Life Update #6

I figured I owe you guys an update on what has happened since my last update, especially since some things have changed.

  1. I went allergy-free. Earlier this year I had an allergy test and learned what all I am allergic to. Although I had said that I’d still be eating some things I’m allergic to, I haven’t been doing this as much. I’ve actually cut back almost completely, with the exception of having things like cheese and chips and whatnot on occasion. Grandmama made some no-bake nut-free chocolate chip granola bars for me recently, and they are really good. I also have a recipe for homemade granola we can make that we can put various seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc.) in. I cough less, and I feel slightly better allergy-wise now that I lack a lot of allergy foods from my diet.
  2. I finished off the jar of Sunbutter and am now onto Wowbutter. Wowbutter is a lot creamier than the Sunbutter was. I went through the Sunbutter rather quickly. In terms of taste, Sunbutter wins. In terms of price, Wowbutter wins. Sunbutter is cheaper online, so perhaps I could find some people to co-buy it with me via Amazon. In stores, Sunbutter is $8-$9 for a 16oz jar; Wowbutter is $3-$4. Wowbutter is made from soy nuts. It tastes kind of like peanut butter, but the smell is… odd. For future references: I want Sunbutter for Christmas and my birthday.
  3. I’m learning how to crochet. Grandmama crochets, and when Bri and I were younger, she would teach us how. Unfortunately, I always forgot. Now, I am learning again. I want to make Ezra a little animal and give him one each year for his birthday, which is in August. My dad and Kimily chose Noah’s Ark as the theme of his room, so a crocheted animal will fit in nicely. 🙂 If I get good enough, I’ll open an Etsy shop for them.
  4. I’m so bored. I’m so bored with food because I’m so allergic to so much, and I’m running out of variety. Slowly, I’m finding foods I can have have and eat. It simply takes a ton of time.
  5. I might start an allergy-free food blog. It’s so difficult for me to find nut-free, dairy-free, mold-free and yeast-free recipes! There’s always at least one thing I’m allergic to in the recipes that I find. The granola bars I have to snack on currently contain chocolate, which contains mold and yeast, as well as dairy depending on which kind you use. Thus, when I think about how others with allergies like mine find foods they can eat, I realize that maybe it’s not so easy for them, either. What better way to share my converted recipes with everyone than to have an actual food blog dedicated to allergy-free recipes? I have a domain name in mind for it; I’m just a bit stubborn to actually start this project because it would need a theme that I’m too lazy to figure out how to make how I want, and if I make it myself I’ll get tired of it way too quickly like I do with all of the other themes I make on my own since I spend SO much time working on said theme (hence why I pay for my blog’s themes now). Hi.
  6. I finally updated Flight. It’s a MyTCG hack that allows TCG owners to update their TCG right from the admin panel rather than them having to login to Cutenews, FanUpdate, Fusion News, etc. It also uses the same database and comes with smilies pixeled by yours truly. 😉

I’m really looking forward to catching up on the blogs in my feed! I have 79 and counting (counting from those of you who blog daily, thanks). I really do enjoy reading other’s blogs and commenting them; it’s nice. I hope to be caught up soon. :3

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Comments on this post

I feel like you should just look up a bunch of vegan recipes since you’re allergic to dairy. A lot of the recipes may have nuts or something, but there are just so many recipes out there that shouldn’t have them. I’m not telling you to go vegan, just look up vegan recipes & add your choice of meat to it at the end to complete the meal!

Crocheting looks really hard! I know how to knit, but haven’t attempted crocheting. Good luck with that. 😀

I’ve never crochet but so many people are nowadays and I love the things you can make! You must show us some of your creations!

I will definitely send you pictures of the book I mentioned in my last email to you soon! And, I think that you should read the book I mentioned because while it doesn’t give you allergy-free recipes, it tells you a lot about how different ingredients mix together and different cooking methods so it would actually help you be creative with your cooking and with your food.

I can’t wait to see what you manage to crochet!

That sucks that you have to avoid a lot of foods, but I’m glad you’re feeling better allergy-wise at least! I think running an allergy-free food blog would be really useful to a lot of people. Sometimes when I bake goodies for work, I make gluten-free versions for a few coworkers and gluten-free blogs were helpful to read. I’d like to try dairy and egg free ones next.

My mom is addicted to crocheting animals right now! I hope you’ll post photos of ones you make later 🙂 I love looking at things people crochet.

Good luck with cutting back on the foods you can’t eat. I can’t imagine the intense difficulty in finding a food that doesn’t contain all of that stuff! Sometimes, you gotta make your own food in order to know what they really contain besides relying on the label. It’s great that you learned what you have to avoid eating for a step into a better health. I have never heard of Sunbutter or Wowbutter before but they sound tasty!

Congratulations on the newest release on Flight!

Start an allergy free blog. That is a very unique idea. I haven’t dropped by a blog that features food recipes for those with allergies. 😀

Oh, and I haven’t tried crochet and don’t really plan on learning. Haha. I suck at those things. I tried cross-stitch more than ones and never got to finish any of them. >.<

PS. I edited the blog post now. You can see my ootd now. haha. Thanks for the heads up. 🙂

Sounds lke you’re busy! I can’t wait to see your food blog! <3<3

Have a great evening.

Woot! I’ve never crocheted, but I’ve knitted and it’s really fun to make things. Good luck with making your little bro a cute animal! It would be awesome if you opened up an Etsy store 😀

It’s cool that you went allergy-free, I think it takes a lot of effort and willpower so kudos! I need to keep a food diary or something; I might not have allergies, but I have a lot of migraines and I’m not sure what triggers them. It might be boring to limit your diet, but if it’s for your good health, it’s worth it 🙂