My sad attempt to clean out my drafts

I was going to attempt BEDA secretly, then go back and tag my posts with “BEDA”. But I realized I posted one post 49 minutes before the first of August. Although it’s awesome that I posted something at 11:11pm, I skipped a day of BEDA, and the point of me secretly trying to do this without talking about it first was to do it without skipping a day.

Plus, I ran out of ready-to-post drafts. Oops.

Anyways, I joined a community-ish thing for Texas women bloggers called Texas Women Bloggers (nice wording I did there, huh?), and I recently went through and read a ton of the blogs on it, especially those from my area.

Lately, I’ve felt so sick, so I’ve been saying to myself, “I’m not gonna throw up. I can’t throw up. I don’t want to throw up.” Repeatedly. And then, when I realize that once again that attempt didn’t make itΒ any better, I say, “FML. I’m going to throw up. Okay. But just once. Please.”

Any blog with food on it has pretty much been avoided. No hard feelings?

Anyways, I blogged for four days straight. My drafts have a few posts still in there, but I’m saving them for later. I still have 40ish I need to go through. But I don’t delete drafts; I just erase them and use them for new posts. Because the IDs for said posts just go to waste. And it bothers me, even if it doesn’t go to waste.

La la, I’m singing you a song, la la, the end.

Since I’ve not done a link post in a week (or however long), here are some awesome blogs: Kya, A Life Less Bullshit, Sara Healy… or just click here.

I need to redo that page. I’m actually slowly redoing all of 6birds’ pages.

It feels really good to write without rules. (The writing rules.) Using FRAGMENTS and RUN-ONS and IMCOMPLETE SENTENCES. Chrome is saying incomplete is spelled wrong, but it’s spelled the way the suggestion says, so screw that, too.

I’m talking about blog drafts. I have a reason to write sloppily.

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Comments on this post

Haha, this post is hilarious. I agree that it’s sometimes awesome to write without rules! Keep up the great work on that πŸ˜‰ LOL. Oh and I totally relate on the draft id thing. I can’t stand letting the numbers go to waste and then the consistency in the numbering is off. Crazy stuff.

I’m so glad that you’re more into blogging than I am; I love how much you enjoy it, and finding that Texas Women Bloggers thing seems great!

Good luck with not puking ahhhh D: That sounds painful.

Pah, writing with writing rules is boring writing. (And I just used ‘writing’ three times in one sentence, oops.) Fragments and run-ons and incomplete sentences are the most fun parts of writing, really πŸ˜€

First of all, thank you for sharing the link to TWB site. I’ll check it out and see if I could meet other Texan bloggers, as I am one myself.

As for blog drafts, what do you mean by post IDs? Do you mean that little numbers that correspond with the number of posts you make? If so, you could either edit the number or change the setting altogether to allow the extended URL to not be generated by random numbers. If I understood you correctly, you could select the setting to having your post be labeled based on the title of your post. Of course, you can edit the URL as well.

Take your time with page reorganization. It might be a hassle at first, but the end results will be good. Do what you must. πŸ™‚

@Agent Q,
Posts will still have the IDs. I like the way that the URLs are currently, because it appears cleaner for me.