In which time zips by

Time doesn’t stop for anything. It never does. It’s time. Yet people still try to rush through processes that depend on time to finish something more quickly. It never works when we rush.

The weekend went by quickly. Bri and I together usually have bad luck, but thus far nothing bad has happened: we didn’t get into a wreck, no one [in our family/friends] died, no one got hurt.

She arrived Thursday night, and we talked about her Relay for Life stuff that I will now be helping her with as far as the social media aspect goes. J, her guy[1. It’s not official.], also came over. We drove to Medieval Times and he followed us back to the house. We watched 12 Rounds, then I showered and played online for a bit. I found and watched The Call after drying my hair and whilst I straightened my hair before I went to bed around two or three in the morning.

Friday, I awoke at three in the afternoon. Bri and I went out to the movies to watch Fast & Furious 6, then we went out to Lake Grapevine to watch the Friday Night Fireworks show. We arrived early, and we sat on the dock. It was totally worth getting eaten up by the bugs.

Saturday, Bri had to attend her cousin’s graduation, and I woke late again. I ended up eating some of the leftover popcorn from the movies and watching some of the movies she had brought over (about one and a half recyclable grocery bags of movies). That night I tweeted that I would watch Charlie St. Cloud, eat my nachos and work on returning comments. However, Charlie’s brother, Sam, DIES, and I wasn’t aware that it was a sad movie, so I closed my laptop and put it on the couch throughout the movie. Then, I chose to watch a different movie. When she got back, we watched another movie.

I don’t remember what time I woke up on Sunday, but we spent it watching movies.

And then it was today, Monday.

Last week went really long for me because of the food allergy testing, so I guess that sleeping over the weekend, even I slept a lot more than I’d intended, was actually a good thing. Last week I also worked on Allergic Liza a bit, and I even found a premade WordPress theme I liked enough to use until I can afford to buy a custom theme for it in the way that I want.

But the weekend is really over, and now it’s back to the allergy shots. Thankfully, I’m most likely going to get to go about two to three times a week.

…and Grandmama bought Sunbutter! IT IS CHEAPER IN OKLAHOMA. Here, it’s about $8.99. She bought it for $4 something. :O

I’m highly allergic to soy, milk, tomatoes and onions, so the Wowbutter is now something I’ll have to enjoy in small quantities. Having a nut allergy is easy to explain, though: IT SUCKS.

And now, not only am I lactose intolerant, but I’m allergic to milk. I used to say that I’m allergic to it because every time it gets on skin, I’d instantly break out. People never believed me, but now that I have a giant index card with a big PLUS sign, perhaps people will believe me.~

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It’s good that nothing happened over the weekend, although I hope it’s an exaggeration when you say that bad luck happens when you get together with your cousin. You watched a lot of movies and events this weekend, it sounds so relaxing and nice. I didn’t know Charlie St. Cloud was a sad movie either, I don’t like watching sad movies either 🙁

And wow, the price difference is crazy! I can’t imagine why it would be so large, but awesome that your grandmother got you some 😀

@Jessica, Nope, no exaggeration.

Um, I’m not sure, either… However, Sunbutter is made from sunflower seeds, so the process is more expensive.

The allergy shots can’t be that bad?
I got them for four years so I know what you are going through though you do have more allergies than I ever did.

Good luck getting through this week either way.

Sounds like you had fun this weekend. 🙂

@Erin Nicole, Allergy shots are pretty bad when you have a lot of severe allergies. I think it’s situational, so you can’t adequately compare your situation to mine and say that it’s not so bad, etc., and I cannot adequately do the same to yours. Yours probably weren’t for food/what’s in a lot of medicines, because you can take birth control. I’m allergic to a lot of things that are in the air, and then others that are in food. I’m going in every day. It gets exhausting. Plus, the food allergy testing lasted for four and a half hours for three days. When you have an allergic reaction, you might get sick or dizzy or drowsy or something, and it just really gets tiring.

Therefore, going to the doctors office every day for four days a week every week since January can be that bad, especially if you have to wait about 20 minutes or so to see if you’ve reacted to the shot you were given that day. It’s exhausting, and I’m allergic to literally almost everything, if not that already.