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I was going to blog about how the land I live on is haunted by Indians and how we’ve been seeing some huge black thing in the backyard[1. Let’s just call this Bigfoot. I believe in him now.], but I’ll just save that for some rainy day or when I feel less spooked. The strangest things always happen when I research anything related to the Van Zandt County Indian grounds.

Until I hit my forehead with my straightener because I missed my hair, I didn’t have anything else to blog about. I now have a new topic to discuss on my blog. Feel free to laugh – no, really. I’m quite comfortable with this. I mean, you’re about to find out about a lot of new talents you probably never even thought I’d have.

I trip as I walk upstairs.

I’m pretty sure I’ve mastered this. Or, I’ll sort of sway backwards. Yes, sway. Odd, no? I thought so, too. Senior year I was walking to Ms. Castro’s[2. Now she’s Mrs. Castro-Lopez because she got married. I was shocked. She always laughed about the topic.] Algebra II class – it was my last class of the day – and as I was walking up the first flight of stairs, I fell backwards. Who in the world does that??!! ME. ONLY WITH ME, THIS HAPPENS.

If you know anyone else who does this (or it’s you), let’s start a special club. We’ll call it some really cool and spiffy name and make everyone else all jealous because we’re able to do this and they’re not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hm. What else? How about that awkward moment when you start smiling in class because the teacher said “You are elated,” and all you heard was “U-R-L”. Then the teacher asks you if there’s a problem, and you lack a proper response to that, so you just say, “I’m just really happy we’re learning about __ today,” and then the entire class just laughs at you. Yeah, okay.

Need another?

Senior year in biology, we had to do this presentation project. To do this, we had to use computers and the Internet. There was an X over the Internet symbol on my group’s computer for a whole ten minutes, and we only had twenty minutes to work on the project for that day. >.> “The computer we are using is not connected to the Internet,” I said to the teacher. You know what her response was? Well, first of all she bursted out laughing. Afterward, when the entire class was staring, she decided to finally say, “That’s impossible. The Internet cannot go down. Do you even know what you’re talking about? No? That’s what I thought. Now, why can’t you work?” I replied, “Because the Internet symbol on the toolbar has an X over it.” She rolled her eyes and gave me busy work.

The next day, the computer had a piece of white copy paper that said “NOT WORKING!” taped to the grey plastic piece of the monitor.


Teachers that are always talking about their problems and are all me this and me that are bad teachers.

Those are just three incidents. I plan to share more in the near future.

P.S. It takes a lot of concentration and hard work to trip over flat surfaces. Praise those that do. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Can I slap that teacher? No teacher should be that ignorant and such a smart-ass. The phrase that goes around sometimes is “If you can’t do, then teach.” And the more I look around, I realize that there are a lot of incompetent teachers out there. ‘Tis a sad, sad fact. I guess that I’ll try and right it just a little bit by retiring as a competent teacher after I spend years playing with robots. ๐Ÿ˜€

I’d love to hear more about this Indian reservation. I’ve been to one before, in Arizona when visiting the Grand Canyon. The people were very reserved and held back, like they had something against the rest of us. It’d be a pity if other Indians were the same.

Fucking hell AHAHA. I hate teachers like that. I’m going to be blunt: They think they know shit when they don’t. One of my teachers at university was telling us how to copy and paste and everyone thought, what the hell.

She tried to edit a file when it was actually a shortcut and she clearly didn’t know what she was doing. When someone tried to correct her she ignored them and told them to be quiet. Some teachers are just so big-headed, they can’t do so much as to admit they’re wrong. It results in more humiliation in my opinion. I used to correct my teacher’s grammar and spelling mistakes and she laughed it off. I took it too far though and she told me to shush and stop making her look a fool. XD

I think my friend Lilian can definitely relate to you. ๐Ÿ™‚ She stacks it all the time and seems to easily fall over. You’re not the only one. :B

Gosh, I really dislike it when teachers think they know everything just because they’re older.

I had many similar problems with IT teachers during high school. I would explain to them a problem and they would look at me like I’m retarded…when I’m actually right. I had to go find the tech guy to get it all sorted.

IT teachers are horrible with most computer problems. It doesn’t make sense to spend time in majoring in something that probably doesn’t even pay much just so you can sit in front of a computer all day — and not know how to work it! I remember all of my IT teachers, or even teachers who had to use computers everyday with their class, ALWAYS needed help with their computer!! It was for some shortcut thing, and I said to press CTRL + N, and she just looked at me and told me I didn’t know what I was talking about since I didn’t have the program. -.- That shortcut works for almost every program I know of to create a NEW _. Blah.

I never meant to laugh but pfft.. I guess I did chuckled a little about falling from the stairs thing.. /forever guilty. o.o
I fell from the stairs and broke my tooth into half before (apparently,”kissing” the floor wasn’t a luck)… ugh.. man, it was awful. :/ thanks to the heavy bag I was carrying…. x.x
Ignorance teachers are annoying… x.x

Realized I spelled my URL wrong in that post, in case you were gonna click it. Oops! xD Fixed it!

I fixed it! Thanks! /heart

Thanks. xD It’s true though, I say “eh” all the time!

I trip up the stairs a lot, but it’s ’cause I trip so much, haha. One time I did it at school and everything in my pencil case went flying. =/ So embarrussin.

LOL one of my major awkward moments was when the art teacher yelled, “QUIET!” and everyone shut up, and then all you hear is me sneeze. The worst part is is that I sound like a cat when I sneeze, so everyone (including the teacher) burst out laughing. It was horrible. ๐Ÿ™ Me attempting sports is also pretty horrid.

Wow, your teacher sounds.. interesting. I don’t have any horrible teachers, but my math teacher sooooo stupid! It’s crazy. She can’t spell.

You SHOULD blog about that. I’ve never really encountered Indian reservations before.

I’ve tripped up the stairs before, but I was carrying a huge backpack and I think it dragged me down or something.

Wow what’s up with that girl? She sounds like someone from my high school. That’s not ignorance I think it’s stupidity.

Oh god 14 year olds with bf/gf. But what am I talking about I had a boyfriend at 15 and yeah we were ‘going out’. I just think ‘going out’ is kinda a stupid way to say in a relationship. Cus now that I’m in a real one we haven’t ‘gone out’ since the days when we were pretty much just friends.

Lol I get the high school thing all the time. I look like a junior or something. Wow you’re 5’6 … just like everyone I seem to be around. I feel so short! I’m probably not even 5’3 because I know someone who claims to be 5’3 and shes a bit taller than me.

Haha, I will sometime later. ๐Ÿ˜›

Van Zandt County (in Texas) used to be an Indian Reserve — as a part of Oklahoma. It’s really weird, because we’ve lived here before. When we did, my mom said there would always be the same [male] Indian standing in my doorway, as if he were guarding me. I described a male Indian from a dream I would have every week, and we described the same Indian. It was really freaky. We had talked about it about a month or so ago, and I researched it that night. I found out a lot about where I live. It’s really freaky. I’ll blog about it after I can figure out how to word everything! ๐Ÿ˜›

Sorry, I meant to add she was my teacher! Haha. I was thinking it in my head, but I just never wrote it down. I corrected it. ^^

When I trip going up the stairs I fall forward. It must be scary to fall backwards!
That computer incident must’ve been annoying, especially since you were right!