Laundry day, high school nemesis (don’t judge a book by its cover)

Today is kind of “laundry day”. I define a day “laundry day” when I’m doing my laundry. I don’t really enjoy doing it, but it has to be done, and in a way it’s sometimes a relaxing chore for me. I think this is because [as long as you keep up with it] you can continue to go about your day like you usually do/get other things done/etc. and it not be a constant. Something my mother taught me[1. Not literally, by the way.] growing up is that laundry doesn’t have to be a constant thing like she had. Okay, so in a house of six you may have to wash a load of clothes everyday, putting all of the whites aside to be washed at the end of the week, but I think (and believe) that if you do not procrastinate about it that it doesn’t have to be a “constant”.

I also believe that children should have chores they need to do daily because I think this helps them in the long run. And in a household of three kids [now, anyway] who are old enough to do a little around the house each day, I think it should be required. In the end, wouldn’t it help the parent out even more anyway? I can say that it is a “constant” to transform your kids’ schedule(s) into one that includes chores if they’re not used to that. And I can’t say that I think all kids need it, but I think that the majority do (you know, because some kids are just born helpers somehow).

But that’s really not the point of this post. Long story short, I’ve learned a lot from what I went through and dealt with growing up. If you bump into me on the sidewalk, at the store, at school, at the park – anywhere – I’ll probably come off as rude and/or mental because I a) don’t smile a lot, b) be stuttering out an apology, c) won’t really know what to do or d) all of the above, plus some more.

It really disgusts me when I come across a blog post talking about how the blogger (A) and blogger’s friend (B) keeping seeing creepy guy (C) who has some disabilities (I’m guessing why they labeled him as such, by the way), who would greet them every once in a while, comment about the clothes, etc. Personally? Screw the way a person looks. Screw what’s really going on in their heads. He probably thinks of you two as stuck up Barbie dolls who judge books by their covers.

There is always more on  the inside than on the outside. In my opinion, the dude was just trying to be nice, but you’re so stuck up and rude that you think everyone who looks a certain way is creepy…

I really don’t know how to explain it, but I’ve come across quite a lot of posts that are extremely rude. I understand that it’s their blog – that’s NOT my point. My point is that the majority of the people in the world have some fascination with judging a book by its cover, and in the end they’re just being extremely rude.

To be honest, if those bloggers met me offline, they’re just end up being like Pierce[2. This cruel kid. I seriously dreaded going to school because of him, especially Newspaper Productions. I even ended up getting out of that class (secretly) because I couldn’t handle his constant crap. There’s always something else going on with a person on the inside, especially quiet people. Talking about them right in front of them vs. talking about them behind their backs… I’d rather he talked behind my back rather than right in front of me. It hurts a lot less when you’re not there whilst they laugh and joke about you.] from high school.

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True – chores essentially teach children responsibilities and just snaps them out from being lazy people. It’s also character building, if that makes any sense.

Oddly enough, I need to do mine after I hit ‘Send’, haha.

I think it’s human nature to pass judgement on others, it’s just a few overdo it in the most rude ways. People who judge do frequently are probably those who rarely or never do chores.

I will have to have a laundry day when I start university in September. I’ve never really thought about things like this before, living with my parents, but I’ll have to do it, even if I can’t be bothered haha!

My parents never gave me chores when I was growing up. Strangely, I wish they had. That way I would have learned to do more things around the house. I just had to keep my room tidy and tidy up after myself in the kitchen.

My parents raised all of us (4 kids) to respect them and do what they say when they say, so they gave us each a designated chore, and we were to do it every day without complaint. We might of sometimes complained and said that it was unfair that they do nothing while we do everything, but in reality, they still cook, clean, do the laundry, shop, and work for us. The chores teach us discipline and we never get paid for it because whatever we need they provide, so I guess we’ve come out pretty well-rounded kids. I think chores without paying are needed in a household…or else your kids turn out to be lazy and disrespectful. lol Just my biased opinion, though.
And I’ve never really come across a mean blog post. Most people on the Web that I interact with are pretty civil.
I’ve met a guy like that cruel kid. He was in two of my classes for a whole year. It was living hell for me. I managed to dodge him whenever possible, but occasionally I had to speak to him. I can’t believe there are people like that in the world, and I just DON’T UNDERSTAND how they can be so cruel!! It bothers me…

Yes! I did comment on my friend’s blogs before I opened my site haha. But now I do have a site.
Thanks about the heads up on Allie. I was wondering if she spoke another language or something because I sure couldn’t understand it lol
OMG I do the same thing with looking at the comments of other bloggers on my friends’ blogs! haha! It’s a common way to meet new people I guess!
Yeah, I’m trying to still balance my social and academic life, thanks for the luck! haha
I’m a junior this year, so senior year’s in two years. haha Hopefully junior year with the ACT will go by fast?
But I don’t know if senior year will go by fast because before they allowed third trimester to not count at all in grades, but they just recently changed it so it’s gonna suck for my grade. T_T
Nice meeting you! Thanks for the comment! (:

@Thuyy, I didn’t take the ACT/SAT. I don’t know about other states, but it’s not required to take in high school in the state of Texas unless you’re going to a university. Since I’m starting out with community college, I can take either/both when I get to a point where I’ll be transferring to a university. xD

Yeah, it bothers me, too. P:

@Liza, Oh, that’s cool. I’m jealous xD The ACT’s a big deal over here in Michigan.

@Thuyy, Haha, awh. Well maybe the fact that I was a sophomore/junior my 11th year and a junior/senior my 12th year. Yes… It’s as confusing as it sounds. I could blog about it sometime… It’s actually an interesting story. 😛

As a kid, I had very few chores to do, but I think that I turned out okay. I have a few bad memories that resulted from my parents thinking I wasn’t doing enough chores, and me wondering why I never got asked to do them. In the end, nobody was abusive, so we are all okay. But I think I’ll try to do better than my parents, keeping in mind what they did, when it’s my turn to have kids.

It’s amazing how much people judge by appearance – I have to retrain myself mentally to keep myself from doing it – and I’m proud of the fact that I’ve got the mind to do so. Most of the blogs in my blogging circle do not have that sort of rudeness, and I’m really really happy that I don’t run into it often.

@Stephanie, I don’t really know if I even have a “blogging circle”; my bloggy friends are kind of all over the place, and they’re all kind of totally different from each other. P:

My mom & lard complained about how “no one helps out”, yet my mom would always do things, I’d try to help, lard sat on his ass all day making everyone miserable, Chris would try to help as well… It was all manipulation slash guilt tripping. I have learned to not parent that way when I do have kids, whether I adopt or am actually able to have my own.

I really agree with the first part of your post (even though it wasn’t the point of your post — I tend to do that a lot as well!). I understand that a lot of women especially feel it’s their job as mothers to do all the chores, perhaps out of guilt or whatever, but parents that really think hard about raising children who will go on to becoming healthy and well-adjusted adults, it’s important for them to be assigned chores. I didn’t grow up doing too many chores when I was younger (I had an older sister for that 🙂 but when she moved out, more of the chores were passed on to me. I’m now grateful for it, because it’s instilled in me responsibility. I don’t feel entitled to anything because I know if I want anything I have to work for it.

I’ve noticed that the people who judge others based on looks do so as a way to compensate how they truly feel about themselves. If you’re content with your life, you’d have no reason to make others feel bad. I was teased a lot when I was younger, but I now I understand why. It’s wasn’t about me necessarily. I just wish people would think before they do or say anything… it would help a lot of matters in life 🙂

BTW, thanks for your comment. I’m really glad I found your blog 🙂

I agree, kids should have chores. Like you said, it helps out the parent and it also teaches them reposibility. We kind of dub Saturday as our general ‘spring cleaning day’ 🙂 always have and still do.

Oh, people really should not judge people no matter what. It says a lot about a person’s own personality if they judge so easily, No one deserves to be given a label or whatever when someone hardly knows them.
Though, I feel we are all guilty of judging someone at some point – it’s just a part of being human.

@Michelle, I agree. But it’s also frustrating when a person continuously continues to judge someone when they don’t even know them. I don’t know; I guess I just keep thinking it would change as time went on… especially if one doesn’t even talk to that person. P:

I do believe that children should have chores. BUT those chores shouldn’t be “doing all of the adults work” of keeping the house clean. I used to love help mom wash the dishes (before dishwasher) or help loading and unloading the dishwasher when we had one. Or just vacuum the house or cut the grass. It wasn’t a “chore” in a way that I had to do those everyday or even every week. But sometimes.

Agreed! I know there’s a difference between making your children into maids and giving them chores. When chores go that far, I call it child abuse, although I don’t know how to explain that form. It’s basically teaching the kids that it’s okay to have kids and then be lazy as parents. Yeah, a great example of bad parenting.