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Forgot to publish before my shower. P:

I feel like writing, but not blogging. I have a feeling of how I want something to go, but it’s rather difficult actually making it work because of my problem with getting the right words out. I’m also considering creating a theme for SL to be displayed during the winter, using white and turquoise and grey. And jQuery. To show the entries in a cool manner that I really like. If I can figure it out. Or is that completely impossible with WordPress? And if it’s not, would it be a bad idea? I just have to figure out how to make the page that shows the entries look different from the actual page.php and single.php pages. Oh, yeah. Sooo easy. Not.

I might use it on the forms for said mini TCG as well depending on whether it 1) works properly and/or 2) causes a problem or not. 😛 So far I’ve set up 4 of the games that are not already automatic to update every two weeks, and I’m still trying to figure out the 4 in 1 game since it has 4 text boxes and all. Supposedly it is possible, but I’ve not felt brave enough to figure it out yet. 😛 At least I finally figured out the profile part. I’m still figuring out the dang birthdays.

Anyway, I really hate my freaking glasses right now. I hate the dang dots that decide to pop up – from anything. Whether you’ve just cleaned them with a clean cloth or not, there’s going to be a dot from SOMETHING, and no matter what the heck you do to try to get the dang thing off, it’s not going to work. I think I’ve always hated my glasses, though. I can no longer wear contacts because of the birth control pills[1. Go back and do some reading rather than asking.]. I can rarely get it all fixed up. It’s very frustrating. >.> I mean, it’s like at various random times the dots somehow get trapped inside of the glass and then pop up on the other side. Like, what the in world?

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I’d imagine that it’s possible and not a bad idea. WordPress has a wide variety of users, so it’s programmed in a way that makes it possible to customize in many ways, though the customization isn’t always easy. But in the case that I might be able to help you a bit, what do you mean by “page that shows the entries”?

And out of curiosity, what do your birth control pills do that make it so that you can’t wear contacts? Forgive me if you’ve mentioned it before in a previous post.

I mean the index.php page. I need to figure out how I can fix that up and make it look different from the other pages. It’d be easier if it was possible to have 2 headers/footers. Although I guess I could keep those the same. I should probably draw it out, though, before I lose my visual. P:

I don’t know what the birth control pills do; it’s apparently just a side effect. They change your eyes. I just looked it up though, and I found something on Yahoo! Answers. :p