Let’s Discuss Project Crap

I sign myself up for too many projects at once. I have great ideas for them, but I want to finish them all at the same time and not have to wait on them to be finished. And I tell people about them, and that adds pressure. I grew up on impulse actions and having to analyze every situation possible, so the behavior carried on.

I think that’s why I have so many domains. Honestly, if lard hadn’t purchased my previous domain name with the intention of harassing me, I would actually release a few of my domains. But the money, for some reason, was wasted in an attempt to do whatever psychotic bullshit action, so I don’t. I’d rather it have gone to some Peek-a-Boo! porn site.

Anyway, I have decided I’m fine with the categories and tags as they are now. I took away the “Reads” page because I couldn’t settle on a look for it that would work with themes I use and as I added new ones. I still have the randomly rotating blogroll widget rolling about, so I decided that it’s enough, and also not too big of a deal.

I changed my email from “hey[+]lizalawson.com” to “iam” at my .me domain, and I’m going to be using that one from now one. Obviously, it’ll be a habit to break and a habit to start, but I’ll get there eventually.

Speaking of eventually, I’m going to rewrite my 25 Before 25. I have made many changes since I made it that interfere with many of the things I’d like to cross off before my twenty-fifth birthday, and I’m wanting to change my priorities with it a bit so they’re more realistic with what I really want for myself rather than what people expect me to want in life and for myself.

As for my other .me domain, I keep saying I’ll be using it more, but I don’t. Therefore, I’m going to try to use it more, and hopefully I’ll get into the habit of doing so. I’ve also started a bundle of what’s shared on the site from here on out, but I can’t promise I’ll remember to use it and/or continue to add to it.

On another note, I’m no longer tagging “family” on posts just because lard is discussed in them. I created a new tag to include him in, along with all other people in general.

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You probably won’t be able to finish all your projects at the same time, but I always look forward to new things my blogging buddies put out on the Internet, and await each of their releases.

Is lard stalking each of your domain names to see if they’ll be up for grabs? I wonder if there’s a way for you to release it into the wild, but not into a place that’s easy to find, like the NameCheap marketplace. The other way around all this would be to give them to people who might want them. Let’s hope that lard won’t harass you in that way ever again!

@Stephanie, Ah, I suppose I could do that. To be honest, in September I blocked anything that would have to do with him before I just didn’t care anymore, so I don’t know. But blah.

…but if he does, it proves even further how creepily obsessed he is with me.

I love the idea of the 25 Before 25 and I’m happy you decided to make it more about what YOU want achieve rather than what everyone expects. Take it from me, who certainly never did what everyone EXPECTS people to do before 25, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

I have a simpler habit of starting too many projects and then struggling to finish them.

You are a little difficult at times to keep up with due to all the changing, but you also are very helpful because you tend to let us all know what’s going on. Rather than leave us to try and find you again.