I found something to blog about.

Tweet limit. So, here. Enjoy.

Here’s your taste of my nighttime tweets.

They’re all 140 chars or below. Check if you don’t believe me.

  • I am now eating a fun-sized Snickers even though I’m allergic to nuts & brushes my teeth because of #tweetlimit.
  • And I don’t like chocolate.
  • I remember years ago someone told me I should take caution when it comes to love, I did, I did. You were always…
  • Nope. I don’t know the rest of that chorus right now.
  • SERIOUSLY. Something was on my glasses, so I tried to get it off with my night shirt. Oh, that made it worse. Ugh.
  • To be honest, I still find it to be totally awesome that I reached 5000 tweets. Finally.
  • Not that any are interesting.
  • test.
  • I really need something to blog about.
  • It’s too bad there’s not a social network like “insidemyhead’ or something where we “blurt”, not “tweet”, stuff inside out heads.
  • Because, I mean… well, my Twitter is really ‘insidemyhead’-like. Unless I create a bot account like @georgiecel did with @georgiebot.
  • But @georgiebot is like some cute, cuddly, ready-to-bite alter ego of @georgiecel slash borderline creepy stalker chick of @georgiecel.
  • And besides, who would really want to get inside my head?
  • test?
  • #tweetlimit sucks.
  • test.

…yeah. So like… do you think I should make some bot thing for an ‘inside Liza’s head’ thing? Oh, that would be lame? Maybe it’s kinda copying Georgie. But I think I annoy my Twitter followers with my thoughts like that. And it wouldn’t be a bot, really. It’d mostly be me tweeting away and whatnot… Oh, yeah. Lame, gotcha.

That was a long hour.

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Comments on this post

Twitter is more “liberal” for me than Facebook. People can say what they want (but with caution when one is involving “big names” out there). You can choose which tweets you only want to read and it’s not a serious matter like the ones on Facebook. Just tweet away to your heart’s content.

I regularly tweet nonsense, just go with it.

Twitter is the place where many people say the stuff that they aren’t comfortable saying on Facebook. I often like strangers on Twitter (and Blogger) more than the Facebook friends that I’ve actually met/worked with/gone to school with.