Miniature site update, in a list

List time!

And also just because I feel like it.


  • Don’t really remember much now.
  • I think I blogged, or something.
  • Or not.
  • No, didn’t blog.
  • Did work on Dehlu, though. Can’t figure out if I want to make it completely PHP or not. Sad, right? If I do make it PHP, it could consist of only one file if I wanted it to… In the long run, it may be so totally worth it, even if updating via FTP is oftentimes a much larger pain than anything else.


  • Wrote quite a lengthy blog post on 6birds that was long overdue. It was nice and refreshing, though.
  • Made a new Twitter account. This one is public, and I’m using “Sarah Lawson” rather than “Liz(a) Lawson”. I have my reasons for it.
  • Okay, so I decided that maybe I bore my followers with interesting news stuff, so I made a new one where I can put pretty much whatever I want – but it has no reason to be private.
  • Updated my blogs to the latest version of WP
  • Attempted to fix Dashes‘ color scheme. Still not favoring the link colors (minus the purple in table located on just the updates page). Ugh.
  • I wish I had one of those pretty blogs with pretty things and happy topics. I need to get to that place again.

Yeah, boring life, I know.

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