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My Netflix one-month free trial subscription ended yesterday, so I decided to watch some movies I’ve not seen before. The streaming for it sucks, thus I see renewing the subscription pointless.


Reminds me of LMN TV movie, Do You Know Me?

It’s much better than that movie. I really loved it.

I’d been wanting to see this one for a long time.

Sassy Pants

The mother is way too overbearing; I just want to scream at her. People who want to live vicariously through children’s lives annoy the hell out of me. This mother wants to always keep her daughter near her, doing everything at home. Sheltering your children from everything literally only makes them more curious. I’m a perfect example of that.[1. “One day, you’ll appreciate it!” Really? I highly doubt that considering it’s a real crutch for me both socially and emotionally considering I never actually got to LIVE. I was sheltered because of paranoia.]

I only chose to watch it because the girl from Awkward is in it.

If that was my mom, I’d run away. I don’t really understand the name of the movie; the mom’s just a plain bitch, and the daughter’s just tired of her mother trying to live vicariously through her. Chip, the dad’s boyfriend, was the only person with a sassy attitude, but he wasn’t the movie enough to name it after him.


You’re dating someone you think will be yours forever, so you take him to this company, TiMER, to put a timer on his wrist that displays countdown to the day that he’s supposed to meet the love of his life — his soul mate. You get there, he reluctantly signs the contract to do it, and his countdown is marked for two and a half years from now.

“If a clock could count down to the exact moment you meet your soul mate, would you want to know?”

This company is about finding your “one” person you’re meant to be with. It basically takes away all the fun with dating and, when you find your “soul mate”, all the trouble with trying to see if s/he is really the one.

It would really suck if that “one” just died. And did I mention that the soul mate has to have a TiMER as well? If s/he does not, then your countdown doesn’t start until s/he gets one.

They get so wrapped up in this… Jesse gives me the impression that he doesn’t even want the TiMER.

The movie just ends. It doesn’t give any answers on what happens.

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Comments on this post

Having come from a sheltered, over-protected childhood, I certainly agree with your footnote. Granted, I was probably kept away from some potentially bad situations, but to the point of being almost ignorant in the after-high-school world.

Oh I loved TiMER! I felt like it brought up some highly intriguing ideas and concepts and did it in such a way that I never got bored or thought it was cliche. I watched it totally on a whim and was so very glad that I did. I then went and suggested it to like everyone I knew, haha.

I haven’t seen any of those movies. Or wait.. maybe I have seen abduction…
Do you have an account on Letterboxd? I like to keep a record of my watched movies there. ^^

@Kya, I just made an account for it. :p It seems pretty cool. c:

Sassy Pants sounds interesting, I’ve never heard of it. I’ll have to check it out.

And the premise of Timer sounds interesting. I think if I was in the middle of dating someone, I wouldn’t want to get the timer, but if I was single, I would just get it by myself and see when exactly I would meet my soulmate cause I don’t feel like wasting my time dating people that are going to break my heart 🙁

Did you stream Netflix on your laptop? For some reason, whenever I stream on my laptop using those services, the picture quality is horrible, but when I stream through a SmartTV or a Wii, the quality is pretty nice.

@Jessica, Yeah, I stream it on my laptop. 😡 Can’t really watch it elsewhere.

I’ve never heard of any of the films before, and I don’t think any really appeal to me, haha.