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Do you trust that if you do what you love, the money will follow? Why or why not?

I think that it depends on what you’re doing: Are you doing something that could somehow result to making money? A painter could paint a thousand paintings and give them all away for free, thus never making any money from it. I think that we have to take what we love and do it in a way that we can also make money.

How have you stepped into your own worth — or why are you resistant to it?

I don’t really believe that I have worth. I don’t know my self worth, and I lack the confidence. I’m broken again.

What’s your biggest roadblock to feeling that you’re getting what you’re worth?

I lack confidence. I used to think that I really was worth something. I hold myself back unintentionally, and people inadvertently put down my beliefs and make me feel like shit for having them. For example, if I say that I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, there are at least five people who will tell me that it’s a fact that everything happens for a reason. My beliefs are my own.

How have you attracted more money into your life?

Literally, I haven’t. Metaphorically, I have a lot of money.

What’s your personal declaration around money?

Money isn’t everything. The world focuses on money so much: Do you have a job? Did you pay your bills? It’s our currency. However, money does not determine whether one is rich. I’m rich because I have a blog and have been blogging for three consecutive years, and my blog has many readers whom I value. That makes me feel rich. Definition 5 from Merriam-Webster defines money as “persons or interests possessing or controlling great wealth”. Money can mean wealth, and wealth can mean a variety of things.

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Out of curiosity was this questionnaire asking about literal, or figurative, money?

I found lately that people (no matter how much I love or care about them) have an extremely tendency to judge others on a belief that may be unfounded. It’s impossible to prove that everything happens for a reason, just like it’s impossible to prove that God exists. I personally don’t want to believe that everything happens for a reason. I don’t want to think that there was a God that created earthquakes that further damaged impoverished areas as punishment. Your beliefs are fine, I promise! (Ok, I’ll stop this tangent.)

And you are definitely worth a lot! I know for sure that the people at HostClearly value your help!

@Stephanie, I think it’s how you take it, but I think that a lot of people took it literally.

I think it depends on what you’re doing too, and sometimes money takes away some of that enjoyment. I like getting paid to develop software, but I think if I were paid to take photos, I wouldn’t enjoy it as much anymore. There’s so much more expectations of you when you’re paid. It’s why I stopped freelancing in webdesign, because it just wasn’t fun anymore when the design was paid for.

I totally agree that the world focuses on money too much. It is needed for a lot of things, but the amount you have doesn’t determine how happy you are and how rich you feel in your life. I like your view that wealth isn’t limited to just money 🙂

I have to always remind myself that money doesn’t bring happiness, and it’s good that you have this perspective. The funny thing about self-worth is that it’s supposed to be what you think of yourself, but so many outside people can influence it. I am scared because I think my confidence is based off of other people’s opinions of me, and I feel that that is very dangerous @.@ You are very successful with your blog and it’s good to know you are aware of that, acknowledge its wealth, and are proud of it 🙂

I loved this line of your post: “I think that we have to take what we love and do it in a way that we can also make money.”

That fits you to a tee — practical, but with a dash of hope and belief in “love.” :~)

I totally agree on wealth could mean many things. And I love your phrase on the painter giving away paintings for free.

I know all of these are the right way of living. But maybe im old and have a lot of bills to pay. I feel we should earn enough to live a comfortable living. Like work hard for a year, and really spend on that one week holiday – a temporary blissfulness, before working hard again.

Im still trying to find out what is more important. Money or Happiness.
I mean, money can also give happiness.

Money only has the value it does in the world because of the trust we put into it!

Essentially just pieces of paper or cheap alloys stamped, but because we put so much trust in it, they are inflated in their value.
It’s such an interesting concept.

I wish to be “rich” in the sense of having done things that make a difference and having a purpose in life, rather than being money rich. Our family has money, and my father makes a good sum of money, but neither of my parents are happy with their lives, and my father is rarely ever home (like literally- he’s gone on business trips at least 3 weeks out of 4 so he doesn’t have to be home). My mother can buy whatever she pleases if she’d wanted, but she really doesn’t, and she just remains unhappy about her life and marriage, because she doesn’t really want things like new technology or new toys (she’s pretty much content with stuff she already has that she’s comfortable with). Money really can’t buy happiness, though it can buy you many things that you might think will make you happy. And it’s got to be the worst feeling when you work so hard to be rich to find that it doesn’t actually make you happy….