BEDA isn’t going to work out this year. I mean, how would it next month if I’ve been purposely neglecting my blog[1. By the way, my previous theme was designed by Aashni, and, yes, I love the six birds on the rope, too!]? School starts late August, and I wanted to do the BEDA during school… This is just a random thought here, but perhaps I could start the BEDS (Blog Everyday During September) if it hasn’t already?

This summer didn’t go as I had planned at all. I was supposed to do crafts and take pictures, then blog about it as a “How-To”. Not all of my summer was planned around my blog, but you hopefully get  point?

Anyway, concentrating on breathing whilst trying to fall asleep? Yeah, right. -.- If I’m not having trouble falling asleep, then I’m having trouble staying asleep. It’s too crazy. Tonight at around seven I’m going to go for a walk, because I want to start exercising more[2. …and because my doctor told me that it will help relieve any pain I have.]. I already had it in me as a want, but now I know that I need to to[3. Commas don’t need to separate double words, people. Some of the greatest literature in history have double words, and you don’t see commas separating them from each other, do you? No. Quit overusing these commas!] stop hurting so bad.

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What do you mean “footer sidebars” ? I didn’t understand. 😛

My teacher always use more commas than need just to be sure. 😛

Truth I never plan summer, I just go with it, pretty much how my life is, too. Just go with it. I dare you, no triple-dog dare you to do it in the great month of September!!!!!

Your teacher may do so, but that’s only because that’s what this world has come to. It’s actually wrong, and it hurts you in places like college.

Footer sidebars… Content in the footer.

Summer never turns out how I plan it too. :/ I really wanted to go to the zoo and go swimming a lot (since I love swimming so much!) and just overall exercise a bit more as well, but the time just goes by so quickly for me and school is about to start in a couple weeks. Bahh 🙁 I think someone just needs to invent a pause button! Haha

Aw yay! I’m glad you liked the bookmark tutorial! I have them just kind of laying all around my room and I use them a lot and one of my friends was like, “I’ve never seen this before.” I thought everyone had seen them before, I guess. Naive little me. 😛

Haha, nope, I’d never seen it! It’s really cute and creative, and for school this term I’m going to make a few of them for my books to use as bookmarks! They look cuter than that of a Post-It note! 😛