I need something to blog about.

And I have ideas, but I really want input.

I’ve noticed that people really respect me more when I blog about really personal things – when my posts are raw, real and authentic. Since the beginning of this year, I’ve considered, contemplated, written and almost published posts that fit this.

But I have no idea what all I should include, so the entry ends up being one huge thought cluster that sounds lamer than ever so I trash it.

I plan to give 6birds a makeover soon, and I’d really like to blog about something that people want to know about me. I want questions about certain topics, because having questions to answer oftentimes makes it easier to write a better post.

Are you interested in reading about why I think an Indian is my “guardian angel” and that maybe I was some royal Indian person in a past life? It freaks me out, to be honest. Or what about my ghost-seeing experiences and how my mom’s really the only person who has ever truly believed me about seeing them? I blogged about my premonition experiences before, but then my blog was hacked because my host was hacked, and then everything was lost (literally), and then my host at the time, No Limits Host, disappeared off the face of the planet.

I suppose I could blog about why I don’t want to be a social worker even though I’d like to raise abuse awareness. “Have you ever thought about/considered being a social worker?” is in my email inbox at least once every three months.

If there are questions I can’t quite make into a full-blown post, then I’ll make one post for them and answer them all.

I grow tired writing about PTSD and depression, so I don’t blog about it much anymore [for right now]. However, I’m open to answering those questions as well.

While I do have a list of ideas, they’re mostly Internet-related, and this is me asking YOU for suggestions. I really want to know what you want to read about me. Because why not?

…did I mention I’m desperate?


I’m feeling gross, so you guys are getting the only draft in my posts list that looks ready to publish.

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It’s really hard for me to give you advice or idea what you can blog about. Since it’s your blog, you should blog about what you want to write about.

I feel like bloggers are sometimes so drawn into writing for the readers, they forget about writing for themselves.

You can always write about a hobby or your overall lifestyle.

@Krystal, Whilst I enjoy writing for myself, I do enjoy suggestions. Ever so often, I receive emails regarding topic suggestions and the person saying that they’re “not trying to be rude” and “not sure if this is okay”, but that they want to know my stance on ___, want to know ___ about me, etc. Thus, I ask because I really enjoy it. Suggestions translate into prompts, and prompts make me think. I’ve also writing an autobiography, so suggestions help since a lot of my latest personal thoughts are going into the book.

I think you should blog about whatever it is that you want or need to talk about. This is your space. :* That doesn’t help much though.

I would really like to email you some time because there seems to be similar things that have happened in our lives it would be interesting. If you wanted too? 🙂

Actually, I would love to hear about all those options, especially the ghost-seeing experiences (although it would spook me out @.@) I think I would love to hear any stories/experiences you have about yourself, especially beyond those about PTSD. I think if you write too much about any one subject, it just defines you to other people, and I want to learn more about Liza, the complex human being with a lot of character 😀

this is me pretty much every day lately. i have nothing… my thought process is dead. and my blog is as well… kinda sucks~

@Jenny, YES. My thought process is basically everywhere and nowhere! I want to blog, but I lack motivation. However, I’d really rather NOT go on hiatus for a while because I may absolutely have to later this year/etc. Blah.

I am really interested in the ghost-seeing experience! Though if I read it I’m sure it’s good-bye sleep. I’d want to read about why you HAVE to not want to be a social worker or have anything to do with social workers just because you want to raise awareness for something you believe in. XD

Also, you could blog about experience with hosts like No Limits Host. I don’t trust those small companies run by some teenager pretending to be a professional, because one day they won’t have any more money and they’ll just delete everything and run away.

@Liv, You don’t HAVE to not want to be… I just don’t want to.

I think that your personal posts were interesting and that they were relatable (I’m not entirely sure if that’s a word) to quite a few people (myself included), although that doesn’t mean to say that your other posts weren’t interesting – people just relate more to personal posts and they’re always going to be original because nobody else can write the same thing.

The subjects you suggested seem like they’d be good reads – I’ll definitely be reading as many as possible when I have the time! ^^; I think that you should blog about whatever you feel comfortable about writing and telling people online – that way, you can’t really go wrong. To be perfectly honest, even if you wrote boring things (you don’t, by the way), people would still visit for your style of writing and just to be involved socially with you as a person, and that way people will learn about you and what you find interesting, which helps you become closer and more friendly with your readers/visitors. Don’t blog to please others, blog to please yourself.

I’d love to see 6birds have a makeover! x.x Not that there’s anything wrong with the way it looks now (Georgie did a smashing job) but I like it when people change themes/layouts. (: I used to change nearly every week, but now it’s just too time consuming, and I’ve matured in terms of coding so I can make themes that I won’t quickly go off, plus I’ve found that I’d rather have people visit for my writing and to socialize with me, rather than look at what I can and can’t do in terms of coding/graphics.

@Shot, The last time I changed 6birds’ theme was almost a year ago (or so it feels). I keep feeling more and more ready to change it. I feel like a new look would do it really good since I’ve been using this theme for a really long time. Theme changes make me feel like a site has been refreshed.

As someone who’s asked you whether or not you’ve thought about being a social worker before, I think that you should write about why you don’t want to be a social worker, and then make a FAQ linking to the post. And as an open-skeptic of ghost stories, I’d also be interested in reading about your ghost-seeing experiences. It’s okay if nobody believes you, there are a lot of psychics on TV that few people believe. You remember what you saw. It might be a ghost, or it might be a hallucination. Either way is okay, because it’s past and you’re not going to go around trying to be a psychic or trying to have it again.

I like your posts about computer tech things as well and I always like posts about real life. And I don’t think you should be a social worker but definitely work for some anti-child-abuse organisation. Social workers are probably too limited in what they can do.

I think that you should write about anything that you are passionate about, regardless of whether it is personal or not. Best of luck in figuring this out…and I’m in the same boat. 😀

I’ve been busy lately so I wasn’t able to comment on your blog, but I always enjoyed your blog posts. I mean, you always have something to write about, that’s something I envy about you.

I do want to read about your ghost-seeing experiences, that is something I went through as well. So please write a post about that for sure! *_* Pretty please!

Other than that, I’m interested in your hobbies or (life) goals… Though you mentioned that you don’t make them or share them.