Planet Procrastinate

If you’re like me, you find interest in the lamest things whilst procrastinating. You don’t really feel like doing that, but you have to. If you get so bored procrastinating that you run out of things to do, then you might as well get to what you needed to do to begin with, right? I’ve been procrastinating for the past few days, and I know that this really is the worst thing I could do, especially right now with it being bad timing and all, but maybe something good will come of it. Like…

Writing. I have the urge to want to write right now, and I even have great ideas for writing, and I can actually form sentences without struggling to find a way to do so. I have inspiration of some sort, even if I can hardly explain it. It kind of sucks, too, because I should be doing other things. However, if you know me, I’m kind of the person to wait until last minute. I’ll rush through what I have to do. I just hate to look at it right now, to be honest. It’s such a pigsty. Who would WANT to look at it? Remove the boxes, and it would be at least somewhat tidy.

Straightening my hair. It’s not very time consuming, but it does take up ten to fifteen minutes.

Facebook applications. Now I know why I quit playing these. It’s a good thing Google Plus keeps having trouble with my favorite game Triple Town[1. I think they canceled the game or something…], or else I’d be all over playing that game as well! It’s sad, really. These companies make money off of people procrastinating and being bored just because the people want to have more of that special money and/or get farther in the game. I haven’t spent money on a gaming application yet this year. I realized just recently that if you just save it and pretend it isn’t there, then you’ll soon have quite a lot since you get it from leveling up and/or completing various quests anyway. Sometimes they even give ya more than one. Problems with the game? Oh, here’s some special money currency here! Happy playing! Mm, now I’m rambling and sorta changing the subjects. Whoops.

Going through stuff. I knew I had this stuff, but it’s so tempting to not just pick it up and play with it. I have so much junk, but it all has a meaning/purpose/sentimental value/etc., so I could never throw away the old Barbie doll red and white striped top thing from the Barbies my mom played with as a child or my teeny tiny plastic bunny I “won” from those silly toy vending machines various restaurants have (and the same with the ninja aliens!). I can’t throw away all my “website planning” mess composition/spiral notebooks because I had such great, preppy handwriting back then (even though such “website planning” is so out of date. …Those MySpace “talent” site things? I’m not too proud of the fact that I participated in such a thing, but hey, it’s what got me here. I mean, I guess I actually started blogging hardcore because of Georgie; I knew what blogging was Xanga-wise and MySpace-wise, but I never knew you could actually have a domain for a blog and just … blog. Hm, so technically I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I hadn’t come across her site. From there I found Stephanie (who, to be honest, scared me a bit at first because she was so forward and logical and told me stuff I didn’t really want to read/hear? even though I knew I needed to). There were other bloggers at the time, but I have such a horrid memory. These are just the two that have been the most consistent in my blog…life.

Hm… Other ways… Speaking of BLOGGING… I keep finding more to actually blog about, and this is probably annoying because I’m blogging more and mostly just – okay, so just JUST – on Seek Liza. And you know, maybe they’re not interesting but I still feel like writing them and posting them and… sigh

I’ve also been considering writing articles of some sort, but I want them to be different from others’ articles featured on their sites. I don’t know what about, though. Other things I’ve considered:

  • Liza in Color – featuring one color using products from Avon/meet mark./Tiny Tillia/etc.; a video/blog series/both/something like that.
  • Craftful – or Craft and Seek; featuring one craft a month; via a how-to blog entry OR just on a page.
  • Interview in Italics – I like alliteration, and it seemed catchy. It would be an interview about a blogger who filled out some questions, with their picture and their website on there as well. There would also maybe be one to two sentences about said person, I don’t know.

I haven’t decided if it would be on Seek Liza or 6birds. Probably 6birds, though, since it’s more of a general bloggy thing.

Oye. I am way off track. Well, that was a nice hour. Onto something else now… Like packing… Mhm. Just be glad I didn’t take pictures of my favorite Avon/etc. products and post them on here and gush about their goodiness. Hello, I’m saving that for later. 😀

Now I just need to quit reading others’ blogs and commenting on them…

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You thought I was scary?!? Am I a scary person? I try not to be, I swear!

If only procrastination didn’t exist! Then I’d have accomplished so much more! I’m sure that your whole move will be okay! I also find that the best blogging ideas usually come when you’re not around a computer. Gar…

Yeah. :L No offense! 🙂 Just at first, though. You were very forward and … honest, yeah, that describes it perfectly. “Honest”, or something, and I tried to watch everything that I said. 😛

I just need to write down my blogging ideas. 😛 So I don’t forget. xD

Haha oh well!
How are you doing? 🙂

I’ve been procrastinating the past few days. I am on my design website getting it ready and I click over to facebook, search music, check my email, check ebay, look at my blog and then back to “finishing” my design website.

Anyways, speaking of myspace. Lol – While reading that part I flash-backed to my previous sites and how that kept me busy. It was somewhat…a good time? Hehe.

@Tiara Lynn, Not so much for me; I knew it was just a popularity contest at the time, and I still know it was. That’s all I see it as. But back then I just wanted to be at the top. I was really popular one year in middle school, and I promised myself it’d never happen that way again because I was so horrible to other people. But it sort of did. I was very stuck up — kind of like a lot of people still in the “MySpace” thing are now. But now we have Social Alien or Space Alien and Friend Project or whatever. So, it’s like it’s still going on. It wasn’t a good time for me; I’m glad I’m not still a part of it.