and not just because he’s a creepy, sadistic manipulator.

Or hey, maybe you have to be a creepy, sadistic manipulator with a gullible, masochistic girlfriend in order to pull that one off.

To me, it’s just sickening. Any guy who decided to fake his own death for me would be dumped right on the spot, and I’d have no sympathy for him, no matter how much money he spent. That’s like Eli from Degrassi smashing his hearse into a wall and expecting Clare to be running back to him and showering him with love and affection just because he tried to die for her.

Maybe that’s how guys propose in Russia.

Watch the video. -.- The fact that he doesn’t seem to even take into consideration how bad he really hurt her is sickening.

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Comments on this post

Wow I think that is absolutely ridiculous?! He only wanted to see how she would react without him there, and then try to make it seem selfless with the proposal. He was pretty much testing her!

I definitely would say no, and then I’d probably dump them and suggest some kind of counselling as they seem to how self esteem issues. That’s not the type of person I’d ever want to be with.

I always tell my brother as he’s beginning to get to the dating age that there is somebody for everyone. The way I say it to him is “For every dumbass, there is an annoying bitch, but the bitch is not for you, so don’t complain that the dumbass has got a girlfriend and you haven’t yet. You’ll have someone better.” It looks like both the guy and the girl in that couple think that the stunt was funny, and I don’t care if they live happily ever after as long as they stay far, far away from me. It would not surprise me if both of them were creepy and sadistic.

Overall, I think that love is different for every person. I wanted, and have, a boyfriend who would be my best friend, and someone who is not overly romantic. So not only would I dump the guy in the video, I think I would dump anyone who went all out to propose. (But I might be lying; maybe I wouldn’t dump my boyfriend for a public proposal, but that’s a thought for several years down the road and not today.)