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Over on Seek Liza I mentioned I don’t blog about religion and/or politics. This was going to be an article, and I’m not preaching – I’m merely expressing my points of views, opinions, etc. If it comes off as preaching, I am terribly sorry, as that is the last thing I want to happen.

Most of you probably already know the world/society depresses/sickens/etc. me. Here is a detailed explanation and why I truly believe/think I see the world differently (I bet you can all guess this one).

People are very hateful, and rude, and they simply don’t seem to care about what matters anymore. I feel like I’m supposed to apologize for not hating others – people of different religions, people of different orientations, people of different races, people of different cultures, people in different countries – when that isn’t even what Jesus wants us to do. What seems like the majority of the world at the moment is entirely screwed up if they seriously think hating and being utterly cruel to others is what gets them further to the “finish line”, I suppose we’ll call it.

To hate on other humans for their beliefs, orientation, heritage, culture, etc. is entirely inhumane at best. Jesus loved others and treated them kindly no matter what they did or who they were, etc. God, Jesus… they love. LOVE. This is the problem with society today: We are expected to choose a side and stick with it, and we are not allowed to be in between.

I was raised to hate, but church (sometimes) and the Bible preach to love. This has left me confused over the years. I’m supposed to walk in Jesus’ steps, but I’m not supposed to love. I’m supposed to choose a side. I’m sorry that I can’t choose a side; I’m sorry that I choose to be kind to people; I’m sorry I choose love. If hating is a sin, why am I expected to have the same views as my family members and those I attend church with?

I’m told to preach, preach, preach in church. Entertainment production companies like Hallmark typically make Christians out to be these perfect individuals – these people who are always happy, never drink alcohol, etc. Personally I do not believe not drinking makes a person anymore of a Christian. Granted I don’t believe you should get drunk over it – I think and believe that that is what the Bible expresses: that drunkenness is a sin.

Rather than preaching I believe that if I simply love and not do what is considered to be sinful that I will be preaching, but not so loudly that it is obnoxious. I’ve witnessed the affect of obnoxious preaching, and contrary to what other Christians/preaches/etc. may believe, it doesn’t work. I also don’t believe that friendship should be based upon religion; if I make prejudice decisions on who is/can be/will be/etc. my friend(s), how am I not being hateful? To me, being prejudice = the same as being hateful, and I don’t believe that that is the way to go.

However, these are my opinions. It is what I have learned from observing. I don’t believe/think listening to music with minimum profanity is a sin. I may like the beat or the overall meaning behind it. It’s kind of like how Russell Harris at Wills Point Church of Christ[1. See this Yahoo! Answers question regarding no instruments in Church of Christ churches if you’re not familiar with it. I’m a nondenominational Christian, and I like my instrumental worship (otherwise I can’t get into it much).] brought in an instrumental song with lyrics at the end of his sermon to express what the overall lesson was about and what he had hoped we would walk away with. And then even the music that lacks profanity yet seems a bit too vulgar. I suppose an example of this would/could very possibly be similar to that of just one of my favorite musicals, Footloose.

And you know what the bad thing is? I’m a twenty-one year old Texan, Republican, open-minded Christian with merely a few hours of the required bit of college for my teaching (math) major and a high school diploma who has figured out 1) why so many people frown upon non-Christians, 2) why both major candidates for the presidential election pretty much suck[2. Let’s face it: Both are focusing on controversial things, not what really needs attention. Gay marriage is not the end of the world more than the educational department of the USA a) allowing students/faculty/staff to bear arms on campuses and/or b) coming to a halt and falling into a pit altogether.].

I see the world differently because I’ve been on the other side. I’m not a person who flaunts to the public that I somewhat support gay rights, but I will flaunt to the public that I support love. I support love in the way that I support life: If hating is a sin, I will NOT express hate in any way/shape/form toward those who do not think like me.

This is my stance on religion, my beliefs and life itself. It cannot be changed; I’m simply expressing my thoughts and opinions and whatnot because maybe this will somehow also portray the disgust I possess for the world and/or society today.

And you know what travesty inspired this post at such a late hour at night? Perhaps it was because I had the urge to express my thoughts in some sort of meaningful (or meaningless) passion, or maybe it was an animals petition focusing on veganism for The United Nations. …Don’t most vegans/vegetarians grow extremely mad when we, meat eaters, don’t respect them for their choices? Why/How does this give them the right/ability to disrespect ours?

All in all I’ve yet to come across a fellow Christian who shares similar beliefs, if not the same. I’ve found Ashley and I share extremely different beliefs as far as Christianity goes. She seems more closed-minded as far as her beliefs go from my point of view, but I think it could be said about any other strict Christian whose parents have never divorced, have never witnessed/been victimized of abuse, etc.

One of the most controversial topics are Loving vs. Hating gays. One preacher claimed gays need to die and should all be lined up and shot. If we aren’t supposed to judge, why would something like that ever be preached? If Christians are expected to be pro-lifers, why would they ever wish upon death for anyone? What is this really all about? This is not our Heaven; we’re not supposed to judge/hate/etc. I’m not even going to get into abortion, because as for rape… How can you even justify that? As for the LGBT Pride hate, too often it results in death, be it suicide or murder, and I will not hate because I choose to love and speak to them and about them with love, and I will not hate something that results in an innocent death. I can’t; I don’t have the ability to, and quite honestly, I don’t believe that that is what God/Jesus wants me to do.

The stupid WordPress won’t freaking let me post the video I wanted to. I REALLYDONTLIKE the updated WordPress, seriously.

Long story short, I don’t have a predilection for hate. For the past month I’ve not read many news-related stories. As far as what I have just happened (because it’s on the TV at dinner and such) to watch/see on the news, I’m glad I haven’t. I try to ignore it, but a lot of people around me like talking about it. It has a history of depressing me, and being depressed already isn’t a good addition.

edit: Tracking back to Ashley’s essay.

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Time and again I’ve ready Ashley’s posts and think that her opinions would change a lot if she ever moved outside the Bible belt. In fact, so many people I know who came from the Bible belt (which I think includes Texas) to California have the same rant that you do – that people don’t respect other people’s choices and preach hate rather than love. I think that Christianity has just become the culture of that area of the country, and a lot of people (including the preachers) lost sight of what religion is actually about by trying to be the perfect Christian.

In the one Church service I’ve been to (in California), it was Easter, and my roommate was getting baptized that day. The service started off with a lot of singing, and then the preacher talked about Jesus’s everlasting love and how he managed to beat death and win. I don’t know whether that was a typical service or not, but I suspect that because it was Easter, it may have been special. I can happily say that the Christians here, like my roommate, have no problems against gays, and I rarely ever hear them talking about hate, and I think that most of the Christians around here are very sweet people. I hope that knowing that there are fellow Christians who would agree with you gives you a bit of happiness. 😀

Hrm… I guess that if the politicians focused on issues that weren’t controversial, we would get more things done in Congress! I’ve never thought of that before!