In Which I Have a Girly Moment

When Ashley tweeted about maybe doing a beauty post, I replied saying I had this idea on my blogging topics list. Long story short, we decided to join forces and post ours on the same day. I meant to blog on an odd day, but when I told her about my blog schedule, I realized all my scheduled posts were off. ‘Tis fine. I’ve enjoyed the break. 😉

Like her post says…

 If you would like, you can also do this post yourself as well! All that we require is that you comment on one of our posts with a link to your post. I would love to see what products others use and get recommendations. Although this post does not include make-up, you can always add that in as well.

I know little about beauty stuff, but I’ll still read yours. 🙂

I don’t use a lot, but the ones I do use I love. Thus, I don’t have categories. :p

100_6173.jpg (540×300)

  1. Chapstick in Cherry – I carry this with me everywhere I go. My lips get chapped a lot, and it really helps. I think this is the only thing I don’t mind cherry-flavored. I’ve tried Burt’s Bees and EOS Lip Balm in Strawberry, and neither worked for me. I also can’t use organic products, which is probably why the Burt’s Bees didn’t work out. If I’m not carrying a purse, this is in my pocket.
  2. Clear Scalp & Hair Therapy Total Care Shampoo & Conditioner – My cousin got me this. I need to remember to tell her that I love it. I’ve only used it for about a month, but it’s really made my hair nice and shiny and smooth and lovable again. I straighten my hair a lot (basically everyday unless I’m just lazy wanting to wear it curly), and it makes it much easier to straighten. Thus, I love it. She coupons, so I think she got it free or something. :p Not Bri, but my other cousin. This cousin is Charan’s daughter. :p
  3. Andis 1″ Ceramic Plate Flat Iron – Too much technical talk, and yes, I looked it up. I’ve used this for a long time. It’s totally worth more than it costs (I bought it for $20), and it’s lasted me a long time. I love it, and I’ve used it since about 2009 or 2010. I’ve been through Conair, Remington and other brands, and this is literally the best straightener I’ve ever owned. I even had a Wet2Straight, and this one is still the best.
  4. Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitizer (Paris Amour & Caribbean Escape) – I got these for Christmas from Bebe. I got to choose which one I wanted, and then she ended up letting me have two. I also have other hand sanitizers. I use them all of the time, and I carry them with me all of the time. They’re an absolute necessity. -.-
  5. Does deodorant count? I couldn’t find my lotion thationlyusewhenidecidetonotbestubborn (becausebeingstubbornleadstodryskinwhichicurrentlyhave). If so, I use Dove, because it’s hypoallergenic. Usually I can’t even use things that are hypoallergenic, but their deodorant is surprisingly OK.

So um. Yeah.

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It’s always so fascinating to see these posts from people not in Australia, because besides Dove and Chapstick, I don’t think I’ve seen those brands before in my life. Still, it’s always the best to get into a good routine with staple beauty products, and I’m glad yours work out well!

Great beauty products! I absolutely love Bath and Body Works.

I’m not too great with beauty tips and such.. Trying to work on that this year. I’d love to beautify myself!

Great post…I like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
Let me know follow you then back.;)
Lovely greets Nessa

I am in no way a beauty expert. I learned how to do what minimal makeup I do apply from paying attention to how others do it. I don’t think I have the time to devote to much to it.
And my hair! *facepalm* I am glad to hear that you love your hair. I’ve pretty much given up on mine. I wear a hat most of the time. I would use a hashtag here but I don’t know how you feel about them. ^_^
I remember when I was younger and even though I wasn’t hypoallergenic I still had to keep switching deodarants to find one that wouldn’t make me want to crawl out of my skin. That was awful.

I love Dove products, but I think they’re really expensive :/ You don’t use alot of products, so do I. The most products I have is mostly for my skin, I hate my skin. Nothing works for my dry and irritated skin.

I use Dove deodorant too! I’ve been considering trying out Clean Scalp & Hair Therapy shampoo and conditioner, but I’m going to have to wait till I use up my current bottles (Tresemme).

I’m fairly simple with my beauty products as well, since I don’t wear make up. I have a specific Suave shampoo and conditioner and then Suave mousse. I love Bath and Body Works! I love their little hand sanitizers – I use them all the time and have probably three in my purse at all times. I also really like their lotion, though I don’t wear lotion a whole lot. As for chapstick, I like to use Blistex’s flavored ones. I can’t think of any of the flavors off the top of my head, but they work really well and smell really good. 🙂

I’ve been trying to find some shampoo that will make my hair shiny and smooth so i will defiantly check those out! OMG we have the same hair straightener xD I do want to buy a new one though because mine is worn out and I don’t think it works the same as when I first bought it. I don’t want to spent a lot on one so I might just repurchase the same one.

I’m fond of Chapstick too. I like the cherry flavor too. Among others.

I decided to do it too. Linked the post in the url field.

I don’t think I’ve heard of those brands before (except for dove), and I’m really happy that you’re sharing it with us! 🙂 I do like it that your beauty products are simple but effective 😉 I don’t think it’s never that good for you to use a lot. XD I right now have a cheap chapstick that doesn’t work at all -_-‘ but I feel like wanting to try out the chapstick in Cherry that you use, can you order it online somewhere?

I’m not sure. You can try Amazon. I live in the USA, so I’m not familiar with shipping and products in other countries. p:

I like how your beauty products are simple; nothing too out there and overdoing. Cherry ChapStick is probably the most common chapstick out there. Being a couponer brings you great savings.

You got your flat iron for a pretty good price. I got mine for $120 and it’s still working fine after 7 years.

The hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works are the best! They do the job and they add a scent to your hands as well. Not only that, they don’t leave that dry feeling afterwards.

Deodorant counts as a product.


It takes me a while to get ready, drive to school, and find parking; especially on the first week of school.

Take care!

My lips also get chapped a lot, and I actually prefer the Cherry Chapstick too. I’m trying a Burt’s Bees one right now, and I feel like it doesn’t help as much.

I recently bought a couple B&B Works products, so I’m using their body cream right now (White Citrus). It helps during this season where my skin gets dry! I think I have one of their hand sanitizers too, but I forget which scent.

I use the same deodorant!

I like the Paris Amour scent from B&BW. I have the hand sanitizer and the lotion.

Oooh! One similar item! I love B&B Works hand sanitizer. Woot! Maybe if this gets a good response, we could do another joint blog post again! That would be fun!