Monthly Movies: September 2013

This month I didn’t really keep track until right before the third week, but oh well. Spoilers included, but not too much.

  1. Daydream Nation — This movie reminds me of the Ezria relationship, only with just the sex. When Caroline ends it, Barry gets jealous and tries to sabotage her and Thurston’s relationship. Meanwhile, this small town is dealing with a continuous industrial fire burning and a serial killer kidnapping young women and leaving them in the woods. It’s directed similar to The Lovely Bones and reminds me of The Capture of the Green River Killer. Landon Liboiron, my future husband, is also in it. IOW that is a huge plus. Don’t waste time trying to figure this movie out, because it’ll take everything and mess that figuring up.
    Small note: Jenny’s thing with pining over Thurston is annoying; Jenny altogether seems like a character they just threw into the movie for no real important reason.
  2. Safety Not Guaranteed — “Why’re you talking to my college roommate?” “We’re Facebook friends.” “OMG, how do I eject?!”
    Whilst watching this, I felt like I was watching a long Doctor Who episode mixed in with Napoleon Dynamite. The movie is slow, boring and stale. It’s not funny or romantic or filled with action. I’m not sure why it’s Rated R, as many PG-13 movies can get away with the content seen in this movie without being questioned at all. Entertainment ratings are weird. -.- Anyways, the ending is unexpected. I liked it. Would I watch it again? Maybe.
  3. Red State — Three high school students think they’re going to get laid by a 38-year old woman they found via a hookup app. Little do they know, she’s part of a Westboro Church-like cult who spiked their beers and set them up to be caged and transported to Five Points Church, led by Abin Cooper. I feel like they definitely know that what they do is illegal due to the fact that they try to hide it from the first cop.
    Red State is difficult to watch, and it makes me angry, but it’s a good movie. The reviews on Netflix don’t give this movie credit, as they’re mostly back and forth reviews where people are either calling it a Christian-hate movie or horrible or surreal or whatever. They’re actually missing the point, so just don’t read the Netflix reviews. In a way, it reminds me of The Last King of Scotland and Children of the Corn. Cheyenne is one of my favorite characters. Casting for this film was great.

Other movies I watched: But I’m a Cheerleader, Kissing Jessica SteinMiao Miao.

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I appreciate the movie reviews. I haven’t seen any of these. I doubt I’ll see Red State if it reminds you of Children of the Corn. I hated that film. Creepy and just a wee bit too dark for me.

I am totally in love with this worn on a hook. It’s so much fun as it drops down as I scroll down. You are very clever with your designs:~)

@Sara, Haha, thanks, but I haven’t designed 6birds’ themes for a while. :p