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I spent a lot of time working on my blog today. I even took it down for maintenance. I’m proud of it, though. πŸ™‚ I had to do some research to learn how to customize it. I have seen this theme on a few other blogs, but not in this color – mostly in pink or blue. My blog is not dull-y colored anymore! πŸ™‚ My about me on the sidebar is, though. I do not know how to word it. D: I’m going to try to stick to this theme for a while. I may change the colors, but other than that, it will be the same theme. I like the sidebars at the bottom of the page! πŸ˜›

I finally know what memes are. I had to look them up. I am so slow. o.o

Surveys fall into the memes category. You can count on some more surveys on here.

Next Monday dozens of deer will be euthanized. I was shocked to hear that on the news yesterday. The news comes on during That ’70s Show so I have to choose. Obviously, I chose the news.


In my opinion, if not one deer tested positive for the disease, then why must they be euthanized? Why can’t Texas just send them back to Arkansas? Just because the deer may have the freaking disease does not mean that they do. If they are going to kill these innocent animals because they think they have the freaking disease, why not test them at least one more time? It’s not fair; the deer did nothing.

Reading the article on the page just now I discovered something not brought up on the news last night:

The animals cannot be tested unless they are dead. However, the breeders say the herd is healthy and the animals deserve to live.

Last night the man said that the deer were tested. UGH. Why not just release them off someplace in the wild, or let them live on a preserve? My point is that it isn’t the deers’ faults if they have the illness or if they do not.

I hate hearing about animals having to be euthanized.

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=D it’s a super cute theme!! I’ve been sticking with my old school like layout for aaaaages and never really got to change the layout of the page much =) hmmm maybe next design change i’ll try and do something new πŸ˜‰

πŸ™ man that’s so sad about the deer!! I hope they’ll be safe now that it was found out that the pack is healthy!

I love the new theme here. πŸ™‚ It’s very easy on the eye, it makes reading more pleasurable.

I’m sorry about those animals. I hope they can find a way to test them while they are still alive, perhaps with some blood. That way they could only euthanise (for how sad that is) the ones with disease only, not all of theme. That would be horrible.

~ Ilila J.

Memes are great… okay maybe not. πŸ˜› Sometimes they can be addictive, like surveys where you take part and it all just goes around and around. But memes also cause people to go bonkers sometimes, like the Double Rainbow craze or the Rage Face one… I think that’s the name. Glad you updated yourself on the definition though.

I don’t like hearing about animals in this kind of manner. I have to agree with you; it is certainly not the animals’ fault that they are ill. πŸ™

Loving the theme. πŸ˜€ I love purple, and you’re right, I have seen this in pink and blue.

I just used words to sum myself up, when I made the footer for my site. I never used to like those summaries but I guess I changed. I think you just need a few words and that’s it. People find out a lot about me by reading my blog instead of reading my ‘about me’ page.

I wish I had a dog! Lots of people have been telling me that their dogs bark when someone comes to the door. πŸ™‚ I actually don’t think many people on our street have a dog.

Our street is really friendly, but a few years ago, when this lady up the street was gardening, and just not inside her house, she left her door open or unlocked and someone robbed her house. 😐 Whenever we go outside we shut the doors.

Both my mum’s and dad’s side of the family treat me the same. It’s not bad – but sometimes they don’t really talk to me much because of the language barrier. My mum doesn’t seem to like my dad’s siblings very much though… she thinks they’re rude to her and not very friendly.

Thank you for adding me:) and I love the color:) ahhh its much better purple then another color lol. and AWWW poor deer. I agree I think we should make an area designated to them. I mean its not only HUMANS who are on this planet, you know? So I think we should all share the space. I hope they stop killing them. That’s a shame because if we do they will all go existent and I love deers:)

I love the changes of the site :D! Whenever we have change, it makes us happy :P! One way or another :D! Keep it up ^__^.

I never really know what memes are. Even with definition, I`m still semi-confused D:! The definition of the internet meme is when something is passed around here and there. Does that apply to the 30 day challenges as well? :P!

What the states are doing to the deers is outrageous! Its worse than having a wild deer popping out of nowhere while youre driving. Because its not an accident. Its a purpose. I hope there will be a thing around this. BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE ARE LAME PEOPLE ):! A disease cant be a blamance.

Most likely, I will have like 2~3 periods off next year :O! So theres no rush in breaks ^__^.

My friend that broke the LCD screen (its cracked) made me think itd cost a couple of hundred dollars to fix. But it turned out to be 16 dollars. So Im like. “its just like 20 bucks or something.” :P!

Hi Liz!
thanks for your comment on my blog.
your blog theme is very cute πŸ™‚ I love the pink dots on the background.
About the deer news, oh dear πŸ˜‰
It is sad that we have to kill innnoncent animals but it’s a measure that has to be taken to prevent the spread of the disease to humans. This could easily turn into a disaster…


I like the color and I liked your “About Me” very much:~)

I didn’t want to read the article about the deer, but I did. I suppose the issue is whether or not the people who have this herd can be trusted to not sell the meat or the deer. Otherwise, I don’t see why the deer can’t be quarantined and then regularly checked. However, if one does test positive, I imagine they would kill the entire herd since they don’t really know how this disease is spread.

As my daughter lives in England, I well remember the most recent bout of mad cow disease and how devastating it was because they took so long to put in place the means to keep it from spreading, which meant the killing of entire herds. However, those killings, as sad as they were, did eventually save other cattle by controlling the epidemic.

It does give me pause, however, to think about how we respond to human epidemics. We don’t usually round up the people and shoot them, but work that much harder to find a cure or determine how the disease is spread.

Tough subject, but one that is important.

I haven’t seen this theme in these colors before. Nice!

I think that in this case you shouldn’t just kill the whole herd if there’s no evidence. Once there is evidence, then it might be for the best. However, I don’t know where I stand on killing herds when there are sick animals present. Much as the animals “don’t deserve it”, a lot of people and other animals who don’t deserve it either will get the disease too.

it is just sick that they use animals on their experiments. but i do agree on cloning heehee
this is a bueno theme?

That really is awful but sometimes it’s good to look at the bigger picture as well. I don’t know. Anyway I do wish they would test them first, kind of stupid to kill then test. Why not test then say – Ok you pass, live – or sorry, you gotta go =( … Humans.. humans…

I can feel our future generations laughing at our idiocy

It looks good in purple. Good job. πŸ™‚

Whoops, sorry for the double comment. I requested to follow you on Twitter. =) @krysteebee of course.

@Kris, Alright, I’ll accept and follow you back ASAP. πŸ™‚

Oh I’ve seen this theme before … but you’re right, not in this color. I like the purple on white. =)

That’s horrible! Why do animals always have to suffer because of one little thing? It’s like … when a dog bites a human he has to be put down. So when a human punches another human he should be put down too right? Pfft!

LOL So true! Taylor Lautner in general … NOT!

I agree, that IS the end of the world. It happens to me so often because I forget to refill my hand sanitizer. Oh thanks for reminding me to do that just now hehe.

Yeah, you both definitely have a lot in common. <-Sarcasm on the teacher. I really don't like it when I share my name with someone I dislike or someone popular.

Well I can tell you in Korean Sarah is Sa-Ra, written 사라 if WordPress can show it unlike Fanupdate. Elizabeth I'm not so sure though.

Ohhhh I know what you mean, I've seen that stuff too, they're really good! I envy them. I can't draw my own avatar, I wish I could haha. I can prob attempt on paper but I lack a scanner.

I'm 18, I got my diploma just a few months ago. How about you?