Life Update #7

Instead of writing multiple posts, here’s what’s currently going on:

  1. I ate a damn Nutter Bar. I used to love them, but eating one package of them (has 2 inside) wasn’t the same as it used to be. Maybe this is why I think peanut butter stinks now. Wowbutter smells like peanut butter, and it supposedly tastes just like it as well, and I can’t stand it because of that. Sunbutter smells like sunflower seeds, and perhaps that’s why I don’t mind it. If you’re wondering, I did have difficulty breathing, and I used my inhaler for such. I’m now itchy as can be all over. That will officially have been my last dose of anything with nuts. I’m not really willing to risk my life for stupid nuts. (Which means that someone needs to make a nut-free Snickers bar ASAP.)
  2. I called and scheduled a counseling appointment. And I wish someone had done that for me rather than making me “take responsibility and call”. Because doing that for me is harder than it may seem. Also, when someone calls for themselves/admits themselves, they aren’t taken as seriously as someone who another admitted/called in for. Calling for help on your own is really hard. Admitting you need help is hard, too. When health and mental illness is involved, it shouldn’t be up to that individual to get help on their own. It’s not a responsibility to them, but a responsibility to you to stop telling them the risks and what will happen if they don’t and instead to intervene and get them the help they need to stop that! I was told the risks of eating disorders, but all that makes me do is not care, especially since, “once it starts, you can’t stop the side effects”.
    My point: I could have gotten help sooner.
  3. Straight Talk’s $45 plan includes tax that is almost $10. In other words, it’s totally not like what I was expecting. I should have just stuck with Virgin Mobile USA with their shitty customer service because at least their billing site works and isn’t shit. …AND their tax is below $5. Because of this, I was afraid I had a much lower amount in my bank account left over from after I paid my phone bill this month. When I realized I have more than I thought I did, I did a little happy dance. :p
  4. I got a haircut. It’s much shorter than I’m used to, but it should grow out faster now. Commencing the journey to side swept bangs and longer layered hair! I need to get some more cute bow barrettes.

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[…] sick of Virgin Mobile USA thinking they’re being helpful but not, Avon not helping me when I need help and not […]

I’m glad you called and made an appointment with a counselor. Admitting that you need help is hard enough, but going to GET the help can be even harder. When my husband hit a very low point in early 2012, I made an appointment for him, drove him there, and accompanied him into the office — and yes, spoke to the doctor on his behalf when he froze up or looked to me for help. And he did the same for me this past spring. I’m sorry that you didn’t have someone to do that for you, but I’m glad that you ARE getting help.

And yay for a haircut! I got mine done recently as well… took off the split ends and damaged bits left over from my hot pink hair days, and I have long layers. Woot.

Nutty Bars look damn good actually! haha I can’t believe I’ve never had one seeing as I am literally the queen of snacks. I’d love to see if someone can make a nut-less Snickers bar, but what exactly is a Snickers bar without the peanuts?!

I will admit, I don’t know much firsthand about having a mental illness/the situation of needing to call a counselor, so I don’t have much to say, but good on you. I only wish that the people around you had been more supportive.

Yay for money you thought you no longer have, but actually still do!!

And haircuts. Sounds good! 🙂

I saw the picture of your new haircut on Twitter, and I think that I like it! I’ve seen side-swept bangs work on people with facial structures similar to your’s.

I’m not sure how things work in Texas, but taxes are always proportional to your monthly plan. So the more expensive your plan, the higher your tax. However, that’s a steep tax that is even too high for California! I’m very surprised, given state stereotypes, that it would exist in Texas.

I hope that your counseling appointment goes well! I’m glad that you found the strength to make the appointment yourself, though I agree that it would have been better for a family member to call. I’ll also say that I have made not-incredibly-serious appointments with counselors in the past, and they took me very seriously. They didn’t think I was urgent, because there really wasn’t anything urgent up, but they definitely took me seriously and helped me.

1. Arrrrh. Stupid nuts, stop being so nutty… Yay, I am lame. ^^
2. When you have to make that call it is so hard, I wish that other people would understand that. I also agree that they don’t take you as seriously. It is pretty stupid. They usually assume that things have just started being a certain way because you called them and don’t believe your history. Eh.
3. /zzz
4. Awesome! Sometimes it’s nice to have a change. I cut my hair too, feels like all the annoys. 😀

I’m glad you were finally able to make the appointment <3 I hope s/he'll be a great fit for you.
I really wish I could do something with my hair.
So many people seem to manage to do such amazing things with their hair, no matter the length… One of these days, I want to get up enough courage to do those really really short cropped/pixie looks… But I'm always too scared and default back to boring cuts. Q_Q

Wowbutter, for me, is problematic because I hate soy replacements. Plus too much soy isn’t great for people in general. That’s why, like you, I’m a Sunbutter nut (no pun intended…or maybe it was?? ^^; ) I would love to see a new photo of your hair! I think side bangs would look really nice on you.

As for your counseling appointment, I’m glad you were able to get an appointment and help yourself, but you’re right, it’s so important to have a support network of people who can help you get help.

I don’t like anything with nuts in. My mum always buys cheap versions of Snickers and I always end up having to spit the nuts out. But for some reason I still eat them.

I need a hair cut. I had to get rid of my layers last time I got it cut, ’cause my sister was doing it for her college course and she didn’t feel ready to do layers yet. And I didn’t want to risk having no hair left.

It’s good that you were brave enough to call yourself – that can’t have been easy. I get nervous just calling to book a driving lesson, so I can’t imagine what that must have been like. I hope the counselling appointment goes well for you.

I cringe every time I sit down and there’s dirt all over the bus seat, and find myself wanting to move if someone coughs near me. I once sat down and the seat was wet (it had been raining) and then went straight back home to change my jeans just in case it wasn’t just rain water that was on me. Public transport is awful.


Side swept bangs + long hair = the best. I need a haircut also.

@Sabrina, I’ve never been able to have it because hair peoples always messed it up. 😐 I’m hoping this time I will be able to!