I’m back!

I know I “failed” BEDS, but I actually got something out of it. I’m not in the mood to spend an entire post discussing the following list, hence why it is merely in bullet points.

  • I don’t need to please my visitors, because my visitors have no say in what goes on on 6birds. It’s my site; I can do what I want with it. I don’t have to fit into that stupid, pointless stereotype that says all websites have to do certain things in order for ___ to happen. It’s my website; I’ll do it my way.
  • I am actually really creative, and as long as I really want to, I can do almost anything with that creativity. Because of this, I will be releasing some visitor content soon here.
  • I like the thought of having a hosting website, but actually running one isn’t what I want to do. Dehlu is merely going to be a hosting service for people that need/want hosting. Extra space and a reseller account can be purchased for a small fee. Oh – and advertising, too.
  • It’s not difficult to write 1000 words, even if only one topic is involved.
  • I don’t want to do BEDS anymore, because I wanted to do it in order to fit in with a lot of people who did BEDA. However, I may challenge myself to do BEDA next year during April.
  • I like it when 6birds has a lot of “me” in it. I just do. I love it because people can get to know me without even meeting me… It’s kind of an amazing feeling.
  • I don’t have to return a reply that’s made online right away. It just isn’t more important than an offline reply (unless it’s something that’s urgent).
  • A lot of people that review websites these days are biased. It’s as though they care more about their opinion of the website rather than the opinion of the person who runs the website. Why can’t someone return a comment on their own website rather than the commenter’s? If you don’t like something, keep it to yourself. A website review doesn’t need to consist of merely your likes and dislikes.


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I was a bit inactive online for about just as long as you were because I had exams. I have to get out of exams mode now though and back to blogging mode, haha. It’s like I feel like I have to study all the time now!

I used to have visitor content, but I never really had time for it so I stopped.

I might try to do BEDA next year to, maybe on a different blog though, just because April here is summer vacation and I’d have time for it! I might be abroad then though.

I usually don’t return comments right away. I usually just keep the websites in an open tab until they post something I actually feel like replying to. I shouldn’t feel forced to comment on something that just doesn’t seem interesting or relatable to me.

I don’t like getting reviewed because of that. It’s okay for them to say their opinions, but not for them to state it as if it’s fact. It’s because of this that when I reviewed, I never had any criteria or scoring; I just went around the website and commented on what I thought was good or bad, in my opinion, because that’s the most important part of being reviewed, knowing how to improve, not getting some score. It just makes people feel bad for things they did that weren’t even wrong. I mean, I saw someone before who gave someone 0 for an entire point of criteria for not coding her own theme and suggested she did. It’s not like it was a theme site. It’s not like all bloggers are expected to know how to design and code. I found it ridiculous.

Hrm… your site is running well, and mine seems to get quite a bit more downtime than I expect. I might just hop on over to you if I feel like moving all my files.

I definitely agree with you on a lot of people who write website reviews after being on rev.iew.me for a little while. I probably am guilty of it to, but I try really hard to be objective and explain why I like/dislike something. Web design is a subjective thing, and not everyone will like a design that most think is good.

Haha. 😛 I could probably have my host (Harrison) help you move them/do it for you (if you have a cPanel). We just got moved to a new server — it’s faster. 😀

Agreed. Not everyone likes the same thing. I have bad memories/experience with rev.iew.me. I used to be mean (I was immature, gimme a break) and knock down other’s designs. I liked to be right. …I still enjoy being right, but I don’t think I’m all that horrible anymore. 😛

Hey There! 😀 Hope you are feeling better since last time!
As for your bullet points, you are right: it is YOUR website and thus what you do with it is up only to YOU. I used to be concerned by how many visits i’d get, how people would judge my content, etc. that owning my page was no fun anymore. It had become a job that i disliked. I had known many hiatuses and i finally realized that I didn’t need all of that. I just wanted to have MY own place where I would put down MY own toughts. And who cares if I don’t have a huge list of followers? Or that my website doesn’t feet the criteria of a “good” resource website? I am happier that way anyway. I haven’t provided new graphic content for over a year now, not because I am tired of making them but I just have outgrown that “trend”. I still like lurking at what people do icon/banner wise but I just don’t find myself there anymore. I am actually thinking about taking everything down and offering only wallpapers for download.
The point is, as long as you are having fun with what you do around here, that’s all that matters. People who care about your opinion and you will keep following you no matter what. And those who don’t… well, too bad, too sad 😛
Hope you are having a great weekend! 😉

Haha, I am feeling better! I got behind on comments, actually! LOL Whoops! D:

Yeah. It’s taken me a really long time to realize that, too. However, after a really long time of realizing I grew out of that and that it is my website, I finally decided to just do what I want(ed) to do! 😛

Thanks! I don’t really remember the weekend much… But I do hope that yours went well!

I don’t know what BEDS is, can you explain it for me? As for your opinions here, I agree. I think that the owner of the website has say in what gets published. I don’t understand why people think they have to set standards and then hold bloggers to those rules and regulations. Isn’t that WHY we have our own blogs in the first place?

BEDS is Blogging Each Day of September. ^^

I agree with everything that you have listed. This is your site, you shouldn’t feel like you HAVE to do anything. You post what you want, when you want to. If people don’t like it… then, oh well. 😛 I personally like it better when a ‘personal’ blog has more of the blogger. It’s nice to get to know them more.

I don’t really get the point of reviewing websites, that is if the site is a personal blog. I think reviewing of a website should only be done if it’s a graphic/resource site. I mean personal blogs are PERSONAL, therefore not everyone is going to like what they see or how things are done. But it doesn’t matter because the only one that needs to like it is the blogger since it’s THEIR blog.

Blogging every day seems like too much pressure. I’d never be able to do it. You were doing very well at blogging every day, in my opinion. (Does that make me sound stalkerish…..?) 😛

If I blogged every day they’d be so cumbersome and pointless. I can barely think of decent things to blog about on a weekly basis, let alone every day! What a challenge.

Have a nice weekend!

Hello, The script that I use was already on the site when I bought it. I don’t believe it really has a name/: But it’s really easy and nice to use! I love it!

& Also, I’ll delete that comment so your email isn’t public 🙂

Thank you!

And, haha. It’s still pretty cool. 😛