My dad fixed my laptop!

Yesterday afternoon at about 2:30 pm I went to the Starbuck’s in Terrell and met Bebe, who met my dad in Mesquite. Why, you may ask? My laptop. My. Laptop. MY LAPTOP. My dad fixed it, and now I have it. It works. I do not have manually hold the battery cord into its outlet until my laptop is fully charged. I am really happy, and thankful, that my dad fixed my laptop. He also gave me a dock for it, so if the problem ever reoccurs I can hook it up to the dock and charge it that way.

Now I can get online at school. Whether I will be able to from parking lot I do not know. I am pretty sure it is possible, though, because some people get online from their laptops in the library, and I park in front of the library when I drive my mom’s Explorer to school. So. AWESOME![1. Never mind – not possible. I tried earlier today, after English.]

Another plus is that I can be online at my mom’s house and not have to worry about the kids wanting to get on a computer – because I have my own back and working, I will not have to use one of the kids’ computer. It may not seem like much, but think of it this way: I can now actually save and download virtually anything I desire! I also get to use the $50 gift card my dad and Kim gave me for Christmas. It is really exciting. It really is.

I am so used to Internet Explorer. I really missed Google Chrome, but everything just looks so weird right now!

As far as comments go, yesterday evening I came over to my mom’s to house and opened a few tabs:

  1. Pending Comments for
  2. Blogs to read (of the people who commented my blog), just a few – about 4

Then I opened Notepad, and had both Google Chrome and Notepad taking up my screen (minus the toolbar at the bottom). It worked out quite well! I definitely think it will help me with comments! Because of this, I won’t be responding to comments “live” anymore; I will be doing what I did last night. It works out better because I can spend my time on the Internet doing other things. Reading blogs and responding to comments takes a lot of time. I really can only get about two to three blogs read and commented within one hour. -.-

Because I have my laptop fixed, I want to spend my time on the Internet[2. Because I have to go to my mom’s/away from home to get online.] playing games, having fun, browsing new blogs, editing my site, etc. instead of spending it all on reading my friend’s blogs and returning comments. It’s very time consuming. >.<

I’m pretty sure I failed my College Algebra test today.

I changed my wallpaper from a cute boy to a picture of the sky I took Saturday evening. I’ll post a picture later. 🙂

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Awesome you got your laptop fixed! My old laptop used to do that too. Very annoying.

Congrats on your laptop being fixed. You seem really happy about it. 😉
I also have the same problem with returning comments. I enjoy reading the actual blog rather than commenting because the comment takes longer than reading.
I ahve a cute boy as my wallpaper too, Well I have the ones I spotted in Europe as my wallpaper. xD

Yay for getting your laptop back! That must’ve been such a pain not having it. I don’t have a laptop, but I have a computer and if I didn’t have it… 🙁

It kind of varies on how long I take to reply to comments. Sometimes I can return them fairly quickly, and then other times I go read the blog, click on another blog and read it, click on another one, etc. so it ends up taking me forever. xD Though if I’m short on time, I can do them pretty quickly.

Aw. 🙁 Sorry about your College Algebra test. :/ I haven’t taken that class yet (and I don’t plan on it soon) but I overall tend to struggle with math. Hopefully you did better than you thought, and if you didn’t, perhaps you could retake it?

I really like spring except for the allergies, but medicine helps. I love all the seasons except Winter. I hate the cold, and it’s so dreary and boring. I feel like I’m just all cooped up in my house and can’t go anywhere. 😛

I meant ice, like frozen water. xD I’ve never heard of icing helping, though that’s definitely interesting. Ah! How can you not like sweets?! Craziness! 😛 Candy and other sweet unhealthy foods are like, my best friend (and the reason I have a pudge on my tummy ;P).

Thanks! I’m really saving for a car, so I’m hoping for both so I can save a lot of money. ^^ Starbucks seems like it would be pretty fun. I don’t like coffee though, so working there never really appealed to me. That would make for great Christmas gifts though!

Haha, well it’s very pretty. 🙂 I originally wasn’t going to have any visitor content either (and I don’t really have a lot) but I decided that I wanted to share something, even if it’s just a few articles or premade icons. -shruggs-

Ooh, that sounds like it would be really cool; it’s definitely a unique idea. I doubt the internet would just up and quit (though it’s not impossible!) but it would be cool just to have around and randomly pick up and flip through.

Maybe you just have to read faster? 😉 It’s great you finally had your laptop fixed though, I hated when mine broke and everything felt SO inconvenient. Even little things like having to log in and out of gmail/

@Amanda, I keep getting an error when I go to reply to your on your blog. 🙁

Nice hockey gear. 😛

I don’t want to read faster. 🙁 Then I miss things, and I do not get to fully enjoy what someone said. Haha.

Yeah, I’m loving NOT having to sign out of things. <3

Congrats on getting your laptop back 😛 I had my laptop away from me for a month last year because of a bluescreen. 🙁 So I know the feeling on getting your laptop back :3 I think every school nowadays has their own wifi, especially the library probably..

I hate internet explorer, lol.. everything is so mixed up whenever I use IE, and the fancy website effects doesn’t show with that browser. I use firefox.. 🙂

Lul, You seem super excited to have your laptop fixed. Could definitely tell you were when you called. 😛

You say returning comments is very time consuming yet the other day you said you’d like a ton more, which would only pill up more work for you I would think.

@Alice, More of a variety. Bigg difference. :/

I love having a laptop with a reliable battery. Convenience is awesome!

By the way, Chrome >> Firefox >> Safari >> IE. But that’s just me.