lost but not forgotten

I found a few letters to various bloggers/websites/people/etc. I’ll post these over time. It’s mostly just me getting my thoughts out. 🙂 I’m putting it into my “Memes” category. Enjoy! 🙂

Dear Blogger,

Your blog is nice; your blog is lovely. However, I haven’t much time to comment on it because I’m in a rush, so I’ll come back later. Also, I’m not on my own computer at the moment, so I might as well just forget I even read your post. I mean, the chances of me remembering your URL later on are highly slim.

But you’re not missing out anything, you know? These are all just some thoughts happening in my head… It isn’t like your tab on this desktop is closed at all… But isn’t it? It is, and I’m really thinking of pressing CTRL + H to allow me to see your URL once again. It was a simple one, indeed, but my memory is poor.

I don’t have paper, either. I would have to go and look for a piece. I would have to get up and find a pen – something I just don’t have the energy to do right now.

I hope we meet again someday,


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Comments on this post

Very sweet idea 🙂

I had to smile when I read that. It was too cute! But so true. Half the blogs I find I read a few posts. Maybe make a comment and then plan to come back later. And it gets lost in the shuffle. Sometimes I never find their site again and sometimes I stumble upon it again later when least expected. Sometimes it’s a really pleasant surprise. BTW your blog is one of those lol 🙂

Haha, that happened to you with my blog before? That’s … kind of cool! 😛

I use my WP “links”/”blogroll” thing specifically for my bookmarks, but I don’t display them publicly anymore because “Food Porn”, a tumblog with pictures of all types of delicious-looking foods causes too much of a commotion. 😛 I’ll also sometimes put them into a block quote in a blog post with the label “Bookmarked” or “Bookmark”. It just seems so much easier to find them at ANY time when it’s stored someplace online in an area I can easily get into. 😛

I hate it when I come across a nice website and realize later on that I’ve completely forgotten the URL! It even happens to me with non-blogging websites. Sometimes I do eventually come across the same website again. 🙂

This is a nice layout, btw. 🙂

The layout is from the WP update. 😛 It’s “Twenty Eleven”.

I find it hard to remember everyone’s URL as well, I always try but it becomes different. I end up just using my history :P, but since you’re using another computer you probably can’t do that haha.

I wasn’t using my own computer when I had came across that blog, no. Haha. 😛

That’s fun! lol I kind of do that too except I tweet responses to blogs or websites I come across. Especially if the blog annoys me. XD Neat idea for blogging though!

o.o I’m kind of really confused. 🙁

I’m sorry. What is so confusing? :

I’m sort of lost on the tweeting responses to blogs? Heh. :/ Sorry, I’m slow. P: