Noah’s Ark

I spent the day my brother Patrick was born swimming. I don’t even remember if I even went to school for at least the roll call that day and was pulled out of class soon after. I was in elementary school. Later that day I was taken to the hospital.

The day Carrie was born I was turning my head every single time someone else came into the classroom/came over the intercom/rang the telephone/etc. to be pulled out of class because my mom had promised I would be. My stepfather’s parents had not taken me out of school that day, though. I’ve no idea why, and I remember my mom being a bit upset over it since Isaac had been taken out of school. They had, however, picked me up after school – they were first in line, too, and if you’ve ever picked ANY kid up from school, you know that line starts getting long at least an hour and a half to two hours before the school even lets out, which meant that they could have went into the office to take me out of class. That was seriously one of the longest days of my school life.

When Ruby was born, well… I was living at my mom’s again. I’d really rather not get into that too much.

I have no recollection of what I was doing when Isaac was born.

And today I’ll have a new brother. What fun, no? Kim and my dad are doing a Noah’s Ark theme for the nursery, and she’d said she liked the name Noah

Noah’s a cute name, but I wonder what they’ll be pairing it with…

She’s keeping it a secret/going to just wait and see what name he looks like.

When/If I have a kid, I’ll keep a few names in mind, but for the most part it’ll be a secret, too. Not exactly for revenge, but you know… Just because… 😉

I think adopting would be easier for me, though. Pain-wise, health-wise and ability-wise. As a child I always wanted to adopt. ^^ However, I don’t want the ability to have children biologically to be taken from me in case I happen to change my mind and want to have a child or two biologically. I’ve been told chances of me being able to have children biologically speaking are slim. …That doesn’t mean I officially lack the ability of doing so just yet.

There’s a difference in being able to do something and choosing not to and not being able to do something and also not having the ability to choose to not do it.

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When my brother was born, I was at school. My parents had my grandmother stay at home so that I wouldn’t be dragged over to the hospital. I didn’t get to see him until the day after he was born if I remember correctly.

Because the definition of “woman” is “person who gives birth” it would feel really weird to not have that ability. Let’s hope that you don’t have to lose the ability. (But if you do, so be it. In this world, you can still have children.)

I do have a friend who did lose the ability to have children biologically. To put it in her words, “I’m so excited! I get to have all the sex I want without worrying! I don’t want kids!” But honestly, you and her are very very different people and I doubt that you have the same opinion.

[…] so they didn’t choose Noah. That means it’s available for me for whenever I have kids, whether it be via adoption or […]

Congrats on your new brother! My brother and I are very close in age, so I don’t remember what I was doing on the day he was born. I wasn’t even 2 years old yet, haha.

A lot of people seem to have children names planned out ahead of time, but I haven’t really thought about it. Well, I’m still on the fence about children in the first place, but I’ve thought about adopting too 🙂

We were thinking of having children through artificial means since we’re a gay couple. It’s a big possibility, but not right now when we’re both preoccupied with our careers and stuff like that.

You have a very lovely blog and it’s pleasure visiting you here 🙂

Congratulations to your dad and … I’m going to make a wild guess, stepmom? I’ve never known any babies born. I don’t have siblings, and only have one older cousin. The closest baby would probably be his future child, but we’re about 10 years away from that.

I’m not actually afraid of childbirth; it’s the 9 month pregnancy I fear. I don’t think there’s anything different from biological and adoption in terms of just caring for a little person. Of course biological is always best, but adoption is taking in a poor baby that needs a home. It’s so sweet, and if it’s the better choice for you then you should definitely keep it in mind for the future.

I can’t waitttt to have kids! Either naturally, or by adoption – whatever happens. I wish I could just have children now, but being halfway through my uni degree that probably wouldn’t be the best option in the world!

A new baby brother – how exciting!! 😀 I hope it all goes well!

Oh yeah, I use Textpattern. It’s similar to WordPress but easier for me to code. Less “fatal errors” 🙂

I never want to have children. I mean, I love kids but there’s no way I want to carry around a child for 9 months and then give birth to it, which (and I’m not sure about this but I’ve been told…) is extremely painful!!

Haha, the mainstream thing is what hipsters say about things that are popular because they think it’s cool. Although sometimes mainstream things are actually very lame, like pop music. (IMO)

Thanks so much for your comment! I’m glad somebody was able to figure out what I was talking about. I will definitely follow your suggestions 🙂