I’d rather have this as an illusion instead.

The pain is back. Is this what labor feels like? Is it worse? I hope it’s better. I should be used to this feeling, but I’m not. I should appreciate regular menstrual cramps, but I’m not. The only difference is that this pain is on my left side. My right side is completely fine – it does not hurt to the immediate, pressurized touch or the small but intense movement I make.

Only my left side is jolting with pain. Is this what a volcano feels like during eruption? Some say that when something like this ruptures it will hurt worse. What could possibly feel worse than this constant stabbing and continuous nausea and imploding? Is someone stacking invisible bricks on my left side?

I don’t want to lean – leaning hurts too much. I don’t want to eat or think about food because it is making me feel even more sick. I’m freezing, and I can’t understand why. Checking my temperature will either result in a fever  me to do anything on the fun side until it cools off or just an odd look because I am checking my temperature when I look like I am feeling fine.

Luckily for me the pain comes and goes. Luckily for me I have experienced this before.

I have been contemplating it’s second presence in my body for a few days now, and the other day my contemplating proved right.

Hello, Ovarian Cyst. Did you enjoy your vacation? How is the left side? Did you dislike the right side?

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I am really sorry to hear you are in this much pain, I hope that the pain will go away soon! 🙁 I know pain is no fun when it comes down to it! Feel better soon Liz! <3

Ovarian Cyst. Ouch! My cousin had it and it is no fun! Have you been taking medication for it? For your pain, you should apply a hot/cold pad to your left side, it should help relax the muscles/facilitate circulation and thus releave the pain? I don’t know if you tried, if not, let me know if that helps! Have you been to the doctor? I really hope you get well soon hugs

This sounds miserable. My friend Heather has ovarian cyst, and is in constant pain. She even has horrible swelling sometimes and people think she’s pregnant. D: I hope everything turns out okay and the paint subsides!!

Oh no, that sounds quite painful! Does a heating or cooling pad in that area help at all? During my last visit to the doctor, she recommended that I take a blood test and get an ultrasound to check if I have ovarian cysts. I don’t experience any pains like that yet, her concern was due to the fact that my monthly thing was more like a every three or four month thing. Hehe, sounds like we’re pretty similar with some of our ailments. If you were able to guess what the problem was, I’m sure you’ll be able to fix it too! I wish you the best and I hope you get well soon! <3

Thats okay, i just needed some feedback. Thanks though.

Again, wasn’t trying to be/sound rude at all, but it just really isn’t fair. Things are just one way with us… They could be mutual, but they’re not.

I hope that it stops soon! Perhaps it is a result of you ovulating, as you should be? Pains in your belly are always the worst! I once read a fantasy book in which a person was tortured with a bellyache. Finally, I’m pretty sure that labor would feel different because it’s a different part of the body.

hugs Don’t start appreciating any sort of menstrual cramps! There are fortunate girls (like me) that don’t get them, and menstrual cramps are not good! If it were in my power to stop everyone from getting menstrual cramps, believe me, I would.

more hugs