Pet Peeves: Blogging World Edition

Inspired by a TCG Pet Peeves thread, I created this blog post for you guys. I hope you enjoy it. If you’re guilty of this, and it offends you, well… Sorry that I don’t really care?

Third person biographies

If your blog is in third person POV, why have an about you blurb in third person? …and even more so, choose a side: either a third person POV about you blurb AND about you page or first person period. Just stick with one. It’s really annoying. I don’t think I’ve ever done this, but if I have it was during my dark years/times/whatever you wish to call them, and I try not to remember it and/or my mind just automatically puts it out). But again, I especially DON’T see the point if you’re writing it about yourself AND using third person… That’s just… Ugh.

“…an inspiring _____…”

…people who say this about themselves annoy me as well. I mean, do they mean “inspiring”, or was it a typo/they don’t know it’s supposed to be “aspiring”? Others call themselves inspiring, but I see that and think that that is just what said person sees in his/herself, and I don’t know if it’s what others actually see in/think of them. It’s a bit misleading to me.

No right click/highlighting/etc.

This is pointless and annoying. Sorry, but if you’re worried about people stealing your stuff, they’re still going to do it by viewing your source. CTRL + U is a shortcut for Google Chrome at least, as I don’t know about other browsers’ shortcuts. Also, some of those codes people use for this crap uses JavaScript, and I get a warning – “Don’t load” or “Load anyway” – because the last time I loaded a page anyway with the no right click crap, I was automatically forwarded to its main source because I accidentally right clicked, it popped up saying “NO RIGHT CLICKING! THAT’S MINE!”, hit “Okay”, and wah-lah. That was super annoying. -.- My point is that this is super pointless and doesn’t do anything. Another point to go along with this is that if I can’t right click to “Copy Link Address” so I can paste in my browser what something is forwarding me to because you have also disabled the status bar that allows me to preview said link, I guarantee you I won’t be coming back. I feel trapped when people do that/this – like I’m in an I-FRAME.

Image links

Sorry, but no. I’ve noticed that even “professional” websites have these. See, back when I lived in the boondocks I had to use Virgin Mobile USA’s Internet service. Worked sometimes, but when it didn’t they blamed me because of where I lived even though they would hang up on me. I was in the dark green area. Every time I said something good about them something crappy happened. You guys, I learned that if you contact companies’ support Twitter accounts, you’ll get more attention and they will help you sooner. …Even if you tag about it. So basically I ended up going there tons of times simply because it became so pointless to WASTE MY MINUTES on their support, and I only get 5 hours a month. It works great when it works, and I had service even when Bri didn’t that time we went to Oklahoma.

Long story short, these websites with images as links (and pretty much everything else!) that drag when you left click them with your mouse and move them really annoy me. I have this [weird] “ritual” (yeah, that term works) to where I have to make sure it’s 1) not an image map and 2) just actual text. Image maps don’t annoy me as much, but they’re not for my personal use. I made my own during the MySpace days when they were totally awesome and not many peeps knew how to make them. However, image-heavy websites (even if just .jpg/.gif/.bmp) take a long time to load, and said websites turn out to look really crappy with poor Internet. 🙁 I mean, that’s why Spree’s forum header was changed to what it originally was in the premade theme’s coding to a DIV/background logo. I don’t like being able to click and drag anything.

Those fonts that end up being pictures/you can’t highlight like text/etc.

I get it, I’m weird. But they annoy me, too. I don’t take people’s stuff, but I like my right clicking and image dragging and highlighting. If your site doesn’t allow that, I just feel trapped and don’t want to stay for too long.

“It’s my blog, and you can state your opinion. But your opinion doesn’t matter, and I’m going to tell you why my opinion is actually a fact and that everything should…”

Okay, so this is pretty much what I perceive from a lot of Christian blogs I’ve read (so I therefore don’t real that many, and if you’re a Christian/have a Christian blog and I keep coming back, it means you don’t give me this impression of you).

“…ban IP…blah, blah…2 years…blah, blah… if you lie…blah, blah…”

Seriously? That was on a splash page for some blog AND the sidebar of said blog. This is the Internet. How do I know you’re not lying?

“Copyright [Name], [Year]. All Rights Reserved. Everything on this website is my own. NO STEALING ALLOWED.”

The sad part is that it looks like a closed-minded, ignorant and careless person wrote it with so many errors and whatnot AND had disabled right clicking and highlighting. I thought the theme looked familiar, and sure enough, from editing Georgina’s themes to fit my liking, I noticed the coding was from one of her old layouts. Sorry, Georgie; I don’t remember the link to that site. 🙁

This blogger also had posts that looked like they’d been [literally] copied and pasted into HER WordPress from other blogs – multiple blogs. Resources listed on her website were available for download via her server, but… Well, it was basically her downloading them and uploading the downloaded .zip files to her server and offering them for download, all original .zip files still intact with how the original distributor/creator put them together, names and all.The “rules” for using “her” resources included something along the lines of “must link back to [her site] as the credit”, blah, blah, blah, “I WILL FIND YOU IF YOU DO NOT LINK BACK TO ME. ALL THESE ARE MY OWN. NO REDISTRIBUTING.” I remember emailing her via the form on her website last year-ish, and the next thing I knew I was blocked from her website on said computer.

…Yep. I saved the best worst of my short list of blogging pet peeves for last.

…OOH THERE’S EIGHT!! WOOH. (8 is my favorite/lucky number, in case you didn’t know this. :P)

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[…] July and early this month I had an epiphany. It started with my blogging pet peeves. I really have a talent when it comes to ticking people off. I always say the wrong thing, word it […]

[…] July and early this month I had an epiphany. It started with my blogging pet peeves. I really have a talent when it comes to ticking people off. I always say the wrong thing, word it […]

I’ve seen many people write about themselves in third person and it’s so stupid! I just don’t understand. Omg people actually don’t know the difference between inspiring and aspiring? I’ve also come across peoples blogs that I can’t highlight or right click. What I I want to copy something?

I think I’m guilty of the font picture image thing. I don’t know how people use custom fonts and they’re so pretty sooo.

I don’t know any Korean so they’re afraid I’d get lost! Even during the day of course. My cousin is only six months younger than me haha so it’s not too weird for him to take me places. But in Korea he’s a school year behind me so they’ve always considered him younger, even though we started college the same year because I took a year off.

I don’t know if you got my @twitter message. I didn’t know what was fasted way to contact you because I couldn’t get onto your blog. Stupid internet. But what do you mean redirects to

People need to buy a dictionary or something.
Girl! You have a lot of pet peeves, ha my last post was about what I hate about men and woman so I guess I have a lot of peeves also.
I don’t get some of the image things, but I’m not computer literate to that extent so I’m just going to stand in the corner and hope that my blog doesn’t piss you off ha ha 😀
Hope you’re feeling better now.

Some of those annoy me as well. I will admit that I have “© Copyright 2011 · All Rights Reserved” on my footer because it came with the theme I purchased and I’m not sure if I’m allowed to remove it, lol.

I don’t really mind the © Copyright and such things, just not when it includes “NO STEALING/ALL MINE/etc.” 😛

I use Cufon <.<.

Anyways, the no-right click thing is SOOOO annoying, especially on recipe sites. It's a recipe for fucks sake. LET ME COPYPASTA SO I CAN PRINT.

I can’t stand it when people confuse inspiring, and aaspiring. Its like you see, “I’m a inspiring model” No boo boo kitty, you’re an aspiring model. Inspiring meaning you already are considered a model, which you are not.

My number one pet peeve is when I go on a site and it automatically starts playing music /hmf I don’t even bother looking for the “pause/stop” button anymore, I exit out. Btw, thank you for the twitter tip, it makes a lot of sense! haha 🙂

People still do the no-right-clicking thing? I’ll admit that I did it when I was 14, but stopped when I realize that there was this nice “view source” thing in Firefox’s tools menu.

Some people are really good at hiding the fact that they’re stealing stuff – I always feel so sad when I find out that they’re one or two degrees of separation away from me. Poor Georgina! I guess that she shouldn’t be surprised, but she spent quite a while working on her original themes too!

@Stephanie, Yeah. There’s also a person who does it because she’s paranoid that people offline will find her stuff because they “already stalk” her… If they’ve found her and try to get her stuff, just… Seriously? Idk. Really annoying, a bit too childish I think.

Some of those annoy me too! Although I’m sure I’ve done 99.9% of those things before haha! /howudoin

totally hate the “No right click/highlighting/etc” part. It makes me feel like i’m a bad person that I will always end up stealing something on their page even I just accidentally right clicked my mouse. I know they wanted to protect their sites and whatever they created but they didn’t have to do that. and the lil box popping out sayin’ “this is mine! no stealing” is a lil bit too much. I say, the last time I checked i’m at your page so I assume everything that is here is yours. or I understand what the bloggers rule “no copyrighting” means is.

Right? It’s just plain annoying and a HUGE turn off for me. P:

What do you mean with image links here? When you upload a picture to WP or Blogger it creates a link to url/wp-content/uploads (or other folder you’ve chosen) blabla. Anything wrong with that?
I totally agree about the no-right-clicking. It’s a piece of cake to make a screenshot if you want a photo. Plus most bloggers (especially on blogger) display their images too small. I want to be able to actually SEE the photos.

Like when the text is an image… Does that make sense? It’s worse when they’re not even transparent, because it shows badly. P:

Haha, yeah. P: That’s why I use Lightbox 2! ^^ I can link to photos & show their original size(s)! 🙂

@Liza, Ok so you don’t really mean IMAGE links. You mean sort of like Cufon or something like that?
Lightbox 2 rocks! I use that on the photo gallery on my site. The blog images are from Picasa though since the blog uses Blogger (but of course my blog is much more good looking than a usual Blogger blog, LOL!). If I have success with my WordPress theme maybe I’ll go back to WordPress. But ONLY if all goes well.

No — that they actually made images with text and sometimes decorations and used them for links. There’s some weird title/font plugin for WordPress that turns them into images as well. I’m talking about both of those.

@Liza, Like buttons for rss, follow-on-twitter etc? I have a few ox those on my sidebar. I think buttons look better for that than text links. Text links in the sidebar sort of ‘disappear’ among all the other text there.

No — like this and this, and usually in a worse quality than that. I was too lazy to add decor.

@Liza, Ok. Those are ugly 🙂

They took me thirty seconds; what do you expect? 😛