In seventh grade I developed a passion for Play, a Swedish band built up of people my age. I knew the lyrics, dance routines – everything – to every song. Then my freshman year in high school (2005), the band was parting and going their separate ways. Some wanted to focus more on school, others on other things…

Out of curiousity, I typed “” into the address bar of this browser, a website started by Play’s “number one fan”, as I called her. She had met them numerous times, had many photographs (that she had taken herself), had many videos and more. She had so many facts about them … It was the place to get information about Play! The website had a lot of publicity, too – it appeared in many popular teen magazines: J-14, Tiger Beat, etc.

They’re back! It’s a really exciting thing!

I just had to post this… It’s really exciting. 🙂 Though Anna isn’t in the group, I’m still happy. They have two of the four original members and one new member.

😀 Yay!

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It’s awesome that they’re getting back together! Usually, it’s quite rare that a band reforms. Let’s hope that their music is as great as before!

@Stephanie, Yeah, they do have a totally different sound, though!

I need a part time job for sure if I want to spend a lot of money D:! Its hard to decide whether or not if I should spend money on food 😛 When I find $2.50 on me, I usually just spend it on a Monster Energy Drink -___-. oh, the temptations XD!

Thank you (:! 100 dollars from a simple thing IS awesome :O! Im like.. Wanting to spend the money, but I dont even want to at the same time –-! Oooh 🙁 I get what you mean D:! I hate it when our favorite musicians have a change in.. What they do –-! I rather listen to most of the things that is in its original form :O!

I have never heard of Play before :O!I hate it when bands go their own separate ways and.. Disappear -__-! Its like you guys are a band because you guys are together. But things happens D:!

But whats better is that the band is back ^__^ I hope you`ll be able to go to one of their events that is coming up :O! Or so. 😛

I don`t even know what bands I want to see get back together -__-! For sure, I want to see Both Heads Fail get together again.

Thank you for the hosting offer 😛

A History scrapbook is just a scrapbook full of historic events that I am assigned for US History D:!

I think a wordless wednesday should just be a picture. and nothing else. XD!

Take care (:

I’ve erm, Never heard of this group, but really awesome to hear that they are back together. Now if only we can get all the original members of Black Sabbath back together. God! That would so complete my freakin’ life.