Hobby or Career?

This is a blog I typed up a few weeks ago and is going into the unpublished blogs category. Comments are closed because I felt like closing comments. I don’t want feedback on it. Thank you for understanding this.

Recently I have realized that a lot of the people who enjoy taking pictures just automatically decide to label themselves as a photographer. According to Princeton University, a photographer is someone who “takes photographs professionally”.

What in the world is professionally? I’m not going to name any names or point out any examples from other people, so I’ll just use my own examples. …Wait, that’s impossible. All of my photos are on my old laptop. Well, that sucks. I would charge it up and turn it on, but I will save that little miniature project for tomorrow.

Anyway, the point I am trying to make with this post isn’t necessarily to insult (even if it may seem that way), but to merely explain that photography as a hobby doesn’t mean that that hobby is a profession. A lot of teens are calling themselves photographers, and they’re not. Unless they’re really talented and serious about doing photography… I’ll just let you finish off that sentence.

If you’ve got the talent, perhaps you can make it big at a young age. However, if you cannot even understand the essence of photography, then why call yourself a photographer? Actually, why call yourself a photographer when you merely enjoy taking pictures, anyway? Unless you’ve done it professionally, then you aren’t a photographer at all. You might have potential, but potential doesn’t make an amateur dancer a professional dancer.

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