Jane Lately #42

A few years back, I had a link love column. I took it away ’cause I didn’t feel there was much point to it. Then I started doing more life updates. Now, a lot is happening in my life that I don’t feel is proper timing to write about yet. Like, it’d be to pretentious and potentially risk progress on those things, so I just…haven’t much else to blog about in that department. Then there’s my injured left hand, which prevents me from getting other shit done. I’m spending a lot more time reading and doing other stuff, and then I get around to making a new post and mostly have just a paragraph of text.

So instead of focusing a lot on me, especially with what’s happening in life right now, I figured I’d focus more on stuff elsewhere. It’s definitely less stressful, methinks.

I did originally title this “Friday Faves”, but ugh…I struggle with ambiguity and also got annoyed with that fast. 🤦

Epilepsy warning: Video below may trigger seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion advised. (Here’s a plain audio version, if you still want to listen to it, though.)

I’m not sure what format I’ll be using, so it’ll take some time, but I also think this will be a great, easy way for me to share music I’m loving lately. 🙂

Occasionally there is a debate amongst my friends and me about the orientation of other people. Usually goes something like, “He’s so attractive, and he’s even legal!” to which I reply, “And he’s also gay,” and they get upset. Ninety percent of the time, I’m right. 😏💁‍♀️😎

A couple bloggers collaborated via a one-photo “I Spy” challenge this summer, and I’m still smitten.

Lately, I’ve been wondering what “well-read” even means. In the US, it feels quite white and full of old men who are now dead. I really like #10 from this post, which equates “well-read” with it varying from person to person.

I dropped all those reading challenges I signed up for for health purposes, but I do wish I’d heard about Book Riot’s Read Harder Challenge, because I like its variety! Fingers crossed I remember to check it out for 2019.

Are straight people okay?

I knew of some major differences in availability for my international friends (Georgie, for example, re: clothes and shipping to Australia), but reading international book blogs has made me realize the difference is much bigger than I thought.

Shameless plug.~ I started a Tapas novel called Wyndalia Tells All. I am sharing this thing I dabbled in two years ago. It’s probably gonna be trash, but 40 episodes total are planned and it seems like good practice in terms of getting used to sharing my fictional stories with other people. Props to Georgie for the name; I couldn’t let the name go. It’s a slow-burn lesbian love story, if you’re into that kind of thing.

Until next time.~

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