Heart in a box

On Grey’s Anatomy 8.8, Christina must babysit a heart beating outside of a body that is in a box that is sitting on a cart. Whilst she is doing this, she’s also trying to make a bucket list of surgeries she wants.

The objective? Look at the heart in the box and think about your idea. If your idea can compare, then it’s one worth keeping. If it cannot compare, don’t keep it. Find something amazing and worth keeping — the heart in the box is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and it even inspires Jackson.

When applied to blogging, the same concept stands:

  1. Take something you consider to be an amazing thing.
  2. Compare it to your ideas.

Lately, the concept has helped me think of topics to post. I think about the heart in the box, and then I ask myself the following questions about said topic:

  • Will I want to delete it later on?
  • Will it backfire?
  • Could I get into serious trouble for posting it? (i.e. tons of drama, making too many people angry at/with me, etc.)

If I answer “yes” to the above, I scrap it.

If I answer “yes” to the below, I keep it.

  • Is it like a heart in a box? Is the idea unique? Is it one-of-a-kind?
  • Is it something I can be proud of?
  • Is it something I won’t mind being known for? (i.e. via shared links, etc.)

My ideas that I keep pend for at least a week. If my answers are the same afterward, then the topic is an idea.

This post is a fine example of the new technique I’m using.

However, I don’t and won’t always use it. Some posts are things I want to post. I mean, this is still my blog. Some topics I think of are simply things I’ll later want to delete. I don’t want to put in the effort to type up posts that I’ll merely delete later on. Some posts I have on 6birds since starting anew are even kind of embarrassing, but I’m really finished with deleting my posts.

I’m a writer at heart. Like a story I’ve been working on the drafts of for over five years, I don’t want to lose my precious writing.


On a side note, thank you, Shonda Rhimes, for an amazing television series.

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Comments on this post

I’ve been MIA from blogging for awhile and when I saw you tweet this post, I knew this blog was going to be something I wanted to read… especially with a reference to Grey’s Anatomy!

The idea of using the heart in a box to weigh blog ideas is wonderful. I always thought about whether or not one of my blogs is worth posting at all, too. But I always end up going with “it’s my blog and I’ll want to read it later” kind of thing so it always ends up getting posted. I feel like it’s okay posting things you might want to delete later on (or I guess, writing them as drafts and publishing them privately?). I like to look back once in awhile and realize that I did think of this or that or maybe laugh at myself for having thought of it.

Such an interesting concept! I love when television shows (even though I don’t watch them often) make you think this way. I like that you linked it to blogging. A lot of the time a thought for a blog hits me and I plan to write later, but it doesn’t happen. The good ideas do stay. 🙂

I also look at blogging like this. Subsequently, I scrap about 75% of posts because I am fiercely dramatic and Scorpio-blooded! 🙂

Chirstina is so awesome in Grey’s Anatomy. With this whole concept being new and all, it must’ve given her some awesome inspiration for making a bucketlist of surgeries she wants to perform.

This concept sounds like a great idea to apply to blogging! It should be one of those standard questions to think about when posting blogs most of the time.. With some exceptions. Good luck with this new technique and I’m sure it’s worth it. And ultimately, this is your blog. You have total control as to what you publish/privatize. Though I have some old blog posts I want to delete but eh, I don’t have enough of that push to delete it or anything.

Take care!

Something related to Grey’s Anatomy? Now this is my area of expertise! Although I need to catch up with a few episodes of the latest season. Hehe!

I often write blog posts that I ended up regretting later on. Any posts where I moan about my life, for example. I don’t want somebody to read a post and then think “I will never get those 5 minutes of my life back.” Haha. 😛