Links à la Carte Vol. 4

I’ve not done one of these in a really long time, and I’ve found some pretty cool links and have been too lazy to add them to this posting tag/series/stuff/etc. I’m finally on one page of drafts, which means that I’ve almost gotten rid of them all! This is one of them, but I haven’t touched it again until now, 7 October.

A while back I came across the nerd version of Blurred Lines. I didn’t understand all of it, but it was enjoyable.

If you love to read and want some free books, try Book Sneeze or O’Reilly. You’ll get books in return for reviews.

Graze USA opened invitations again! Using my friendcode, you can get your 1st and 5th box free! I only have three left, however. They added new snacks, so I decided to take advantage and get another one since I’d postponed it for a while. 🙂

I’ve fallen in love with a new blog![1. Er, new to me.] This happens rarely for blogs and I in this genre, but her site doesn’t seem as surreal as other frugal sites I find since it’s lacking in giveaways every day/week/etc. Anyways, she’s obviously a lover of potatoes like I am, because she has potato recipes!

Speaking of frugal stuff, a year ago I found an entire forum thread dedicated to meals that are $5 or less.

And speaking of food, I’m going to try to make a simplified version of this refried beans tostada.

Even though I’m not able to handle the pressure and criticism a workplace may have, I’ve been looking for ways to make money with the skills I have. In doing so, I found a list of higher-paid freelance blogging gigs that led me to Listverse, a blog that pays $100 per article submitted and accepted. They even have a list of tips for you. :*

  • Learn how to take better #foodstagram photos! Here are some props tips to match!
  • It’s meem, not me me. There’s just some kind of great pleasure I get from proving people wrong from two years ago that’s just so satisfying!
  • No one ever believes me when I say chocolate is actually good for the body. I dislike chocolate most of the time, but meh. But candy? And cake for breakfast?! I thought that was just a thing my Kansas grandmother did for kicks. Apparently not.
  • Social icons & trademarks: WHY SO PICKY?!

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Thanks so much for sharing these links! I am definitely going to check out a couple of them, and possibly even register. 😀 I have been wanting to receive some free books.

Wow, it was such a bad coincidence that your blog was the last one I planned to read tonight before sleeping. I say that because so many of the links you posted interested me and now i’ve opened up a wad of new tabs… how am i going to get to sleep……….. Thanks though. Often people do a link-post and I just yawn.

Hey that is a cool blog you posted! I so want to make some homemade pizza and soup.