Why I Made a New Twitter … Again.

I really do have great reasoning behind it, I promise.


I followed a lot of people I didn’t want to follow anymore. You know, people I have no idea as to who they are, people who tweeted just quotes/facts/etc. – instead I wanted to use Twitter lists to follow them, and the only way to adequately do that was to make a new one. Also, so many people I didn’t know were following me. I’m serious about the not knowing them part – I have no clue as to how they could have found me unless they were looking all over the people’s Twitters that I follow to find me and/or just typing in random usernames. Yeah… No thanks!

Too Much Drama

I am not going to tolerate any sort of Internet drama anymore. It’s all over my Twitter. Of course, I won’t deactivate my @alizarddd one. @lizlovesstripes will be deleted soon, though. What’s the point in keeping it?


I’m not going to follow everyone I followed on my [now] old account. Personally I find this to be a brilliant decision simply because I’m not following people I don’t need to follow. Everyone I follow on my old account is now in lists… If they don’t have a public account, then that’s just too bad.

New Twitter

My new Twitter is @heyitsliza because @heyitsliz is taken. Feel free to send a follow request! The people I’m not accepting are not any of my visitors! 😛

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Comments on this post

I don’t follow Twitter accounts that is based of tweeting quotes/facts/so. The easiest thing to do is to just make a new Twitter account instead of unfollowing people :P! Though.. I usually unfollow people straight through and I don’t care. -__-..

I am completely oblivious to Twitter drama, except for a couple which I don’t care about, or the drama that I have in life that I’m complaining over. Haha. It’s good to start fresh! Screw the number of followers, follow who you want to follow and you rather not see spam in your feeds– right? 😛 Unless it’s by someone you know in a way :O

it’s good to hear that some people are proud of not wearing makeup! Or is it that I’m around people who’s nothing but foundation powder? 😛

I thought people would be active during the summer because they have free time, but then again.. It gives them time to redo their sites. Go open revamps?!

If you want to make a listing, go for it! If you want one that adds your link like “automatically” there’s some script for it.. I can’t put my finger on it- because the only thing I know of is a plugboard..

Thank you :)! Take care 😀

I know my skin isn’t perfect, but I know that wearing makeup just makes it worse. I used to wear it a lot in middle school, and I do think I looked great in it. However, wearing it made my skin just feel so oily all of the time, and it began to get irritated, so I stopped wearing it. I don’t think people should have to wear cosmetics – or anything related – just to feel like they look beautiful and/or better than they looked before. It just doesn’t really make much sense, or maybe it’s me who isn’t making any sense. I’m glad I’m allergic to it sometimes, though, because then I don’t have to go through all of this to explain! I love the natural looks of people. :*

I actually just searched for one, and I found it… But no demo? I think I’ll just use a directory script? 😛


I still an account that I really need to deactivate. It may not be popular, but I hate Twitter. It always felt like I was in the huge auditorium and everyone was talking at the same time. I’d scream, but not could hear me over the constant noise.
Then again, as you know, I’m older and some of the social networking sites are hard for me to maintain:~)
I do like what you’re saying and your new name!

I keep mine private, so the entire world can’t follow me and/or see my tweets. It’s also kind of my miniature blog. I tend to post haikus from time to time. 😛

Very valid reasons for creating a new account! that’s why I created a new account. My old one just followed everyone and a bunch of quotes, companies. There were too many people to look through and follow/unfollow. @.@ It just became too much! Creating an account was just easier. It gives a nice fresh start. 🙂

I like your new twitter name too. Though @alizarddd was cool too. :3

And is it weird that I feel special that you’re following me? :3 Makes me feel all loved and special. :3

(by the way, really like the fonts you used in this theme. very cute! 😉 )