Mr. B

I used to be a class clown.

I’m serious. Or maybe the correct term here is teacher’s pet? Either way, people hated me for it.

I’m not saying I was one of those loud classmates – instead I was one of those peers who sort of “made friends” with the teacher and then talked with my friends a lot in class. Mr. Brandimarte. He was my favorite teacher – and Sage’s[1. My best friend in seventh and eighth grade (I moved, so we parted because we changed).], too. Anyway, we joked around. It was fun.

Really? You joked around with a teacher?

Yep. One time, Mr. B wrote up detention slips for Sage and I for talking during a test (we were finished with ours). We were only whispering. Actually, we were passing notes. Mr. B flipped over the slips, and we read, “Just kidding!” on each of them.

Why he quit

(re: this is the rumor)

A trouble maker student wanted to eat in class (and although some teachers allowed that for certain classes), and Mr. B didn’t allow the class this student was in to eat during class. He quickly got angry and started yelling that Mr. B hit him. The rest of the class denied it, and the student got into trouble. Mr. B’s first year of teaching in a middle school is what made him go back to teaching college students.

All I can really say is

That science class was the most fun science class I’ve ever had. I’ve never gotten so much enjoyment and learning out of science before.

The new teacher that came to teach it was a witch (nice word). She’s the reason I dislike science now.

But I don’t dislike it completely, ya know? 😉


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Being a teacher’s pet is kind of cool- as long as you do it the right way and act.. Not so snobby in front of the other students and the teacher’s okay with it :O!

I love it when you can joke around with teachers :)! There’s always a certain limit you can do that on- like that food-eating student -__-! But what?! Teacher hitting a student? That’s new, but wow :X!

It’s always up to the teacher that makes us like/dislike a certain subject. Like I hate drawing now because of that witch-ass teacher that I hated (which I ditched class for) :O

When my friend told me about that, I thought it was a Zebroid! D:! Aggh! I had my hopes up!

Usually, you need to find the right dentist/doctors elsewhere if you want it done right. Surprisingly, the dentist I went to in Mexico was much much better! D:! It sucks, but it’s the truth. D:

The teacher didn’t hit the student; it was just the student claiming something.

I don’t think it’s up to the teacher to make a student like/dislike said subject. 😛

Haha I remember in middle school I made friends with the teacher too. All that went goodbye when I started high school though.

That’s so funny Mr. B would kid about detention slips. I wish I had a teacher with that humor. However with students like that I think I’d go back to teaching college too. It’s really immature and sometimes teachers can get sued for it.

Hey i have a few questions i really need answered posted on my blog. Do you think you could help me out and answer them for me? Thanks a million!

I’m not trying to be mean/rude, but you’ve [recently] commented two of my blog entries already, and haven’t said one thing about either of them. I have turned my blog into a full-on blog. Actually, I am not being rude by saying this because I normally just wouldn’t reply at all. But I am replying, so I am actually being nice.

I searched your name in my comments, and I realized that you have rarely ever said anything about me and/or my blog(s). It’s always been about you and your blogs. It is not fair, we are not “affies” — or friends — because we do not even really communicate like friends. You’ve got potential; you just aren’t using any of it.

I’ve always kind of been a teacher’s pet, because I’ve always gotten perfect grades and I’m so well-behaved. 😛

Wow, that’s incredibly unfair that someone in your class did that. You would think that by middle school, they’d be a bit more mature than to lie about their teacher hitting them? sigh Some people are just unbelievable.

Thank you! I’m enjoying school so far. And a lot of people do seem to think I’m younger than I am. Maybe I’m just mature for my age!

Thanks so much! Glad you like it 🙂

Hahaha, I only joke with those nice teachers, who can be joked around. ^^

I understand! Teachers can influence our way to like/dislike the subjects. Class will be fun if we can joke like friends, but still, teacher has his own responsibility, we can’t go over it LOL.

Thank you. 🙂

I’m a teacher’s pet too. 😀 Idk why more people aren’t. I mean seriously..

I’m sorry that your favorite teacher left. that just totally sucks. 🙁

Oh, it was because his family was asleep or at least he thought that they would be asleep by then. (I don’t understand his family, at all)

Nah, we aren’t growing apart. IMO, we are growing closer and closer everyday. We have an odd relationship but idk no relationship is ever “normal”. whatever the heck normal is. Hahaha.

I always loved it when a teacher was able to joke around with his students and command respect and teach well. It’s too bad that he had to leave. But when the entire class of students tells the administration that the accusing kid is lying, shouldn’t they take note of that? Something is messed-up. Kids lie all the time! Hopefully, that kid got shunned and learned his lesson.

“Just kidding”, haha, that was cool of him. It’s a shame that the new teacher was not as inspiring and interesting 🙁

Thankfully, I have had good teachers during school. Perhaps I did have some strange and boring ones, but I don’t have much care for them now.