Permission To Fly

I’m working on a domain collective, which will serve as a collective to other items as well in the near future (fanlistings I’ve joined, TCG trade posts, etc.). It isn’t at anymore, though. I purchased a domain name recently.[1. FAIL FOR ME. :|]

But I really like the domain name for it. And I am not letting myself purchase anymore for a really long time. I promise. I don’t need to. I’ll just save the money in my NameCheap account. The drawing for my domain name giveaway is tomorrow, by the way! I should have asked for the people’s Twitter username so I could announce it on Twitter! If I’m feeling nice, I may throw in an extra giveaway for a runner up, or something like that. 😛

But if I do, I most likely won’t have a domain name giveaway in the summer. However, I’m already hosting a giveaway for hosting by HostClearly this summer, starting in May – if the whole idea thing is still on? I’d totally forgot about it until today.

My newest domain name is all about life and how important it is to fly and grow.

I really like it.

It’s not yet set up completely, so I won’t publish the link up for anyone yet.

I think I told two people, one of them being Harrison, and the other being Kris.

I also used Domainish, which I think will make things easier for me to keep up with the dates the domains are due. :3 Haha.

Anyway, I’m sorry if I bored you. I was just saying. 😛

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wow.. you bought a new domain? cool.. i wanna buy a new domain too… but i’m just scared that I might not be able to manage more than 1 blog. /please anyways, i’m curious on your new domain name.. i bet it’s cool like your domain name here. :love:

Sounds cool – I loved setting up my domain! 🙂 BTW, I just posted another vlog.

If I need any help, which I probably will hehe, I’ll ask you. You seem to be a pro at it 🙂
I never actually thought of the word ‘plog’ – silly me. 😀

Can’t wait to see the domain collective

take care x

I participated in the domain give-away. I hope I win. Even though I have enough websites to last me for a while and I absolutely hate moving stuff.
Good luck with your domain!

I didn’t think of the safety of the other passengers in the hypothetic situation I talked about in my blog. It is hypothetical because unless the kids are stuck, most of them have enough sense of self-preservation to run away when they hear the train’s engine.

I hope nobody ever gets stuck in such a situation, seriously.

@Shriya, My browser keeps timing out. >.> :/ I’ll read your blog soon! ^^

I chose a winner for the giveaway – I’m hosting another one this May. :3

I used to love buying domains! I went through so many, and was even at one point, buying domains for no particular reason, haha.

Looking forward to the domain 🙂

Can’t wait to see your new stuff!

I have thought about having a personal collective, more than a blog, but I really don’t have the time to do much more. Ah, well.

Good luck with the new domain youre working on :)! I wonder what itll look like :O! Once you purchase a domain.. Itll be tempting to purchase another one. In my point of view in my case -__-! Except I dont know what to name it and what to do with it. And there`s nothing wrong with subdomains :P!

Congratulations on a successful giveaway :)! What ever you do, do not give out your idea as a domain name :P. Someone might steal it :O! And if you think you have no use for it, save it til later. :P. Like what you are doing :O!

Good luck with setting up the domain and so 😛 And your plans for the summer hosting giveaway thingr :O! (: I`m on my spring break. Its okay. 😛

Take care ;D