It doesn’t matter who you voted for anymore.

Technically speaking, I started over on my blogs. I decided against making rules for myself to follow. I’d mentioned on Seek Liza that I wouldn’t talk about politics on my blogs because it attracted too much unwanted attention. I’ve also blogged about not liking living here, in Texas/in the USA/etc., and wanting to live in another country. I don’t think that my desire to live elsewhere should take precedence over what I’m about to say.

Obama won the 2012 Presidential Election. It doesn’t matter who you voted for anymore. It doesn’t matter what race you are or what language you speak. If you live here, you know we have the same president we had four years ago. Technically, the world can’t collapse and whatnot all at once because he’s president once again. I’m not supporting him if that’s what you’re assuming with my post.

He’s president. You don’t have to like it.

But if you want change or things to get better, you just have to help. Don’t complain about how, “Oh, my gosh, this is just… I can’t even begin to describe what’s going to happen now…” He’s president. What the hell could possibly be changed about that?

I’m tired of the Facebook, Twitter, etc. posts. Even one of the guys in the armed forces that are in charge (I forget what rank) said that this election is one of the worst he has ever seen because there’s so much cruelty.

If you want my opinion, neither major candidate deserved my vote. No one running deserved to be president (that I heard about running). They were both too power hungry and hateful.

Furthermore, when the government interrupts its people’s personal lives and goes there, well. Whatever.

It doesn’t matter who you voted for anymore, it just matters how you choose to live your life the next four years if you choose to continue living it as much as you can.

[spoiler /Regarding comments/ /Whatever/]I don’t have to/always comment back. -.- If it’s rude and I accept it, congrats. You’ve made the wall of shame/stupidity/fame/whatever. If you’re gonna curse at me and try to debate, I really DGAF.[/spoiler]

There’s no longer room for any “sides”, as the election is over.


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Comments on this post

People who do not agree with this obviously have too much time on their hands. Screw the election.

Oh, politics! People care too much. Their lives have gone on and the world hasn’t ended even though the result of most elections is 51-49, like this one. (It takes more than one person to screw things up – don’t they remember anything from their high school civics class?) Seriously, the world needs more rational people like you.

It is interesting for me to read about your posts about Texas. They describe a world that is foreign to me, even though I live in the same country.

As for the people yelling at you to return comments, you have the correct response.

Haha, I was mostly just preparing for some nasty comments over this post! But I have recently had some people get upset with me because I didn’t reply right away or something, or they track all of their visitors and saw me reading their blog(s) and not comment and decided to confront me about that… I’ve been busy, and blah. I’ve been trying to do some things help lower stress I have. .-. Ugh.

Yeah, I now pretty much use that as my excuse for why I hate living “here”, whatever you decide to take here as! And then people are just like, “Oh, well that makes sense!”

And for some reason, people forget that for the world to somehow come to an end, things in more than one country would have to go on. A lot of the people are blaming the Mayan calendar shit, but they don’t realize it supposedly didn’t count leap years or something like that, or that there are other conspiracies that have proven to be untrue, or some other crap like that. And once again they’re just fearing. There’s fearing, living and dying. The way a person lives their life depends on whether they’re fearing, living or dying.

And as for NaNoWriMo, I think I’m not going to rush myself anymore. I get that the novel doesn’t have to be perfect and all, but I just don’t want to do it like that because it feels rushed. I feel like I have to rush through it and make it a chore — and that takes away my fun. I’m going to finish it, though, now that I have it going. At least I got a start on it, right? And then there’s always