Links à la Carte Vol. 2

It’s kind of obvious that I have been changing some major things on 6birds (i.e. no sidebar picture, no buttons under the categories). I’ll explain why I did later. 🙂

I was going to use Roman numerals for these, but the numerical form I grew up with is the easiest… no matter how pretty Roman numerals are!

Now to stalking archives like I always tend to do…

…and now it’s time for YOU to maybe provide me with a simple oatmeal cookie recipe! No nuts, no dairy products, no cinnamon, no brown sugar. If there are 0 eggs, that’s even better! If it’s peanut butter oatmeal, then OKAY. I can just use Sunbutter instead. I’ve been craving some soft/chewy oatmeal cookies lately, but finding recipes for them that I can easily accommodate is really difficult. (For example, I recently made flourless, egg-free and dairy-free sunflower seed butter cookies that used sugar, Sunbutter and a banana. They did NOT turn out good.)

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The friendship bracelet and the beaded bracelet entries look so interesting….. I’m very so tempted…. XD
I’d love to help you in your journey for recipes, but unfortunately, I only manage to cause disasters in the kitchen…. 8’D

Thanks for including my post, lovely! Can’t wait to stroll through a bunch of these!

Belle xo

I wouldn’t sell or buy used underwears… I can’t believe how people would actually go through that (buying used underwear, that is). Oreo-stuffed cupcakes look delicious! I hope it tastes as good as it looks. Are you okay with eating pineapples? Maybe a variation of pineapple bread can work out :o!

Your desk definitely looks neater than mine. I have sticky notes everywhere! I do agree that pretending to be happy is easier (and better) in some situations. It really sucks to do that, but it’s for the best; like in situations where you’re stuck sitting next to someone legitimately awful for a semester.

I agree with the post about why you shouldn’t buy beaded jewelry. It’s so much cheaper to make them at home if you have the time for it. I have seen people selling kandi bracelets (bracelets people use at raves) for a couple of dollars while you can make one for a couple of cents. You’re practically paying for the “labor”. Those friendship bracelets look pretty cool! I want to try it out :P.

I thought stores always sold colorful notebook paper! The only use I could find for it us writing cute stuff/letters with it.

As for giving you a simple oatmeal cookie recipe… I don’t eat cookies or know how to bake to begin with :(. I can give you a sushi recipe instead XD. But really, good luck with finding that recipe!

@Nancy, I can have pineapple, but it depends on the other ingredients that are in it! :p

This is a really cool post. It was interesting to read all the things you stumbled upon. If I read more blogs than what I do, I would for sure do a post like this!

Sadly, I am unable to provide you with the recipe you desire. 🙁

I think Roman numerals are elegant, and they aren’t that difficult to follow. =)

HA, so I’m not the only one who stalks archives! Maybe one of these days I’ll do an archive stalkage of my friends and post it, but then people will probably think I’m creepy.