Oh, joy!

I’m going to my aunt’s house next week for two days.

I guess it’s more, but I’m really trying to see past that.

Because I don’t know how to get to her house, she’s meeting me at the S-Buck’s[1. Abbreviated for a reason. Know what it is? Congrats.] in Terrell. It’s pretty much the farthest I’ve ever driven away from home, even if I’ve driven in Crandall/Combine before. It’s also easier for me, anyway, because Carrie can ride with her, and Isaac can ride with me.

Mimi has up and left everything to go and be a wrangler. I thought she retired. My mom thought she retired. Obviously, she hasn’t retired. She was supposed to watch Carrie and Isaac whilst my mom and Lard are away in Niagara Falls/Buffalo[2. Yes, that’s in Canada/New York. Yes, that’s where Degrassi scenes on TV are. Yes, I am more than jealous of this business trip, and they will never know/understand, because don’t even understand now. Yes, my mommy is going to bring back more stuff. 🙂 (I used “mommy” to, well, if you didn’t get that, then just never mind. -.- ]. My mom had to struggle to find people to watch C & I, and P is now going to his baseball coach’s house [3. His coach has a son that plays on the team. For those of you who are going to decide the gender of his coach, his coach is a mom.]. C is going to Bebe’s (our aunt’s), and since I have to go to be able to watch her during the day, I have to take Isaac as well.

At least she gave a week and a half’s notice, right?

Everything’s just so frustrating right now, and you don’t even know the half of it. Unless you’re in this mess… Then you would know the half of it.

To sort of “soften” this frustrated mood up, I’ll share something funny: I dropped my toothbrush on the bathroom floor. It happened yesterday. .-.

No, really. -.- I have brothers that miss. They miss. I won’t even set it on the counter. If it lands on the counter, it’s pretty much fallen on the floor. So, um, my mom is getting me a toothbrush after the funeral – I can only hope she remembers.

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[…] working, cats sweating, dogs panting – today is the last day before my mom and Tony leave for Buffalo, New York/Niagara Falls. Cody may be going to Tony’s parents for the week. If he does, it will be just Mary and I […]

I think I share the least online. I don’t even share my first name let alone last name, apart from Facebook. And I think it’s rather rude to share other people’s first names, even if it’s my blog or something.

Other than that, online dating is just ridiculous and for desperate people. Whatever happens to them I think it’s a total YDI, no offense to your friends intended or anything.

I know there are many people online who can easily lie, but it depends on whether or not you encounter them. I don’t really think a picture is proof enough either. I’ve come across people faking pictures. Someone once posted a costly photo and claimed it to be herself, and someone else commented ‘you’re hot’, while my friend said it came from photobucket.


I don’t think that online dating is bad – a lot of people I know have actually found people that they mesh greatly with, and they’re married now. 🙂

Sometimes bad things happen, but not all of the time. I’ve dated online before but it did teach me a lot.

As far as the picture goes, I meant that people post … well, kind of like the whole “prove-it’s-you” thing for MySpace when you forget the password and e-mail you used for your MySpace account – and you only want to sign onto it because you need something saved in your messages and a few other places on your MySpace profile… Not that I did that or anything…

Did you disable comments on your internet safety post? I was trying to find them but I ended up here. Oh well. shrug

S-bucks is Starbucks, right? I abbreviate it like that in texts all the time. Sometimes it’s just too hard to spell out the whole thing. :O

I hope everything with your family works out. I didn’t really understand any of this because I don’t know who any of the people you talked about are, but it sounds complicated.

Yeah, I had disabled them. I enabled them, though, because a lot of people asked me about it on Twitter and in e-mail – telling me it must have been a mistake. 🙁 I do disable comments sometimes on my posts. I do it because I don’t really want comments on all of my entries. 😛

Haha. The most common abbreviation for it is *$.

Bebe is my aunt, and Cody, Chris and Mary are my siblings. I’m the oldest. And Tony is my stepfather – their names are all hoverable. ^^

Hey, Liz…

Can I just say, Wow? Awesome layout. The wood texture is absolutely GORGEOUS. And I love how you haven’t used borders in the textarea and input fields, because it only enhances the feel. Was it intentional?

And when I read the title, I scrolled down first, without reading the post, and saw the bird thing Fin at the right corner, and I remembered your posts about cats, and the thought did cross my mind that it might be about dinosaurs. Whats the deal with Fin anyway?

So…Welcome Back! Hugs Missed you. About your blog on identity safety, I do agree but I am afraid I have become complacent because in all the years I have been online, nothing has ever really happened. Fingers crossed. Earlier, I was afraid of even uploading my pictures on social networking websites for fear of seeing my face atop the body of a nude woman (a fear I acquired after watching a television soap based on this) but with time, I grew out of it.
I think its basically about being smart. And hoping for the best.

About the roleplay thing, it was actually quite the rage 2-3 years ago. Basically they had all the Harry Potter characters offered on the first come-first serve basis and then you could create your own stories. Like I was Harry, and there were pages on the website, like, “Hogwarts Grounds” or “The Common Room” and I would flirt with Ginny and she would respond. It was fun. We had wars and sex and everything. =]

Do you think if I went up to https://sororitylifee.com/ ‘s Kay and asked whether she was my Kay, she would think me crazy?

Hardly, been a lot of emotional bs lately. Lol i remembee polly pocket. Haha. Hope you are well. 🙂