Holly Jolly

I do not hate Christmas, nor do I disike it.

I am just not a huge fan of the holiday, but I do celebrate it.

My parents divorced when I was young, so my Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays were always chaotic. For that reason, I look forward to starting a new year in January. Since I have been able to choose which side of the family to spend it with, I have felt like I’m being pulled every way possible.

I sometimes feel bad. If I choose to spend Thanksgiving with one side, am I supposed to spend Christmas with another?

I used to tell myself to work hard and try to find a man to marry in my early twenties so I will have a reason to have my own traditions and do my own thing around the holidays. Even though Thanksgiving and Christmas are about spending time together with family, it has always been frustrating for me. I don’t even feel as excited about Christmas as a 10 year old child that does not believe in Santa anymore would.

The Christmas season tends to annoy me, too. The music, the decorations, the commercials – It’s like evryone is trying to drill into everyone else’s heads that the holidays are here, when it only makes me feel more stressed out than anyone around! 🙁

It’s me, though; it isn’t my family that makes me feel like this. Maybe. I don’t know.

I like Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I can honestly say that I am ready for the new year already. I feel stressed, my skin is oily, lights are everywhere, and my face is going to start breaking out soon.

I have my moods from time to time, though. Like right now: I have Christmas songs going on and on in my head very sparingly.

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hugs I think you should find something that makes you happy during this time of the year. My parents fight a lot and something tells me this christmas will either be chaotic or they will be working. So I just look forward to the snow.

I want to get married early too. 😛

@Isi, I can’t see the comment box; it is pushed over to the right and just. Blahh. D; I’m in IE because that is what my mom uses. 🙁

I try to decide on something that makes me happy, but. Ahhhh. It’s too chaotic, and I guess that because that is what I grew up with it being like, I don’t enjoy it as much? I don’t know. Blahh. o.o

My fear is of the dark.

I guess that I’m one of the lucky ones who just have one place to go to. But honestly speaking, it’s not easy to find a guy to marry to set these things straight. Then you’re supposed to argue over which place to go to.

I think that my friends with divorced parents usually alternate Thanksgiving and Christmas/New Years at different places, and then alternate years as well, so they get every combination.

I can understand feeling torn at Christmas if you’re not sure who you’re supposed to spend it with. That would definitely make me go sour about the holidays very fast. I remember it was always a hard thing to decide if we were going to spend it with my mom’s side of the family or my dad’s because they live in different parts of the country and that was hard enough.

oh okay..just found your about me. took me a while to find it. i loved your about me! heheheh

BROOKSHIRE BROS!!!! lol omg, i have family in the country and i always go to a brookshire bros. or a chubby’s, if you know what those are. lol funny.

texan? what city do you live in? i live in houston. blegh. my gordy is my boyfriend whom i live with ! :)yeah i never cared for christmas or thanksgiving. i too find everything about christmas annoying. its really a big retail scam.

i think im stuck in another world where christmas is present but i dont realise that its there. its best to stay in that little world, where family feuds, divorce, and any other bullshit just doesn’t exist. i use to feel like my family made me feel that feeling around the holidays too but then i realised it was me and it was what i was making of it.

lifes good. 😀 i enjoyed reading your entry.. it didn’t bore me at all, like those other jokers. ;]