It’s easy to be lazy and get lost.

It’s so easy to sit in front of the TV and lose yourself in all of the fiction. Sure, you may watch the news sometimes. The news is not on all of the time. And if you soak yourself in “news”, each new piece of information becomes old within seconds. What is on the news is only new for a little while. But the fiction displayed on TV is the biggest addiction.

Think about it: Your favorite TV series is showing a new episode tonight, but your family wants to go out to eat. You search for another time the show will come on, and nothing comes up but that one time. You can search for it later when you get home, but the weather forecast shows thunderstorms and gusts of wind for that night, and the power may go out, causing you to not have Internet.[1. Yes, I thought of everything in this little scenario. If I left something out, hush and let me have my moment! >.<] So, what do you do? You have the option to go, but you really want to see this new episode tonight. You have been waiting for this episode the entire series because 1) it is the series finale, and 2) it wraps up everything else that happened in the season, and this is the conclusion, containing all of the answers to your questions!

Honestly, I would rather eat at home. I dislike eating out, but if I hadn’t eaten out in a while, I might go with the family. It just depends on the situation, who is going, what my mood is and whether I feel like eating out that night. Sometimes I vote for something healthier. I don’t splurge often.

I never realized exactly how easy it is to get lost in fiction – in a book, in a game, in a TV show, in a movie, etc. – until just recently. It doesn’t take many Law & Order: Special Victims Unit hour-long episodes (not to mention the marathons on Tuesdays that lead to a new episode!) until I become lost in the series. I want to know what the next one is about; I want to know what happens next; I’ve seen this one, but I want to see it again. It’s so easy, and it takes a lot to pull away.

I’m not saying it’s wrong to get lost in things away from reality[2. As in things you can’t take pictures of you doing, etc.], but after a while it gets dark.

I used to be someone who sat around and watched TV all day. It was a very dark, lonely place to be. But I’m better than that now, and that is all that matters. The people I wish would see that do not, but I cannot change their perception of me each time I feel like I have changed, even though I have changed for the better. I don’t let it bother me, even if they may think I should let it bother me.

Watching TV all day is okay sometimes, like if you wake up on a Saturday and want have a TV or movie day, or both.

Don’t get lost like I did. It’s really hard to shy away from addiction like that.

Anything on TV can now be seen later, even if years later. The amount of time you spend in front of a television cannot be bought back, though. You’ll miss out on a lot more than you knew possible.

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I, myself, LOVE to indulge myself in fiction whether it be tv shows, movies or books. I love having that space from reality but I also get ingulfed in it. That’s why it’s dangerous for me to have whole seasons in front of me because I won’t stop watching until there is nothing left to watch.

I am like that the most with Anime shows. A nice combination of fiction and animation and the ultimate non-reality. I just like how you are completely taken away into another world just because anything is possible in animation.

Thanks for your comment. My spring break was pretty good, I hope yours was too. :love:

I know what you mean, I think some people can get addicted to TV really easily. For example, whenever my dad is not working he’s always watching TV… it’s kind of sad. I think it’s because no one is usually home over the weekend or I’m too busy to spend time with him. I, on the other hand, don’t watch too much TV. Only certain shows here and there. But I know the feeling of missing your favorite show, it sucks. Usually I’ll just watch anything that I missed on the internet later in the week or something. And I agree an occasional movie day is always fun. πŸ˜€ I read a lot too, but I like to add variety to the novels that I read with poetry, prose, and occasionally a non-fiction book. I think if anything I’m addicted to the internet, since that’s where I spend most of my time, lol.

I only watch one TV show which I have to be home for when a new episode airs. When you’ve fallen in love with the characters and the storyline it’s kind of hard not to miss a new episode.

During the day while I’m working I usually have some kind of news on for at least an hour. I’m a total news junkie and I know it. I just like to know what’ s going on.

Normally though I get lost in my own fiction word of stories I write. I love that little world. πŸ™‚

Cute story. πŸ™‚ :love:

I am not much of a T.V. fan. In fact, if my computer is available, I almost never watch T.V. With studies and my books, I never get enough time and whatever it is left, is dedicated to books/websites/stuff. It gets awkward because sometimes everybody would be discussing this new television show or a cute advertisement or a new song that Bollywood has just released, and I’d often have to open youtube instead of wasting time sitting in front of the T.V.
Sometimes I do, though, and some of my favorite shows are Bones/Simpsons/Friends…daily soaps.

Do you have a cure for computer addiction, though? :O

I almost always prefer the book over the movie. The movie somehow destroys all the characters and places I’d imagined in my mind while reading the book. /dumb

Oops, forgot to reply to your comment.

  1. Sahara? Are you freaking kidding me? Thats hilarious but I am really sorry! /ask I thought I got it because I am an Indian and my name is a little different from the usual people found on the internet!
  2. Our education system works like that. If you saw my previous posts about exams, you’d see how much we have to study. I am a diligent student and do not believe in cramming, but the day before the exam, when you have to memorize so much for three hours of paper, there are facts that you have to cram, and have little to do with understanding. Dates in history, principles in Economics…stuff.

  3. I cried when the guy told me he liked me because I was in the fourth standard and I thought it was gross.

  4. I can’t sleep even if my door is open and a shaft of light is coming in. I would probably feel bad about wasting electricity with your T.V. trick. πŸ˜›

  5. I don’t eat dinner, unless its something extra delicious, and have an early breakfast instead.

Liz is a :love: πŸ˜› /please πŸ™‚ /exclaim

@Shriya, I put it on a sleep timer. πŸ™‚

It’s the same with those that are addicted to video games. I think that’s even worse because at least there’s breaks in between TV shows and a show will always have an end. However there’s no breaks in video games and there’s definitely no end to an online game. There were instance where gamers passed away because they played too much and didn’t rest or eat properly. Eventually they became ill and passed away.

Addictions can be so bad! It’s a bit easier to get out of TV addictions now since there’s many ways to catch up on the show at a later date. Back in the days when where weren’t any ways to catch up then people would really work their life around tv shows.

I love watching TV, I think it’s really relaxing and mindless.

Sometimes I would spend the whole weekend watching a series, afterwards I do feel a bit lost from reality. Imagine watching some series constantly for 2 weeks or constantly playing the same game for a while month straight.

Liz — Others in your life may not see you as the creative young woman who writes with passion and helps others via her blog. But I do. I imagine your other readers do, as well. Pity those who can’t see change; they miss so much:~)

I must admit, I am a TV addict, but I do tape most of the things I watch and then spread them out, based on my time.

My true addictions are blogging and writing. When I’m writing, I totally lose time. One time, I was working on a story and four hours passed before I came up for a break. I couldn’t believe it. On the other hand, it’s not very healthy to do this:~)

I don’t watch much television now. I only watch Doctor Who and even then… it’s so addictive. The news stories do get old, but I know with things like tsunamis and natural disasters that have ongoing coverage, it just floats out of your mind after a good while.

Fiction can go anywhere, it’s so inventive and creative. I think Doctor Who is really creative and you can never really guess what happens next. A lot of television series are like that, and it’s pretty interesting how we get sucked in to the simplest of plots.

I used to watch more television than I do now. A lot of the shows I liked got axed, though, so I stopped watching. I watched Do Over and What About Brian – I really loved those but was really disappointed when they stopped showing them. I didn’t think they were that unpopular.

I watch a lot of Doctor Who on the days I don’t have university, if I have spare time.

I actually looked into some research about MySpace – the “top 8” definitely caused drama between lots of people, and there was definitely the whole idea of having the most friends, more than anyone else. I would also rather have a few close friends than so many that aren’t that close.

Oh I’m sorry to hear that. My mum tends to make fun of homosexuals, but in a light way – though I’m afraid if I bring any friends like that over, they won’t have the same humour. Though, that said, I don’t really invite people over to my house.

Oh shipping – I hope it comes back safe. I’m sure you trust that he put a lot of effort into that wrapping. πŸ˜€ He’d better have! And I hope it’s all spiffy after he’s fixed it too.

I think you can overcharge; I’m pretty sure my battery was damaged somehow when my laptop overheated… someone told me that batteries can’t do that anymore though. The new battery is working so well now!

Yeah, I just noticed that the bank closes at 4pm. I had no idea. Maybe because I usually go in the morning or at 2pm or something. I guess I can go another day. I wasn’t in a huge rush.

Yeah, university is more flexible like that, but you’re totally responsible for your actions so you shouldn’t skip class if there is something important for you. All classes are important but if you must skip… that’s to your discretion.

You were far from being first. I moderate all my comments and I posted a while before you commented. πŸ˜›

@Georgina, Oh. I kind of figured I would be far away from being first. πŸ™ Ha. I didn’t realize you’d posted it long before I commented until I saw the time stamp on the sidebar – after I commented. …One of these days. πŸ˜›

My one show was ruined for me when I had to take a night class on Mondays from 7-10. That was House, M.D. night and I still haven’t caught up. Bye bye House! I also watched The Talking Dead on AMC, but that’s done for now too. The way I procrastinate and get addicted is with books. I’ll put off everything when I’m reading. Homework, eating, spending time with my family, haha.

I moved my domains from to, FYI. c:

And I am definitely a guilty one to say that I do this all the time. I prefer nights at home than nights out, even though they’re both equally nice. I guess that’s just me. Most people want to be out out out, but I’d rather just be in. I try not to watch too much TV, but it’s so accessible and I don’t have a car, so I can’t go anywhere. 😐 It’s hard not to just watch TV all day over the weekends.

Generally, though, I spend a lot of time on the computer. Ha. πŸ˜‰

Time management isn’t my strong point either. I guess it’s alright though. Generally TV/movie days aren’t big deals. πŸ˜› They’re good relaxing times!

@Sydney, So… I’ll comment you back later; I can’t remember what I said; I don’t know if it went through.


I’m not addicted to the TV. Maybe to the Internet and blogging, but I know that I can go quite a few days without actually blogging and reading what other people write.

People always say that television is bad because you just sit there and absorb things. Your mind isn’t actively making computations and working on things. Personally, I like being active, so I can’t sit around and watch TV all day.

As for your first scenario, that’s what TV recorders are for. Also, a lot of channels put their shows online in some form too, even though watching on a bigger screen is always better. πŸ˜€

I don’t watch much TV but before I watched it alllll the time. I guess I just have to find a good series to watch. πŸ˜› Oh gosh, cannot watch the news it’s too depressing but it does tell you the truth.

Ahah nice scenario! Well I have this cable box where you can record shows that you might miss and watch it later! But I know not a lot of people have that! I would personally go out to dinner with my family (if it’s somewhere I like to go) because I loove eating out!

I get lost in movies/books/TV sooo easily if it’s good. If it’s boring I just can’t pay attention. I hate missing out of things with my friends because later I hear allll about it. πŸ™

Anyways, in reply to your comment thank you! πŸ™‚ 500 words does seem to be in the middle! I have no clue how long my last blog was but I think i’m going to try for 500 next! The 2 part idea is actually really good thanks! πŸ™‚

I’m more addicted to the internet I realized. I can’t live a single day without it. I’ve done 7 during vacation and that was torture.

This is what Asian dramas do. You HAVE to see the next episode and end up making room in reality for it. But soap operas / sitcoms are better because if you miss an episode it’s not the end of the world. πŸ˜›

I’m a perfectionist πŸ˜› Thanks πŸ™‚

How’s your day been?

@Owen, My day was alright.