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A lot of bloggers I used to connect with are either gone (i.e. domain expired, account suspended, haven’t updated for a year or more, etc.), forwarded their domain to their Twitter/ accounts or use their domain for their Tumblr. I’m stuck here not paying too much attention to the date said post was last posted after coming across five or less blogs lacking dates on their posts, only to notice right before I comment that said most recent blog post was posted almost two years ago whilst eating low-fat pretzels (less salt) and drinking water – even though I can so easily picture myself drinking tea and eating biscuits and doing this during brunch hour[1. It’s a long story, and no… I can’t really explain it. It’s something from middle school, and it was so hilarious. Had nothing to do with blogging, but a lot to do with snobby rich people.]. However, I don’t like tea. And biscuits, though not literal biscuits like from breakfast, are only good if they are BelVita (the Oats & Honey one… yum.).

Well, gee whiz. I could have read one of my newest books I still have yet to read. I finally got around to watching The Princess Bride (purchased in January or so) and My Sister’s Keeper (purchased in March/April/I don’t remember exactly when).

Why am I doing this to myself you ask? I’m trying to pass the time. Lately my side has been hurting again, and it’s a major pain in the bum. In the past two or so days (my days are running together; bear[2. Yes, people, “bear”. Not “bare”; we’re not gonna go and get naked together… Same pronunciation, different spelling and two totally different meanings/words.] with me) I have read over thirty blogs – as in different URL’s. I realized I’m a pretty quick reader considering the time frame of my comments on Rachel’s three latest blog posts. I knew I read fast, but I didn’t know how bad it was until I actually counted the time difference between the comments. P: And I went out today; I left the house. I’m not sitting doing this all the time… I mean, I’ve also been doing some puzzles in the dining room as well. But even that hurts my side simply because it first hurts my back (which later just ends up hurting my side).

I also have a snazzy new and improved about me page, and I also rewrote my little about me blurb on my sidebar. Those two things really needed a lot of work because a) I was tired of the simplified list in my sidebar and seeing it read things that are true but not necessary to be listed and b) my about me was rather boring, and I need something people can read and sort of get a better idea of where my life is for me right now.

Anyway, it’s fun, and it’s taking my mind off the pain, even if only sometimes.

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Utterly fearless,
The Universe

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I’m so sorry your health issues are stopping you from exercising πŸ™ But you could still do weight lifting if you want that. Maybe just consult your dr or physiotherapist to know if you should think of anything regarding your knee.
I’ve had both exercise induced asthma and a bad knee. The asthma disappeared when I moved from the big city (I’ve always been sick in big cities), and the knee is still bad but it’s just some sort of meniscus thing and if I build muscles it will get better.

Oh yes, the pain of bloggers who disappear. I understand the annoyance in the blogosphere with all these “trends” and attitudes, everything is the same, people just blog for money, stats etc and don’t really care what the blog is about, I really LOVE good personal blogs with identity and a soul. Where you get to know the blogger a bit. Those blogs are VERY few these days but it all depends on what circles you move in! I’m sorry you lost so many blogger friends and I hope you’ll find some new ones.

I can’t lift weights. I can’t really even lift my sister. I already feel like I have a pack of stones for whatever resides above my ovaries. D: That was a long time ago. Now I’m just really careful. I don’t run, and I don’t really walk, like I used to because I know that if I’m careful instead that I won’t intentionally do anything that requires surgery. I have asthma. I hate it. πŸ™ It really makes those coughs from colds, flu, etc. much worse than they really are. I also have other heart & lung problems. My mom and sister have Marphan’s, and I’ve been tested for it and don’t have it. Apparently it can be caused from some other causes that happened to me as a child.

& thanks. πŸ™‚ I’m trying to find peoples. I think that bloggers who blog for the money are pretty much taking away the whole point of actual blogging It’s really frustrating, and in the end that’s all they care about. Personal blogs are better for me because the feeling and connection is usually mutual rather than one-sided. …If that makes sense?

@Liza, YES it makes sense and AMEN to what you said about people who blog for money. I wrote a post long ago about that. Some time in May I think, it was called “Let’s reclaim blogging”. Personal blogs rock, and bloggers should work towards reclaiming what blogging really is about. Sharing for the love of sharing, not for anything else. And yes, the connection sure is different when the blogger blogs for the fun of it.

I really like the color of your layout!! haha I love blue.

Ah, I feel you. Most of my friends in the blogosphere have retired as well…or just stick with Tumblr, which is NOT BLOGGING & when people actually use it as a blog, it’s clear they don’t realize what Tumblr’s usage is for…which is to share small blurbs, not to talk about the pizza you consumed today & how the mall was closed.

It’s too bad you don’t like tea. There are millions of varieties of flavors & it’s the 2nd most consumed beverage underneath water!! It’s amazing, really & it has so much history!! (not that that’s a valid reason to like or drink tea, just random facts.) I mean, if you like fruity flavors, there are fruity teas. If you’re into strong flavors, there’s black tea. There’s so much! I CAN’T IMAGINE HOW YOU COULD NOT LIKE TEA. EXPLAIN YOSELFFFFFFF. Y U NO LIKE TEA????

I love the Princess Bride!! The movie is so adorable. I haven’t seen/read My Sister’s Keeper though.

Again, I’m so sorry to hear about your health problem that is disabling your good mood & keeping you from school. But it’s summer anyway, so you have plenty of time to get better, hopefully, right? Have you tried searching bloglovin? It’s my go-to place to look for new blogs. Most of them are from the Netherlands though, but a lot of them do blog in English, I swear!! haha. Plus, you’ll get to explore more blogs that you’re more interested like food blogs or photography blogs instead of complaint blogs. You know, blogs that have structure!

At least you’ve made your time productive! Reading lists are always good to go through. & I have no idea what the last two paragraphs meant, so I guess I can’t comment on it, haha. Hope you’re keeping yourself occupied & what not!

@Tiff, YES. Tumblr IS NOT BLOGGING. I mean, I get that it’s a “tumblog” and all, but it’s more tumbling than it is actual blogging. Ugh. Too many people who tumblog say they blog when they just reblog pictures and whatnot. P: I have a Tumblr, but I reblog the things I like. πŸ˜› Too bad all of the original credits are pretty much ripped from them, though. :/

I like the Lipton Green Tea, but citrus flavored. It’s only available in bottles. Other than that, it just seems like dirty water to me. P:

I haven’t read My Sister’s Keeper, either. πŸ˜›

Bacn is email stuff you want but you don’t want to read it right now. πŸ˜‰

And I actually completely forgot about Bloglovin. I just got back on it when you mentioned it. :p I found the food blogs I’m subscribed to — and Apartment Therapy. I don’t know exactly what to search for personal-blog wise. But I do like the food bloggers who blog prettily & such (pretty photos, cute/easy recipes, etc). Thank you. :3

It’s okay. It’s not so easy explaining to someone I’m meeting why I’m not in school at the moment though because they think I’ve intentionally quit going to school (and it sucks, because that is so not the case) — and then I’m lectured. Oh what fun, fun, fun it is.

& thank you. :] The other day I shockingly found myself wishing it was pink. :O I don’t like pink… I’m really glad I told Georgie blue. She did a lovely job on it, and if it had been a different color, I don’t know if I would still like it as much. Blue is pretty. :] I didn’t think she’d use mostly all blue, though. xD I could never get it to work, but she did. (And as you can see I’m still crazy about it and rambling on and on about it and really happy about it, and that’s totally unintentional — I promise.)

I’ve noticed the recent trend in linking your domain to your tumblr recently too. If you use it to blog cool, otherwise it’s just kinda meh.

I read your About Me page. I like it :). I don’t have any offline friends either. I grew up as an introvert and had two friends in high school. We just changed so much that we had nothing in common so we parted ways. I do wish I had offline friends to hang out with sometimes though. Have coffee or something. My online friends need to live closer :P.

Kudos to starting 2012 to blogging for YOU and not for readers. People who are obsessed with comments, stats, and only making posts for their readers annoy me.

@Dez, Yeah, the whole traffic things & blogs full of “sponsors” annoy me. I actually don’t understand why/how a blog hosted freely on Blogspot/WordPress without the use of an actual domain can need sponsors to keep it running… That doesn’t make sense to me. …And it lacks any kind of personal value to it. P: I like to be able to connect with other bloggers, not know that they’re buying $500 outfits every weekend. I can’t relate to that.

Ooh, wouldn’t it be fun if online friends lived closer? πŸ˜€

Did you enjoy My Sister’s Keeper? I remember reading it many years ago and loving the book. I still haven’t seen the movie because I heard that the director made some very major changes to the plot, against the author’s wishes.

I like your new About me page! I think that in a while, you’ll realize that it is no longer applicable to you, and change it again. πŸ˜€

@Stephanie, I’ve never read it, but the movie was quite sad. It made me cry. P: I would, however, like to read the book. I enjoy watching movies and reading their books and comparing them (usually reading the book before watching the movie). πŸ˜› There are usually so many differences. Because of Winn-Dixie is my childhood favorite, but I refuse to watch the movie because the movie takes literally everything I saw as I read it and turns it into a girl with crazy hair and a dog that just… Ugh. The movie makes me mad because it ruined the imagination I had as a child. I would always see it the same way every time I read it, and to me the movie is wrong because that’s not the way I pictured it in my head… If that makes any sense.

Dear John the movie is extremely different from the book. I liked the movie better, though. Although it seemed like the events happened out of order to me.

I know what you mean about your friends disappearing from blogs. I hardly know anyone in the blogging world anymore. It sucks, but I wanna get back into it and meet new people!

aww. im sorry about the blogs of your friends which are already gone from the blogosphere. the new face of blogging world sure made an impact in some of the bloggers. i tried to carry on by switching to fashion blogging tho. πŸ™‚
btw, i love sister’s keeper. it makes me weep everytime i watch it.