Oh, and some random dude on the street waved at us whilst we were driving by looking at the Christmas light tree. Awkward.

Yesterday I awoke to my alarm because 1) I set it tons of times and 2) I would have hated myself even more if I had overslept because I would have had to deal with more stuff emotionally, physically and mentally and suffer through a confrontation.

It was Ezra’s baby dedication. Personally, I don’t know that I’ll ever do something like that for my child, because I’ve never seen it as something that I believe in. Also, plans aren’t my thing as far as long-term and kids being involved goes. Stuff happens. Although I hate my depression, it’s seriously changed my way of thinking about everything. And that’s my personal choice. I’m not against anyone who does decide to do baby dedications. …Just throwing that out there. ~

…And if that plan happened to fail or something like my “Car. Job. Internet. Apartment. Cable. Road trip/vacation/thing. Make friends somewhere/somehow in this plan. And school. Somehow/somewhere in this plan. Stay sane.” plan I’ve had since late 2009[1. I started chanting it to myself all of the time at this point. I had it “figured out” way before 2009, though.], then I’d feel like a horrid parent. It’s just not for me. ~

Anyway, it came with a choir of crying babies. One baby started crying, and then the next ones cried, and so on. Crying is contagious when babies are involved. You know what? I bet they didn’t plan that. o.-

Afterward we went to Cracker Barrel. It was okay. I’d been there once before, and I thought it was alright. There’s a lot of stuff everywhere, and you have to follow through the maze to find the restaurant. ‘Twas cool, I suppose. I hadn’t eaten all day, and I ordered Chicken Fried Steak with mashed potatoes (it came with gravy… I didn’t think to ask beforehand about it), baby carrots and fried okra. I had a Sprite to drink, and they brought out their fresh buttermilk biscuits and cornbread, and I ate a biscuit. It was okay. And you know what? I ate a few bites, and then I was done. I felt sick. I don’t know  why that keeps happening. I felt really sick. D;

I’d rode with Bri, my cousin (7 months younger than I, not that I counted a long time ago or anything…) to Cracker Barrel, and I asked if I could ride back with her if she had time/didn’t mind/etc. rather than going back “home” with the people I’d come with (eh uncle, awesome aunt, and my grandparents I live with AKA see all the time). She had time to kill before she met up with friends/a friend, so we drove through Downtown Dallas to look at their lights. They apparently didn’t have their usual set up, so we’ll be going back sometime after Thanksgiving. Although people don’t normally put all the lights up until after Thanksgiving, they still had the celebration/party/thing… I don’t see why they would if they didn’t have all of their lights, to be honest. -.-

So. There. Finally something not-so-boring [hopefully] to read. However, I kind of feel like a robot typing it up. Blah. >.>

Bri said we’re going to hang out and see this stuff. She’ll make a to-do list, and I’ll make a bucket list. Because she’s done a lot of it, and I’ve not even heard of it (sheltered life…). For example, right across the Oklahoma border is a drive-in movie theater that’s apparently really nice. There’s also a drive-in movie theater in Ennis. I didn’t know they still existed. ~

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